Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Marooned mother and a doomed daughter.

It appears that Kanimozhi and Rasathi ammal are marooned and abandoned by their kith and kin in the DMK’s first family.   Except Karunanidi no one appears to be shedding tears for them if talks in CIT colony circles are to be believed.

The chances of Kanimozhi walking out from Tihar on bail appears to be bleak given the dramatic developments in the 2G trial.  Anand Subramaniam, the Assistant vice president of Reliance capital has retracted his statement given to the CBI earlier. Earlier he had told the CBI that he had issued a letter opening an account for Swan Telecom on the instructions of Company Secretary for Swan, Hari Nair.

On Friday, Subramaniam stated that he had never worked with any of the principle accused from Swan (Gautam Doshi, Hari Nair, and Surendra Pipara). Further letting down the CBI  he also said he could not recollect as to under whose instructions he had signed the letter.  In the coming days if more witnesses retract from their statements, the CBI would change its stance and object to the bail plea of Kanimozhi and others citing ‘change of circumstances’.   In all likelihood the CBI will very well argue that if the accused go out on bail they may influence witnesses, as there is a possibility of many witnesses turning hostile.

After the bail application was dismissed by the CBI court, sources in CIT colony say that Rasathi Ammal has turned her ire against Shanmugasundaram who is handling legal matters for Kani in Delhi.  Sources say Rasathi Ammal had lamented that Shanmugasundaram after receiving crores of rupees has not handled the case effectively. Sources say CIT colony is now in search of a new counsel to effectively defend Kanimozhi during the trial. But things seem to be very difficult for Karunanidhi & Co as many popular lawyers are reluctant to take up the case. Karunanidhi expressed his complete faith on Shanmugasundaram in the marriage function of Shanmugasundaram’s son.   He paid encomiums to Shanmugasundaram and recalled his services rendered to the party and showered accolades for helping in 2G case.

It appears Rasathi Ammal’s ranting is not being taken seriously by any other member of Karunanidhi’s family.   Rasathi Ammal’s temper and  tantrums have gone to feverish pitch say sources.  She has begun openly charging DMK’s heir apparent MK.Stalin as the person behind her daughter’s discomfiture.   In fact she is disclosing to her close aides that it was Stalin who received the 200 crores from Shahid Usman Balwa when he visited Tamil Nadu along with A Raja and instead of him her daughter is now facing the music.

Another reason for Raasathi Ammal’s anger is that her family has not been given any prominence in the party so far and finally when Kanimozhi was brought into active politics…her fate is sealed. 

On the other hand public relations operator in the form of Saravanan from CIT colony is working overtime to ensure that stories favourable to Kanimozhi appear in the media.   The buzzword in media circles is that Saravanan who is working in CIT colony has offered a package to most of the media group.  The package includes paid airtrip to Delhi, with star hotel accommodation and an interview with Kanimozhi. Hectic lobbying is being done on this front to create sympathy for Kanimozhi both at State and National level.

Observers and legal experts say all these PR exercise will not help Kanimozhi instead it will only further antagonize the Judiciary. They cite Special Judge O.P.Saini’s order on Kani  plea.  O.P.Saini in his order has said, “Accused Kanimozhi Karunanidhi belongs to upper echelons of society and is also a Member of Parliament. By no stretch of imagination she can be said to be suffering from any discrimination on ground of being a woman”.

As of now, the mother and daughter duo appear to be marooned with no help in sight.   There appear to be no takers for Raasathi and Kani’s SOS call.