Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sasikala's ouster : M Natarajan's Game plan

M.Natarajan a.k.a. MN...the second in command of Mannargudi Mafia has now become the rallying point of the powerful community, which now stands without any influence following the ‘unplugging’ by Amma.

MN is known for his pro-Tamil chants and secret funding to pro-Tamil groups in the state.   During the agitations in 2008 and 2009 against the Srilankan army - LTTE war, MN was found hobnobbing with pro Eelam groups so much so that he even participated in hall meetings and public rallies organised by the Pro-Tamil groups.  MN has also made his foray into media with his magazines "Puthiya Parvai" and “Thamizhalarasi”.   Though the MM cartel is adept in extorting money by hook or crook, MN has been the calling the shots in the entire cartel.

MN who use to travel abroad under the guise of addressing various Tamil organizations had always undertook trips for making investments on behalf of the MM cartel, which is now being probed by the State intelligence.  One ‘Kuwait Raja’ who is a money launderer is known for laundering black money belonging to VIPs in Tamil Nadu has been a hawala operator for quite some time.   MN’s association with Kuwait Raja began in 2002 and since then they have been maintaining a close network. Sources close to MN say, through Kuwait Raja, M Natarajan had shipped hundreds of crores for investing abroad.   

MN who was over confident on his wife’s hold over Jayalalitha had made elaborate plans to capture power and even MN has gone to the extent of indulging in black magic with the help of some Tantri's to see that Jayalalitha gets convicted in the Bengaluru assets case.  

Though initially rattled by Amma’s onslaught...MN mustered courage and started executing plan B, say sources.   Though MN tried to contact the only remaining loyalist in intelligence – Thamaraikannan, he was unable to establish contact since the latter developed cold feet after Amma's Kolaveri against Sasikala & CO.   But an undeterred MN is now making desperate efforts to revive his fortunes and his lost clout. Whispers doing rounds in Khakhi circles is that as a last ditch effort, MN was making efforts through his sources to make Tamilselvan,IPS as Additional DGP of the state’s intelligence wing.

MN who was the cash cow of many Tamil chauvinistic parties is trying to establish contacts with them to forge an umbrella alliance.  MN’s efforts to make contact with the supremo of Nam Tamilar party Seeman proved futile.  Seeman on whose head a Damocles sword is hanging in the form of sexual harassment allegation was disinclined to join hands with MN in troubled his further association with MN may anger AMMA. 

All along MN was in touch with various so called leaders in the State...his desperate attempts yielded some results.  Sources say MN contacted Velmurugan, who was recently expelled from PMK for anti-party activities and made suggestions about forming a pro-Tamil outlet and promised full financial support.  

Velmurugan who had announced that he would be starting a new party by January was interested in the idea and sent positive signals.    MN has also decided to garner support from his community people and got in touch with people in the DMK.   MN has also made enquiries for hiring journalists and promised a big pay packet with an intention of making his magazine Puthiya Parvai a powerful media and use it as a propaganda tool to counter the allegations of the government...this is nothing but an attempt to project Sasikala as a victim and resurrect the MM cartel.

But MN’s luck ran out on Wednesday, when a team of city police officials surrounded and confronted him about his ‘wheelings and dealings’. Police sources say MN was in for some rough treatment and for the first time got the bitter taste of being on the other side of power. Not only MN, his brother M.Ramacandran was also in for a rough treatment by the city police officials who landed at their residences to find out the magnitude of the MM cartel loot. Police officers were particularly advised to look for sensitive government documents and particularly intelligence information...because now its an open secret that MN was also running a parallel government.

Information from Poes garden says that the city’s top cop Tripathy is also likely to face the axe.  T.Nagar MLA Kalairajan, a known Sasikala loyalist has been running gambling dens in and around the T.Nagar area.  

Velmurugan holding Kalairajan - inside the Assembly

Kalairajan is also running cabaret dance bars in 5 places in Chennai city. Recently, all gambling centers in T Nagar were raided by Chennai city police and were sealed...this after Saint Kalairajan raised this same issue inside the assembly. Now whispers doing rounds is that both the gambling dens and cabaret dance bars are being run with the blessings of Tripathy who has turned a Nelson’s eye with a view to cement his position.

Not surprisingly, certain senior police officers who were sidelined in the present regime are fishing in troubled waters to settle old scores. Sources say stories were planted in a popular Tamil daily, which gave extensive coverage to the breakup between Jayalalitha and Sasikala.   The daily carried stories that the operation ‘kick out Sasikala’ was planned and executed by the State’s intelligence wing and the Pon.Manickavel, former DIG intelligence was the brain behind the conspiracy. Whispers doing rounds is that these stories were planted by Jangid who has been crossing swords with Pon.Manickavel for quite some time.  Journalists who were pushed to a corner without any information on the reasons behind the breakup lapped up any bits and pieces of information planted by police officers without verification and started carrying them.

The dramatic move by Jayalalitha to expel Sasikala and her coterie continues to provide new insights into the shady dealings of many can only say Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  

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