Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Is Jaya misguided???

Whispers in Tamil Nadu has been repeatedly saying that how Jayalalitha is misguided by her lawyers in handling the assets case at Bengaluru in our columns... Who is responsible for Jaya’s fiasco and Amma’s dilemma.  We had also discussed about Jayalalitha’s sudden change of heart to postpone the personal appearance after giving an undertaking before the Supreme Court that she would appear on October 20 in Amma's double whammy.  We have been proved right once again by the dismissal of Jayalalitha’s petition today in Supreme Court seeking deferment of appearance before the Special Court.
By filing this petition and getting a dismissal order Jayalalitha has once again given fodder to the opposition guns.   Even during DMK’s previous rule, the DMK took to the streets  condemning Jayalalitha's attempts to get repeated adjournments in her assets case.
When Jayalalitha wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh seeking publication of the Cauvery Water Tribunal’s order in the Gazette, Karunanidhi was quick to react that this is yet another ploy by Jayalalitha to get adjournment.  
That came true as well...the next day Jaya filed a petition, seeking exemption for her personal appearance on the ground that the Karnataka government had failed to provide adequate security arrangements.
When the petition came up for hearing before a Supreme Court Division Bench comprising Justice Dalvir was dismissed with sharp remarks.  When Jayalalitha had sought exemption from appearance the court had observed that “it was a tactic by the accused to delay proceedings.”  Following these observations, Jayalalitha, on her own chose October 20 as the date for appearance.
Any lawyer with basic sense of law and mood of the court would know any further application before either the High Court or the Supreme Court seeking exemption from appearance or deferment of appearance would not only yield results but may also attract serious strictures.    It should also be known to a lawyer that given the mood of the Supreme Court regarding corruption and how the apex court is giving nightmares to corrupt politicians a petition to further delay a corruption case which is pending for more than 15 years under one pretext or other would definitely attract the wrath of the courts.

Sources tell whispers that senior cops in DVAC, in the intelligence wing and the higher bureaucracy in Fort.St.George are so scared about Amma’s actions after she appears in Court.   Sources in ADMK says, Jayalalitha is very irritated and not comfortable to appear in Bengaluru.    Amma is frustrated that in spite of ruling the State with an overwhelming majority, she is not able to wriggle out of an old corruption case, add sources.
The DMK says many senior cops and bureaucrats  with the help of legal brains... fearing backlash are continuing to misguide Jayalalitha into disaster from damage.
What next!!! Given Amma’s mood, the official machinery should gear up to face the wrath of Amma after she appear in Bengaluru say sources.    Huge shuffle in the bureaucracy and in the police is definitely on the cards, say sources.
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