Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Operation : Mannargudi Mafia

After Queen of deceit Sasikala & her clan were expelled from the party and booted out of poes garden...a massive cleaning up operation is underway inside the party and the State machinery ...Unconfirmed reports say unofficial raids were conducted at the residences of Mannargudi Mafia's core committee members, followed by lashes and threats to everyone associated with the MM cartel. Whispers doing rounds in poes garden and Khakhi circles is that the raids were carried out by a select team of police personnel from the state and a team of private security men from various states.  The private security persons who were not privy to the intricacies of Tamil Nadu politics kept a tightened lip which ensured secrecy over the operations to finish MM cartel. While Diwakaran is still staying put in Mannargudi, sources say his associate named Vinoth and several others close to Diwakaran, were picked up by a team of policemen in Thanjavur and was interrogated for several hours.   Besides Diwakaran, all the people associated with the MM cartel are kept in round the clock surveillance, special teams have been formed to keep an eye on them .  Diwakaran, who initially planned to runaway to Singapore or Malasiya was instructed not to move anywhere. 

Though the fear among the male folks of the MM cartel is palpable, they are seething in anger inside and are raging to teach a fitting lesson to Amma. Sources say they are now trying to gain sympathy from their Thevar community which forms the strong AIADMK vote bank. M Natarajan, the mastermind of this cartel is in touch with people to garner support and retaliate. But the female folks, who are shrewd have advised their male counterparts to keep cool, maintain a low profile and take all necessary steps to safe-keep the remaining part of their booty acquired over two decades and wait for the outcome in the Disproportionate assets case.   The sudden change of scenario which has pushed the entire MM cartel to the other side of the fence has not only made them nervous but has also made them paranoid.  Anxious members of the MM cartel are in the process of acquiring new SIM cards and mobile phones to evade the watchful eyes of the intelligence wing. Whispers doing rounds in AIADMK circles is that huge MM cartel which is in smithereens has taken refuge in Pondicherry, Tirupathy and some in Hyderabad and special teams are maintaining a constant vigil on their movements. Also Whispers doing rounds in DGP office is that a separate intelligence report is being prepared every day with all the latest update on MM cartel to keep Chief Minister Jayalilatha aware about their activities.   Sources say, all airports and check posts bordering Tamil Nadu are put on high alert to prevent MM cartel members from escaping.   A list of vehicles registered in the names of MM cartel members and their close associates were taken from RTO’s office and given to check posts. A Hyundai car that belongs to Sasikala & Co was so far used by people in Jaya TV for news coverage and other transportation but now its lying abandoned. 

Another big fish that is in the net of the investigators is Appasamy Real Estate Ravi, who owns Residency Towers.   Appasamy Ravi, who was close with MK.Alagiri in the previous regime use to shower his gratitude on all the siblings of the DMK’s first family during the previous regime.   As a person who excels in sailing with the wind he quickly changed colours and fell at the feet of one notorious member of the Team Mannargudi Mafia – Mahadevan.   Mahadevan was given a permanent presidential suite in the Residency Towers which consists all facilities including Mahadevan’s carnal desires and Appasamy Ravi himself personally took care of the Don Juan.  

As reported in whispers in Tamil Nadu earlier, Amma has shaken up the Jaya TV administration and Anuradha has been sent out packing.    Bala Swaminathan is being interrogated and was instructed to cancel his US trip that he had planned to celebrate Christmas and New year.  A sulking Bala Swaminathan is perplexed and praying all his gods to come out of it unscathed.   An auditor sent by the RSS think-tank Gurumurthy has been sent to conduct a thorough audit of the accounts of Jaya TV following which the systematic loot of Anuradha, Bala Swaminathan and Ranganathan coterie is expected to come to light. Whispers doing rounds in Jaya TV is that Amma has made up her mind to file a complaint of misappropriation and put the looters behind bars. 

Following the exit of Anuradha, the Jaya TV administration is now like a headless chicken. Insiders say the much touted Ilayaraja’s live in concert is the most disorganized program.    Though Jaya TV had erected hoardings throughout the city and announced that tickets can be booked online, Ilayaraja fans who tried to book tickets online found to their dismay that ticket booking is closed.    The Nehru Indoor Stadium has a capacity of around 40 thousand. But the Jaya TV administration was found fumbling in the distribution of tickets and two days ahead of the program, even Jaya TV staff were unable to place their hands on tickets. So where did the tickets go? 

Following the crack down on the MM cartel, Jayalilatha's poes garden residence and party office is flooded with letters and petitions written by the victims of Mannargudi Mafia...Garden sources say Ministers close nominated by Mannargudi Mafia are summoned and being asked to confess their crimes or go to jail.  Not surprisingly everyone spilled the beans and signed in white papers and pleaded mercy to Amma.  But the mood Amma is in, it is quite unlikely that she would spare anyone related to Mannargudi Mafia. In the meanwhile a letter purported to be sent in the name of Salem south AIADMK MLA M.K.Selvaraj has created a huge controversy.  The letter sent in his letter head say sources, contained a plea urging Amma to reconsider her decision to expel Sasikala. Garden insiders say the letter was purportedly signed by the MLA himself.   Selvaraj, who came to know about the letter through media was quick to file a complaint with the police to save his skin.