Monday, 17 October 2011

Whispers in TN was the first to expose Subramania Swamy's game plan

Whispers In Tamil Nadu was the first to put it out Dr.Subramaniam Swamy’s  Prime Ministerial Ambitions” in public domain… he had a clear game plan and how he is successful fishing in troubled waters to become a strong contender for the Post of Prime Minister… The news just got confirmed…and it was confirmed by none other than Subramaniam Swamy himself on twitter

@Swamy39 Just returned from Kanpur. Very impressive meeting organised by VHP/RSS.Next Blr 19th, and Jammu on 23rd. Ranchi-Varanasi-Ballia 29-31.

Sources say the Kudunkulam Anti-Nuclear protest and the actively involvement of the church was discussed in the meeting and it was resolved that RSS will actively campaign against the involvement of Church in this anti-nuclear protest.

On one hand the Intelligence Bureau is making desperate attempts to create a rift between the organizers who are leading the protest…However, IB’s first attempt to distribute pamphlet claiming Anti-Nuclear activist Udaykumar who is leading the protest is a CIA agent turned futile. Sources in the IB department say the next attempt was to bring Bala Prajapathi Adigalar into the picture to so that they can create divisions among the protestors on communal lines…but that seems to have failed too…On the other Swamy is playing his own game...

It’s quite obvious that Dr. Subramaniam Swamy has the habit of fishing in troubled waters…Well as expected now he is here to give a communal twist to this people’s movement against nuclear power.

Swamy is in pursuit of his game plan hotly to reassure RSS that he is toeing the hardcore hindutuva line.  Even as the agitation of the people of Koodankulam, Thoothukudi District against the Nuclear Power Plant is widely covered by the media, there is no denying that the church is actively taking part in the agitation…but Subramaniam Swamy just gave it a new twist (Read an RSS twist)

In his letter addressed to Manmohan today Swamy says: “I demand an explanation from the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh as to why his Secretary Mr. Pulok Chatterji, with the help of the Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Prithviraj Chavan, has entered into negotiations with the Catholic Church in Mumbai to help resolve the protests taking place against the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant. Does this mean that the Catholic Church is behind the agitation in which case it is highly objectionable and calls for action under IPC Sections 153A & B, 295A and 505(2). It also exposes that the PMO is under the clutches of the Catholic Church probably due to the extra-constitutional authority exercised by the now ailing Ms Sonia Gandhi who appears to regard Mr. Pulok Chatterji with the PMO as her personal civil domestic servant judging by his role when she was hospitalized in New York. During the period of her hospitalization, Mr. Pulok Chatterji was frequently seen arranging for pizza and other snacks for her large Italian entourage numbering about fifty and living in plush apartments in New York close to the hospital.

The Prime Minister, if he is committed to secular, that is, not prejudiced against the majority Hindu community and biased in favour of the Christians because they are patrons of Ms. Sonia Gandhi, should put an end to this condemnable negotiation on the viability of the Kudankulam Plant. The Church has no business to decide whatsoever on whether a new reactor set up after Government approval is to be opposed or supported. Let the Catholic Church restrict itself to religious matters otherwise persons like myself would be free to investigate the practices of the Church such as in appointment of Bishops on direction from the Vatican, and receipt of funds from abroad.”

It is true that Swamy has every right to raise an issue about the participation of Catholic Church in an agitation against N-plant.  But writing such a letter immediately after attending the RSS’s Sarsangchalak raises eyebrows whether Swamy is fanning Hindu sentiments to get cozier with the RSS apparently with an eye on BJP party president post.

Dr.Swamy’s attack on Sonia Gandhi is also seen as a move to take RSS into confidence that he will toe a ‘hard core hindutva’ line upon RSS’s instructions.

Swamy’s first gameplan was to attack the Muslim community and make RSS happy.  Now Swamy has attacked Christians and the church and entered part 2 of his game plan.   How far Dr.Swamy will succeed in his Coup d'├ętat  remains to be seen.

Subramaniam Swamy and his Prime Ministerial ambitions!

Even as the ruling Congress party is not sure about who will be their party’s Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2014 General elections…and the principle opposition BJP, is witnessing one of its worst internal bickering in the politics of “Kaun Banega Prime Minister”…as there are too many aspirants in the party for the top Job. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, UP Chief Minister Mayawati are also trying different routes to reach 7RCR…!!!

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, who is known as the “One Man Demolisher” in Indian politics…Now he is known as the “Conscience of the nation” after exposing the great 2G spectrum robbery….Whispers doing rounds is that Dr.Swamy is also hotly pursuing his dream of becoming the Prime Minister…and to achieve his dream, Dr.Swamy is now actively fishing in troubled waters…the Bharathiya Janata Party to try his luck to reach the hot seat.

Among the hats Swamy wore were Professor of Economics, Member of IIT Board, Member of Parliament, Member of Planning Commission, Cabinet Minister for Commerce and Law, author and of course the founder President of the Janata Party and now he wants to try for the top job as well.

Swamy is known for his dramatic allegations without any basis or evidence.   In March 2001 Swamy alleged that Rahul Gandhi and his mother’s family; the Mainos are agents of the Russian Intelligence agency KGB.

Dr.Swamy was in the forefront in the onslaught against the Jayalalitha government in 1991 accusing Jayalilathaa of being corrupt and ensured that she is prosecuted. It was based on Swamy’s complaint the ongoing Disproportionate assets case was slapped on Jayalilathaa which is haunting her even today.
When the BJP formed the government in 1998 for a brief period Dr.Swamy’s name was doing the rounds for the post of Finance Minister.  But Swamy had to eat humble pie after the RSS stiffly opposed his nomination.  But now life has come a full circle for this one man demolisher.

Sources tell Whispers in Tamil Nadu that the now Swamy has the full backing of RSS and a decision to merge Swamy’s Janata party with the BJP is on the cards.  But, the infighting among the top leaders in the BJP is likely to ruin Swamy from turning his dreams into reality. 

Insiders say Swamy’s recent inflammatory article stating Hindus are the ancestors of all Muslims and that Muslims should accept Hindus’ superiority and live in India as a secondary citizens… is nothing but a calculated move by Dr.Swamy to show that he is ready to toe the hardcore Hindutva line and also to resurface into the good books of RSS once again.

However, the lackadaisical decision of the Delhi police to register an FIR after a lapse of 3 months has given more fodder to Swamy’s cannon as he dares them to arrest. Swamy has not moved the court for anticipatory bail.   Sources say Swamy is very keen on getting arrested in this case, as it would raise his image and stakes in RSS that has a larger say in the affairs of the BJP.

It’s an open secret that Swamy has the ability to spell danger for both friends and foes. However over the years he has cleverly carved a niche to remain the Indian political arena. The BJP, too wants to share a pie in the Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption wave has made corruption as its core agenda.  Dr.Swamy’s induction in the party may yield a few votes.    

It is true that Swamy has become the darling of the educated upper class in India after the 2G Scam broke. But insiders say both the RSS and the BJP leadership is in the process of assessing weather Swamy’s induction into the party will be an asset or a liability...well one thing that needs to be noted is Subramaniam Swamy's Twitter status message... It says "I give as good as I get" ...!!!