Saturday, 14 January 2012

Doctor's 'KOLAVERI'

Whispers in Tamil Nadu first reported about PMK Founder Dr Ramadoss getting arrested in connection with a murder case. This is what Whispers in Tamil Nadu first published : Dr.Ramadoss to be arrested in murder early as on 7th of November 2011. 

While it was everyone’s expectation that  CBI investigation would go in the right lines, it appears that Dr.Ramadoss, a suave political operator is manipulating the CBI and keeping the CBI under his thumb. 

Whispers doing the rounds is that  Doctor Ramadoss, the perennial chameleon of Tamil Nadu politics is operating the CBI with surgical precision.


During May 2006, a group of people made an attempt on the life of the then AIADMK candidate and persent Minister C.Ve.Shanmugam, while C Ve Shanmugam was lucky but Muruganandham, a close relative of Shanmugam was hacked to death. 

Immediately after the incident C.Ve.Shanmugam filed a complaint in which he had named Doctor Ramadoss, his wife Saraswathy Ramadoss, his son Anbumani Ramadoss and others had made an attempt to kill him and during the attempt his brother-in-law  Muruganandham was killed. Since it was election time, the police had no other option to act fairly and an FIR was registered against Dr.Ramadoss, his son Anbumani, his brother Srinivasan and others. 

The FIR registered by the police in Cr. No. 164/2006 says that “Dr.Ramadoss, Founder Leader of PMK, Mr.Srinivasan, brother of Dr.Ramadoss, Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss, the then Union Minister and son of Dr.Ramadoss and Dr.Parasuram, son-in-law of Dr.Ramadoss conspired to murder the complainant and at their instance, the group led by Mr.N.R.Raghu and Mr.N.M.Karunanidhi attacked the petitioner and others, who were sitting in front of the house of the complainant, resulting in the death of Muruganandham.

Dr.Ramadoss, Founder Leader of PMK and Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss, the then Union Minister and son of Dr.Ramadoss, spoke during the Election Campaign that the petitioner should be finished off. As per the FIR, the attack was led by N.R.Raghu, who belongs to PMK and who is the sister's son of Dr.Ramadoss and Mr.N.M.Karunanidhi, the rival candidate, who contested against the C Ve Shanmugam in Tindivanam Constituency, as PMK candidate, who is also related to Dr.Ramadoss. They were accompanied by a group of about 15 members, with deadly weapons. It is further alleged that before the said incident, one Mr.Preethiban, grand son of Dr.Ramadoss, came in a Red Colour Ford Car and on his information about the availability of the petitioner, the killer group reached the spot and attempted to kill C Ve Shanmugam and others.

The first seven accused as per the original FIR are, Dr.Ramadoss, Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss, (son) Srinivasan, (brother) Dr.Parasuraman, (son-in-law) N.R.Raghu, (close relative) N.M.Karunanidhi (close relative) and Preethiban (grand son).

The murder case saw its first twist when the 2006 Assembly election results were out.  The DMK came to power and being an important ally in the alliance, Ramadoss had the last laugh. The fence sitter Ramadoss immediately pulled all his strings with the DMK chief Karunanidhi to sabotage the murder investigation. 

Sources tell whispers in Tamil Nadu that in the first week following the DMK’s capturing power, the then IG North Zone Jangid modified the FIR that resulted in removal of the names of Ramadoss, his brother and his son from the FIR, This was carefully executed before Jangid's transfer to Chennai City Police as Additional Commissioner. It is pertinent to note that on 9 May 2006, Karunanidhi condemned the Tamil Nadu police for filing FIR against Ramadoss and his son.

Then investigation of the murder case went through a maze of legal hurdles – courtesy Doctor Ramadoss. 

The police, on the instructions of DMK Chief Karunanidhi continuously sabotaged the investigation left, right and Center and made proxy accused to surrender.


Following the transfer of investigation to CBI, Dr. Ramadoss developed a cold feed and as expected many new facts have emerged. The CBI team, which stayed in Veeranam Guest House at Tindivanam, conducted meticulous investigation in the case. But they had limited information that the entire CBI team and their investigation was under surveillance. The witnesses and officials who were staying in the Veeranam Guest House, used to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in two nearby hotels named Amaravathy Hotel and Annachi Mess. Whispers doing rounds is that Dr.Ramadoss, had deputed one of his trusted lieutenant K.Balu, an Advocate of Madras High Court to monitor the CBI closely. K Balu who was keeping a tab on the CBI officials had planted his men in both these hotels and has been talking to witnesses and gathering information on the progress made by the CBI.


The CBI team which took this case as a challenge wanted to crack this case at the earliest and stumbled upon crucial evidences linking Dr.Ramadoss  and his family with this murder. According to sources the CBI Investigation revealed that C.Ve.Shanmugam, who had been making provocative speeches against Dr.Ramadoss and his family members during the election campaign in 2006 was bent upon wooing away the vanniyar votes from PMK.   During the feverish election campaign some AIADMK workers had tried to attack Dr.Parasuraman, son-in-law of Ramadoss during the first week of May 2006.  On the next day, another group tried to attack Raghu, a close relative of Ramadoss.  Immediately after the attack, Raghu went to Thailapuram garden, met Ramadoss and narrated his tale of woes.  At that time, Saraswathi Ramadoss, wife of Ramadoss came there and shouted at Raghu and others.  Saraswathi had shouted “Are you people eunuchs ?  Shanmugam is also a vanniyar and you are also a vanniyar ? Are you not ashamed to come and complain like this like an eunuch ?” Ramadoss who was present at that time had reportedly instructed Raghu to teach C.Ve.Shanmugam a fitting lesson. 

Raghu, Ramadoss’s daughter Srikanthini’s husband Dr.Parasuraman had reportedly met Dhanaraj, Ramadoss’s relative and a former MP to hire contract killers to finish off C.Ve.Shanmugam which was executed the same week, say Thailapuram sources. The hired goons numbering eight, met Dr.Ramadoss at his residence before and after the attack. Only with the active direction of Dr.Ramadoss, the murderous attack took place.  The eight people, including Gopi, Ilan chezhiyan, Natarajan and Panneerselvam were arrested by the CBI last Saturday.

CBI had also unearthed that the police had made five fake accused to surrender in the case and had also tampered with evidence.  In the complaint itself, Shanmugam had mentioned that Preethiban, the grand son of Dr.Ramadoss and son of Dr.Parasuram came in Red Colour Ford Car bearing registration No. TN-51-1155. But the police which investigated the case had concluded that there was no red colour Ford car with registration number starting with TN-51.   In their attempt to fix false accused in this case, Ramadoss had sought the help of M.Jayaraman a Chennai based PMK functionary, to give his Ford car for a few months.   


Jayaraman, who was unaware of doctor’s ulterior motives, gave his car and the car was handed over to the police as the vehicle which was used to commit the murder. Getting wind of Doctor’s treachery to implicate him in a murder case, Jayaraman confronted Ramadoss and demanded his car back. But doctor asked him to get another Ford car to return the car which was handed over to the police. Jayaraman who was ambitious to get an MLA ticket, arranged for another car and his own car was returned. This Jayaraman was rewarded by Doctor Ayya with a PMK ticket to contest in the 2011 Assembly elections in the Velacherry constituency in Chennai.


Despite mounting evidence to nail Doctor Ramadoss, the CBI appears to be in a deep slumber. After through investigations and breakthrough the CBI appears to be very reluctant to even examine Ramadoss, leave alone arrest. Whispers doing rounds in AIADMK circles is that for more than a month, the CBI is still sitting on the mounting evidence and is merrily watching Ramadoss’s efforts to scuttle the investigation.

K.Balu with Ramadoss

Whispers doing rounds in legal circles is that K.Balu, Ramadoss’s lieutenant had apprised his boss about the developments and Doctor has planned an operation which would stun the CBI.   Getting wind of the news about noose tightening around him, Ramadoss is contemplating to file an appeal in the Madras High Court against the orders of a single judge transferring the investigation to CBI.   Ramadoss a shrewd politician is aware that filing an appeal himself would dent his image politically and had sent Balu as an emissary to meet his brother Srinivasan @ Seeni Kounder, who is also an accused in this case to file the appeal.  

But Srinivasan who was back stabbed by Ramadoss in a business venture, is not yielding.  The feud between Seeni Kounder and Ramadoss started in getting a bus route between Pondicherry and Marakkanam.   Seeni Kounder’s son Chandrasekaran had purchased the bus route from KVN Bus Services.  This irritated Dr.Parasuraman, Ramadoss’s son-in-law who abducted the bus and the matter went to Ramadoss for arbitration.   Ramadoss sided with his son in law and ditched his own brother.  An annoyed Seeni Kounder joined Congress with his supporters.  Keeping his brother’s treacherous attitude, Seeni Kounder refused to budge instead has opted to file a petition to speed up the CBI investigations.

An undeterred Ramadoss, has  approached another person named in the FIR to file the appeal in the High Court. Whispers doing rounds in High Court circles is that   Ramadoss’s lieutenant K.Balu is now in touch with retired Madras High Court Judges of Vanniyar community  - Kulasekaran and Thanikachalam to make back door manoeuvring in the appeal.

Meanwhile, the CBI appears to be waiting or rather keeping its fingers crossed for Doctor Ramadoss to get a stay order for its investigation.   The fact that the CBI had not examined Ramadoss, Anbumani, Saraswathi Ramadoss, Dhanaraj, so far is casting doubts on the country's premier agency’s integrity.  A valid and convincing theory that is doing the rounds that the CBI may be dragging its feet to protect certain senior police officers who may face trouble if the investigation goes in the right direction, an argument that cannot be ruled out.

Its widely said that 'an apple a day keeps doctors away' but in case of Tamil Nadu's most cunning politician - Ramadoss, it appears that he has mastered the art of 'a bitter pill a day keeps trouble (CBI) away'....Whether law will catch up with Doctor Ayya for his sins and ask him the question -Dr Ayya Why this Kolaveri? or doctor’s bitter pill for the CBI will keep them away forever, remains to be seen.


  1. These are the people who claim to be the future CM of TN. Just imagine what will happen to TN if he becomes CM of TN. For him, money and power are the sole aim.

  2. CBI does double opposite roles on time to time and person to person.
    Its previous record on Bofors case had been the best example of CBI`s deed.
    In Andra, late Jenartana Reddy was the impeccable CM but his SON is the impeachable.
    For the better result, CBI should be the autonomous body rather than under the Home Ministry.