Monday, 12 March 2012

Doctor swallows bitter pill .. … …

First of all we would like to apologise to our readers for the long absence.  Whispers team members were engaged in the task of conducting survey and random polls with regard to the Uttar Pradesh Polls.  Hence we could not update the site with.     

Tamil Nadu’s famous father-son doctor duo are in a serious mess.   While the physician is facing the heat for his ‘mafia style’  murder hit, his son the veterinarian is facing the heat of CBI for both the murder hit and his underhand dealings as Health Minister.

As we discussed in our article Doctor’s Kolaveri in January 2012,  the noose is tightening around doctor’s neck.   A team of senior officials of the CBI today interrogated doctor Ramadoss.   Ramadoss, who had all along been in a position of comfort and causing discomfort to Karunanidhi, both in and out of the alliance was placed in a tight spot today when he was forced to answer the questions.  In the early 2008, Dr.Ramadoss was causing serious embarrassment to the then DMK government by posing questions about governance in a day today manner.   Further Doctor Ramadoss went to the extent of awarding marks every year about the performance of the then DMK government and awarded ‘fail marks’ to Karuna’s government. 

But Ramadoss who has been evaluating governments was found evaluated by his answers to uncomfortable questions by the CBI officials.    Sources in Delhi say, Ramadoss who was summoned by the CBI was grilled for more than two hours.  The questions were posed to Ramadoss as to his relationship between him and his brother, the simmering tension between AIADMK Minister C.Ve.Shanmugam, Shanmugam’s claim of plot by Ramadoss, role of Kaduvetti Guru, former MP Dhanaraj, his son, etc.  Ramadoss appeared very nervous and was evasive in most of his answers, say sources.

While the senior Ramadoss was interrogated by CBI officials today, last week junior Ramadoss, Anbumani was interrogated regarding the same murder case.    

Sources say, both the father and son are amazed by the surgical precision of the CBI’s investigation which has put them in a tight spot.    Ramadoss who used to command a sizeable vote bank in the northern part of Tamil Nadu found his vote base consistently eroded from the 2009 general elections.    Both the Dravidian parties – DMK & AIADMK wanted Dr.Ramadoss, to cut to size, which eventually happened.   Ramadoss who saw his vote bank eroded in 2009, saw an almost rout in the 2011 assembly polls.    Ramadoss’s constant hopping between alliances was not taken well by the people who ultimately taught a fitting lesson. 

While the CBI’s Special Crime Bureau was quizzing the father and son duo in the murder case, the Delhi CBI’s anti-corruption wing has been building up  a water tight case against Anbumani Ramadoss.   Though there were numerous whispers about the junior Ramadoss making good money in his Ministry of Health during his tenure, no case was filed by the CBI both for want of evidence and the PMK being an alliance partner.  But the trap of MCI Chairman Ketan Desai was a pot of gold for the CBI which is reaping big harvest in the likes of Union Minister Jegatharatchagan, and Anbumani.  While Jegatharatchagan got into trouble for securing approval to his medical college by dubious means, Anbumani is in trouble for granting approval under dubious means.

After the trap and arrest of Ketan Desai, the CBI sleuths started investigating the approvals granted by Ketan Desai.  One such approval where there was glaring violation was Index Medical College at Indore.    Though the Medical Council of India refused to grant approval to Index Medical College citing lack of infrastructure and facilities, a team constituted by the Health Ministry headed by Anbumani Ramadoss inspected the college and recommended grant of approval, which was ultimately signed by Anbumani.    Another team from the MCI which inspected the college 10 days after the approval was granted found the college still lacking infrastructure and manpower.

The CBI had already arrested the owner of Index Medical College – Suresh Kumar Bardoi for forging the signature of 40 doctors and manipulating records.   Dr.D.K.Gupta and Dr.J.S.Dhupia who inspected the Index Medical College and who work in the Safdurjung Hospital have also been named in the CBI’s FIR.   Anbumani’s role came to light when the CBI officials on 20 February 2012 raided the residence of D.S.Moorthy, an Officer on Special Duty to Anbumani till he demitted office.   D.S.Moorthy is a former Intelligence Bureau official and was the eyes and ears of Anbumani during his tenure in the Health Ministry say sources.

Following the rout in the assembly elections in 2011, both the Dravidian parties started treating the PMK as a ‘political pariah’.   Further C.Ve.Shanmugam who escaped sickles of Ramadoss’s men by a nick is also bent upon to see that Ramadoss is behind bars.  Karunanidhi too want to have his pound of flesh since he views the PMK as a perennial threat to his sons’ ascendance.   With arrows flying all around,  both Ramadoss and Anbumani appear to be at the end of their wits and keeping their fingers crossed.