Friday, 28 October 2011

A.Raja to be ditched by DMK?

The Game is over Mr. Raja

Sources tell Whispers in Tamil Nadu that the DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi is all set to ditch A.Raja, the blue eyed boy of the DMK.   Whispers in Tamil Nadu had earlier reported about Karunanidhi’s displeasure with A.Raja as he is using his daughter Kanimozhi, as a shield to protect him in the 2G scam case.

During Karuna’s recent visit to Delhi… it was categorically conveyed to by top congress honchos that the Congress leadership is not taking Raja’s defense in the 2G case lightly.  Displeasure over A Raja’s argument to call PM and Finance Minister as witnesses was already conveyed to M Karunanidhi…DMK sources say it was V Narayanswami who conveyed this message to Karunanidhi after Kanimozhi’s advocate toed A Raja’s line of argument during the course of trial. Sensing danger the DMK Chief immediately asked to change Kanimozhi’s lawyer…and pleaded neither Kanimozhi nor anyone in the party had any idea on this particular argument made by A Raja’s counsel Sushil Kumar, who was also the counsel for Kanimozhi.  

But A Raja has been repeatedly making allegations against the Prime Minister and Finance Minister P.Chidambaram seems to have angered the Congress leadership.   The game-plan of A.Raja in the 2G case would ultimately result in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh being called as a witness during the course of the trial.    Manmohan Singh would be forced to defend Raja’s cross examination and justify that A.Raja had misled him in taking decisions in the spectrum allocation and pricing. Further the petition of Dr.Subramanian Swamy to include Sonia’s loyalist P.Chidambaram as a co-accused in the 2G scam is also causing embarrassment not only to the party but also to the government at a time when the issue of corruption is making headlines in the country.   

Sources say when Karuna met P.Chidambaram and Law Minister Salman Kurshid it was communicated to Karunanidhi and he was asked to reign in on A.Raja and instruct him accordingly not to drag PM and FM in 2G arguments.   When Karunanidhi met A.Raja in Tihar prison last week sources say Karuna had instructed A.Raja not to target the congress leaders and to go soft.  Karuna had also informed A.Raja that any move that would embarrass congress would only result in more trouble for Kanimozhi and spending more time in jail.  But A.Raja had reportedly snubbed DMK chief, saying that he is a lawyer himself and knows what to do and informed Karunanidhi that only by dragging PM and FM in the case there will be any relief either for him or Kanimozhi.

The 87 year-old Karunanidhi, was taken aback by A Raja’s reaction…Karuna cut-short the meeting abruptly and returned, say DMK insiders.    Raja’s obstinate game-plan in the 2G trial has irritated Karunanidhi and Whispers doing rounds in the DMK is that…after once Kanimozhi is out on bail, DMK leaders and party men will be instructed to stay away from A.Raja,.   After orders are pronounced on November 3 O P Saini on Kani’s bail plea…Karunanidhi is all set to take a final call on Raja.

Revolt against M K Stalin

With M Karunanidhi worried about his favorite daughter Kanimozhi and M K Alagiri running for cover…Nowadays, the DMK's rising SON Stalin seems to be ruling the roost in the party. During the local body elections only M K Stalin’s loyalists were given a chance to contest at various levels. This despite deserving and winning candidate’s plea to contest elections fell on deaf years within the party. Sources say in many areas party men are extremely angry and dissatisfied with the state of affairs. Whispers doing rounds is that those who are dissatisfied and sidelined in the party are being kept under the surveillance of State intelligence. Sources say very soon they may be crossing the bridge…weather it will be Poes Garden or Vaiko's Thayagam is something that is yet to be confirmed. Is history repeating itself for the DMK?

T R Baalu in the Cabinet 

Looks like DMK Chief M Karunanidhi had just realized that how difficult it is for any politician to get things done at the National capital…this was the lesson he had learnt during his recent visit to Delhi. Even though he met the Prime Minister, UPA Chair Person Sonia Gandhi, Home Minister and Law Minister…but for a party like DMK that enjoyed utmost power at the center for over a decade is now seen as a political orphan. DMK MPs and other leaders have been reduced to a joke after the great 2G robbery. Getting an appointment from Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi and even Sonia's Political Secretary Ahmed Patel seems to have become a herculean task for the DMK. With the two Cabinet Berths allotted for the DMK lying vacant...Whispers doing rounds is that after some realization and serious political calculations...The DMK Chief is now thinking about having at least one Cabinet berth filled…this is expected to happen after Kanimozhi is out on bail…sources say Karunanidhi has taken this decision so that they will have a strong person at the Center for lobbying. For the moment, T R Baalu is the only leader in the DMK who enjoys the blessings of both Kanimozhi and Raasathi Ammal. This is being done to ensure that some serious lobbying is done and Kanimozhi is out of the 2G mess by hook or crook. DMK insiders say a proposal in this regard will be sent by the DMK high command to the PM after Kanimozhi’s release from Tihar Jail.

Jaya likely to attend Guru Pooja

Whispers in Tamil Nadu was the first one to report  on how the State Intelligence department is making preparations for Jayalilathaa’s visit to Ramanathapuram for Guru Pooja…in Is there a rift in Tamil Nadu's Intelligence Wing. This after a team of Intelligence officials were sent to Ramanathupuram to gauge the mood of the public and ensure that the situation is under control. Whispers in Tamil Nadu had reported how this move by Intelligence DIG Pon.Manickavel had created a rift in the intelligence wing. 

Just 3 days ahead of Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar’s “Guru Pooja” another set of senior intelligence officials have been asked to camp at Ramanathapuram…and Jaya TV has received orders from Poes Garden to send its crew members for Guru Pooja coverage during Amma's visit. This despite State’s intelligence chief and DGP K.Ramanujam making it categorical that Chief Minister should not attend Thevar Guru Pooja as it could trigger more animosity between Dalit and Thevar communities in the wake of Paramakudi violence. But, Sasikala or her family members who belongs to the Thevar community are not willing to buy this argument…as Thevar community is AIADMK’s traditional vote bank. Sources also say, Jayalilathaa is very particular on attending Guru Pooja this time because of the bitter experience last year. Her convoy was stoned by DMK supporters when she visited Ramanathapuram for Guru Pooja…at that time an angry Jaya had vowed that she will visit Ramanathapuram for Guru Pooja only after becoming the Chief Minister.

Parithi Ilamvazuthi a traitor!

He was the dalit face of the party and a staunch loyalist of M Karunanidhi... even before A Raja became the poster boy of the DMK… DMK’s former deputy General Secretary Parithi Ilamvazhuthi, who resigned from the post just a few days back, has been shown the door by M K Stalin. For quite sometime there was a cold war between the DMK's rising son M K Stalin and Paruthi Ilamvazuthi over several issues…when things went out of control and Paruthi felt that he is being repeatedly humiliated by M K Stalin in the party... he decided to quit his post, and offered his resignation…hoping that the DMK Chief will intervene. Call it a stunt or a threat…but Parithi’s calculations miserably went wrong…Sources say though Karunanidhi wanted to meet Paruthi Ilamvazuthi in person and ask for his clarification…M K Stalin ensured that this meeting between the two never takes place. Sources say M K Stalin had complained to his father that being a senior functionary of the party Paruthi Ilamvazuthi did not send his resignation directly to the party HQ or the leader...but he had released it to the media which he considers as a huge embarrassment for the party. Whispers doing rounds in the DMK circles is that Stalin wanted his loyalist A K S Vijayan to be appointed as deputy General Secretary of the party – reason yet another voice to support him in the battle of succession. M K Stalin was actively seen lobbying for A K S Vijayan…but Karunanidhi, decided to appoint V P Duraisamy, who was the former deputy speaker. Now a shattered Paruthi Ilamvazuthi is all set to decide on his next course of action…will he be knocking the doors of Poes Garden?? Remains to be seen.

Captain develops cold feet

Whispers doing rounds is that DMDK leader Vijaykanth has developed cold feet after the outcome of the local body polls…Party leaders and functionaries from various districts have been summoned by Captain & Co to receive their share of dose. Also captain has formed a core group to keep a tab on his own MLA’s so that to ensure that they don’t jump the ship at any cost. Sources say that  Captain is so scared that his MLAs would be poached by the ruling party In fact, Captain has been meeting his MLAs in person to keep his flock together.  But sources say, intelligence wing is working overtime to take some pound of flesh from DMDK.