Monday, 31 October 2011

Tamil Nadu to get a new Public Prosecutor?

Whispers doing the rounds is that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha is all set to appoint a new Public Prosecutor for the State in the place of I.Subramaniam, who is the Public Prosecutor now.   Insiders in Poes Garden say that Amma has received numerous complaints not only against P.P.I.Subramaiam, but also against the present Advocate General Navaneetha Krishnan.    

A state’s public prosecutor is the head of a government’s legal wing as far as criminal matter’s are concerned.   So changing the public prosecutor means that Amma is not satisfied with the performance of the present incumbent.    But who is the lucky winner ?   Whispers doing rounds in the legal circle is that N.Chandrasekaran, who is representing the CBI in the Madras High Court.

Well it’s a lesser known secret…but people close to Chandrasekaran say that he is powerful than the CBI Director…he claims Home Minister P.Chidambaram to be his God  Father  and he is one among the few people who knows all the secrets of Home Minsiter P.Chidambaram.   Sources close to Chandrasekaran say that Chidambaram would talk to Chandrasekaran through the mobile phones of his juniors.

But now his appointment as PP is not mere luck, but is a reward for his loyalty. As Amma is very annoyed about the performance of her legal team and this has naturally resulted as a jackpot for Chandrasekaran…this is the latest buzz in the legal circles.

But how do CBI circles view this appointment ?   Sources in the CBI circles are delighted by the news that is doing rounds  that Chadrasekaran is likely to be appointed as Public Prosecutor.  Their delight is due to the fact that the CBI would get a new face (can be read as lesser manipulative) to represent them in High Court. 

The reason for the delight of CBI is that Chandrasekaran had actually let down the  premire investigative agency on many occassions.    The failure of the CBI to nab the accused and grill them in the ‘Lakshmi Narayana Medical College’ owned by DMK MP and Union Minister Jegatharatchagan has got a lot to with Chandrasekaran legal skills.   Investigations into the TIMES NOW sting operation… which resulted in two touts of the Sri Ramacandra Medical College and Balaji Dental College getting caught on camera for receiving bribe for admission…is yet to see the light of the day. While Ramachandra’s representative was interrogated by CBI, the representative of Balaji Dental College belonging to Union Minister Jegathratchagan managed to wriggle out of the CBI’s case, thanks to Chandrasekaran’s links with the then Suburban commissioner S.R.Jangid.

CBI Director A P Singh
Sources in the CBI say Chandrasrekaran is also accused of playing a crucial role in misleading the CBI and  passing on crucial information to R.Dhanapal Raj, the former Vice-Chairman of Bar Council of Tamil Nadu, who was caught along with the BCI member R.S.Rana in a graft case.

However, legal sources say the administration in the CBI is taking serious steps to get rid of Chandrasekaran as its counsel following the serious setback the CBI received in a murder case of the son of a popular advocate.  The investigation of the case, which is being monitored by the Madras High Court went to the extent of summoning the CBI, Director,  for which Chandrasekaran never made any objection and the timely intervention of  Additional Advocate General seems to have saved the CBI.

Railway IG Sunil Kumar IPS under scanner

Railways IG Sunil Kumar is now under the scanner of State intelligence...this is because of his alleged links with DMK bigwigs and people close to top DMK leaders. Whispers doing rounds is that IG Sunil Kumar is suspected of facilitating phone calls between M K Stalin’s close aide Raja Shankar and others. Raja Shankar a close aide of M K Stalin is now a prime target in the AIADMK government…he is the only person who has the knowledge of M K Stalin’s investments and business transactions. After the AIADMK came to power he was brought under the scanner and his activities were closely watched by the State Intelligence…this was an attempt to collect concrete evidence against M K Stalin. Whispers already reported on how the State Police is gearing up for “Operation Suriyan”…since this process was underway… police officials found that Railway IG Sunil Kumar was acting as a go-between. Whispers doing rounds is that the State intelligence department officials have found that he was facilitating conference calls between M K Stalin’s close aide Raja Shankar and his contacts. Now intelligence officials are in the process of collecting call records of IG Sunil Kumar…looks like IG Sunil Kumar is in deep trouble. 

Is Shakeel Akthar helping Marans?

If IG Sunil Kumar is brought under scanner…his friend IG Shakeel Akthar is also in the middle of yet another controversy. 

A whisper in the Khakhi department is his movements are also closely being watched by the State intelligence. there are reports that he is helping KD brothers to escape the clutches of law.

CMDA and Corporation gears up for yet another “EYEWASH” 

After the Madras High Court came down heavily on the issue of illegal constructions in T Nagar. Officials of the CMDA and Chennai Corporation are gearing up for yet another drama. The first bench of Madras High court on October 13th pulled up CMDA authorities on the steps taken to demolish unauthorized constructions and ridiculed the status report filed by the CMDA. The Court had also asked authorities to file separate affidavits stating whether they had complied with its earlier directions and also asked them to explain as to why contempt proceedings should not be initiated against them. In this back drop now the CMDA has finally decided to take action against illegal constructions in T Nagar to escape court action. Unauthorized constructions are likely to be razed in a few days...what happened today in T Nagar is just an attempt to pacify the Court. So that its widely reported in news papers and TV channels…as the case is coming up for hearing on November 1. So when Chief Justice M Y Eqbal and Justice T S Sivagananam will be having their bed coffee along with news papers on the first of November...the action taken against illegal constructions will be widely reported and Judges will be pacified. Whispers doing rounds in T Nagar area is that…As the officials have decided take action against illegal constructions to save their skin…the owners and traders are also gearing up to expose the politicians and authorities who received lump sum amount as bribe and allowed these illegal buildings to operate in T Nagar.  As of now, this morning at around 6.30 am, sealing of buildings has commenced. This will also be another headache for Chennai’s newly elected Mayor Saidai Duraisamy as this first major demolition drive is taking place under his leadership in an area where he resides…

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Is DMK falling apart?

DMK’s former Deputy General Secretary Parithi Ilamvaludhi has dropped yet another bombshell… by openly challenging the authority of DMK’s treasurer and Karunanidhi’s heir apparent M.K.Stalin.   

Earlier it was just the sibling rivalry and the battle for succession that was a cause of concern for the ageing DMK patriarch…but now it appears the voices of dissent are getting stronger by the day. The statements made by Paruthi Ilamvazuthi against MK.Stalin that he is influencing Karunanidhi and the DMK Chief is not allowed to take any independent decisions…has triggered severe speculation among party workers.

Those who have been victimized by M K Stalin are extremely happy with this development…and the unexpected move by Paruthi Ilamvazuthi…giving a call to the DMK rebels to join hands under his leadership… seems to have rattled M K Stalin’s camp.  

However, Karuanidhi has a history of sidelining leaders who are or would be a challenge to his son’s authority.   MDMK leader Vaiko who was very popular among DMK’s youngsters was expelled since he was growing as a challenge to the DMK’s heir apparent. In fact Karunanidhi went to the extent of accusing Vaiko of trying to murder him.

Political analysts who have a better understanding of Karunanidhi’s psyche know that Karunanidhi would never take any decision against his family members however high, talented or important the person may be.

Sources in the DMK say…Parathi Ilamvazhuthi open revolt is not an isolated incident…there are many other leaders in the DMK who have been fuming over some of the decisions taken by M K Stalin. Since there is not as much of inner party democracy within the DMK...senior members in the party are worried about the future of the DMK.

DMK insiders say seniors like Anbazhagan, Arcot Veerasamy and others have been completely sidelined in the party. Anbazhagan and Arcot Veerasamy are only called whenever necessary for photo ops...apart from that most of the decisions are taken by M K Stalin which seems to have not gone down too well among others. 
The recent humiliating defeat for the DMK followed by land grabbing charges slapped against prominent DMK leaders seems to have sent shivers down the spine. The buzz in the party is that the top leadership of the DMK is not coming to their rescue. So far the party has done nothing to put up a brave face against the ruling AIADMK.

Whispers doing rounds in the DMK is that Party leader M Karunanidhi is too busy in securing bail for his daughter Kanimozhi…so much so that he has gone to the extent of falling flat on Sonia’s feet. Anjanenjan M K Alagiri - the “brave heart” is missing in action and is actively seen running for cover…and M K Stalin…is only bothered about his loyalists like K N Nehru and Ponmudy and many other district secretaries. While other leaders in the party are busy in saving their skin by hook or crook…the ground level party worker is left in lurch.

Finally, now the cat is out of the bag…DMK insiders say a severe storm is brewing within the party…and with each passing day DMK’s heir apparent is increasingly becoming unpopular among party workers.

However, the State intelligence is also closely monitoring the developments within the DMK…and whispers doing rounds is that very soon the people of Tamil Nadu will be witnessing “Mutrugai Pooratam” by party workers in front of Karunanidhi’s residence demanding justice…as it happened in front of Jaya’s residence during the DMK regime which was then considered to be an intelligence operation by AIADMK leaders.

Whispers doing rounds in the DMK is that…Paruthi Ilamvazuthi has been offered support from various quarters within the DMK (can be read as M K Alagiri and KD brothers). With Paruthi Ilamvazuthi coming forward to lead the rebel DMK…the stage is set for yet another drama.  Now it remains to be seen, how long the DMK leadership is going to allow the rope for Parithi whose move may start similar rebellions inside the DMK against the family control of DMK.

Well, one can say now its time for MDMK leader Vaiko to take revenge and to fish in troubled waters.

Friday, 28 October 2011

A.Raja to be ditched by DMK?

The Game is over Mr. Raja

Sources tell Whispers in Tamil Nadu that the DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi is all set to ditch A.Raja, the blue eyed boy of the DMK.   Whispers in Tamil Nadu had earlier reported about Karunanidhi’s displeasure with A.Raja as he is using his daughter Kanimozhi, as a shield to protect him in the 2G scam case.

During Karuna’s recent visit to Delhi… it was categorically conveyed to by top congress honchos that the Congress leadership is not taking Raja’s defense in the 2G case lightly.  Displeasure over A Raja’s argument to call PM and Finance Minister as witnesses was already conveyed to M Karunanidhi…DMK sources say it was V Narayanswami who conveyed this message to Karunanidhi after Kanimozhi’s advocate toed A Raja’s line of argument during the course of trial. Sensing danger the DMK Chief immediately asked to change Kanimozhi’s lawyer…and pleaded neither Kanimozhi nor anyone in the party had any idea on this particular argument made by A Raja’s counsel Sushil Kumar, who was also the counsel for Kanimozhi.  

But A Raja has been repeatedly making allegations against the Prime Minister and Finance Minister P.Chidambaram seems to have angered the Congress leadership.   The game-plan of A.Raja in the 2G case would ultimately result in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh being called as a witness during the course of the trial.    Manmohan Singh would be forced to defend Raja’s cross examination and justify that A.Raja had misled him in taking decisions in the spectrum allocation and pricing. Further the petition of Dr.Subramanian Swamy to include Sonia’s loyalist P.Chidambaram as a co-accused in the 2G scam is also causing embarrassment not only to the party but also to the government at a time when the issue of corruption is making headlines in the country.   

Sources say when Karuna met P.Chidambaram and Law Minister Salman Kurshid it was communicated to Karunanidhi and he was asked to reign in on A.Raja and instruct him accordingly not to drag PM and FM in 2G arguments.   When Karunanidhi met A.Raja in Tihar prison last week sources say Karuna had instructed A.Raja not to target the congress leaders and to go soft.  Karuna had also informed A.Raja that any move that would embarrass congress would only result in more trouble for Kanimozhi and spending more time in jail.  But A.Raja had reportedly snubbed DMK chief, saying that he is a lawyer himself and knows what to do and informed Karunanidhi that only by dragging PM and FM in the case there will be any relief either for him or Kanimozhi.

The 87 year-old Karunanidhi, was taken aback by A Raja’s reaction…Karuna cut-short the meeting abruptly and returned, say DMK insiders.    Raja’s obstinate game-plan in the 2G trial has irritated Karunanidhi and Whispers doing rounds in the DMK is that…after once Kanimozhi is out on bail, DMK leaders and party men will be instructed to stay away from A.Raja,.   After orders are pronounced on November 3 O P Saini on Kani’s bail plea…Karunanidhi is all set to take a final call on Raja.

Revolt against M K Stalin

With M Karunanidhi worried about his favorite daughter Kanimozhi and M K Alagiri running for cover…Nowadays, the DMK's rising SON Stalin seems to be ruling the roost in the party. During the local body elections only M K Stalin’s loyalists were given a chance to contest at various levels. This despite deserving and winning candidate’s plea to contest elections fell on deaf years within the party. Sources say in many areas party men are extremely angry and dissatisfied with the state of affairs. Whispers doing rounds is that those who are dissatisfied and sidelined in the party are being kept under the surveillance of State intelligence. Sources say very soon they may be crossing the bridge…weather it will be Poes Garden or Vaiko's Thayagam is something that is yet to be confirmed. Is history repeating itself for the DMK?

T R Baalu in the Cabinet 

Looks like DMK Chief M Karunanidhi had just realized that how difficult it is for any politician to get things done at the National capital…this was the lesson he had learnt during his recent visit to Delhi. Even though he met the Prime Minister, UPA Chair Person Sonia Gandhi, Home Minister and Law Minister…but for a party like DMK that enjoyed utmost power at the center for over a decade is now seen as a political orphan. DMK MPs and other leaders have been reduced to a joke after the great 2G robbery. Getting an appointment from Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi and even Sonia's Political Secretary Ahmed Patel seems to have become a herculean task for the DMK. With the two Cabinet Berths allotted for the DMK lying vacant...Whispers doing rounds is that after some realization and serious political calculations...The DMK Chief is now thinking about having at least one Cabinet berth filled…this is expected to happen after Kanimozhi is out on bail…sources say Karunanidhi has taken this decision so that they will have a strong person at the Center for lobbying. For the moment, T R Baalu is the only leader in the DMK who enjoys the blessings of both Kanimozhi and Raasathi Ammal. This is being done to ensure that some serious lobbying is done and Kanimozhi is out of the 2G mess by hook or crook. DMK insiders say a proposal in this regard will be sent by the DMK high command to the PM after Kanimozhi’s release from Tihar Jail.

Jaya likely to attend Guru Pooja

Whispers in Tamil Nadu was the first one to report  on how the State Intelligence department is making preparations for Jayalilathaa’s visit to Ramanathapuram for Guru Pooja…in Is there a rift in Tamil Nadu's Intelligence Wing. This after a team of Intelligence officials were sent to Ramanathupuram to gauge the mood of the public and ensure that the situation is under control. Whispers in Tamil Nadu had reported how this move by Intelligence DIG Pon.Manickavel had created a rift in the intelligence wing. 

Just 3 days ahead of Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar’s “Guru Pooja” another set of senior intelligence officials have been asked to camp at Ramanathapuram…and Jaya TV has received orders from Poes Garden to send its crew members for Guru Pooja coverage during Amma's visit. This despite State’s intelligence chief and DGP K.Ramanujam making it categorical that Chief Minister should not attend Thevar Guru Pooja as it could trigger more animosity between Dalit and Thevar communities in the wake of Paramakudi violence. But, Sasikala or her family members who belongs to the Thevar community are not willing to buy this argument…as Thevar community is AIADMK’s traditional vote bank. Sources also say, Jayalilathaa is very particular on attending Guru Pooja this time because of the bitter experience last year. Her convoy was stoned by DMK supporters when she visited Ramanathapuram for Guru Pooja…at that time an angry Jaya had vowed that she will visit Ramanathapuram for Guru Pooja only after becoming the Chief Minister.

Parithi Ilamvazuthi a traitor!

He was the dalit face of the party and a staunch loyalist of M Karunanidhi... even before A Raja became the poster boy of the DMK… DMK’s former deputy General Secretary Parithi Ilamvazhuthi, who resigned from the post just a few days back, has been shown the door by M K Stalin. For quite sometime there was a cold war between the DMK's rising son M K Stalin and Paruthi Ilamvazuthi over several issues…when things went out of control and Paruthi felt that he is being repeatedly humiliated by M K Stalin in the party... he decided to quit his post, and offered his resignation…hoping that the DMK Chief will intervene. Call it a stunt or a threat…but Parithi’s calculations miserably went wrong…Sources say though Karunanidhi wanted to meet Paruthi Ilamvazuthi in person and ask for his clarification…M K Stalin ensured that this meeting between the two never takes place. Sources say M K Stalin had complained to his father that being a senior functionary of the party Paruthi Ilamvazuthi did not send his resignation directly to the party HQ or the leader...but he had released it to the media which he considers as a huge embarrassment for the party. Whispers doing rounds in the DMK circles is that Stalin wanted his loyalist A K S Vijayan to be appointed as deputy General Secretary of the party – reason yet another voice to support him in the battle of succession. M K Stalin was actively seen lobbying for A K S Vijayan…but Karunanidhi, decided to appoint V P Duraisamy, who was the former deputy speaker. Now a shattered Paruthi Ilamvazuthi is all set to decide on his next course of action…will he be knocking the doors of Poes Garden?? Remains to be seen.

Captain develops cold feet

Whispers doing rounds is that DMDK leader Vijaykanth has developed cold feet after the outcome of the local body polls…Party leaders and functionaries from various districts have been summoned by Captain & Co to receive their share of dose. Also captain has formed a core group to keep a tab on his own MLA’s so that to ensure that they don’t jump the ship at any cost. Sources say that  Captain is so scared that his MLAs would be poached by the ruling party In fact, Captain has been meeting his MLAs in person to keep his flock together.  But sources say, intelligence wing is working overtime to take some pound of flesh from DMDK.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kanimozhi….. The sacrificial lamb?

With the DMK boasting about fighting Kanimozhi’s case legally, it appears that the 200 crore rupees received on behalf of Kalaignar TV by Kanimozhi is the only evidence unearthed by the CBI to prove the charges under the Prevention of Corruption Act against all the accused in the 2G scam.

To the charges of the accused that there is no evidence for payment of bribe to any of the accused, the CBI relies only on the 200 crore transaction to Kalingar TV.   Special Judge O.P.Saini, in his 24th October order observed that “It is fairly conceded by Ld. Special PP that there is no evidence on record that any bribe or illegal consideration was paid by M/s Unitech Wireless (Tamil Nadu) Limited to anyone for securing UAS Licenses. However, he has emphasized in great detail that Rs. 200 crore were paid as bribe, in consideration of grant of UASL licenses to M/s Swan Telecom (P) Limited by accused A. Raja, and that bribe went from M/s Dynamix Realty Limited, a firm of Dynamix Balwa Group to M/s Kalaignar TV (P) Limited, in which accused Sharad Kumar and Ms. Kanimozhi Karunanithi, are stake holders and this bribe was routed through another group company of Dynamix Balwa, that is, M/s Kusegaon Fruits & Vegetables (P) Limited.”

Both the CBI and the Special Judge are not willing to buy the arguments of the accused that the amount paid to Kalaignar TV was a genuine business loan. In fact, the statement of Kanimozhi’s close relative P.Amirtham, has landed Kanimozhi into trouble…perhaps the last nail in the coffin.

2G special court Judge O.P.Saini, negating the contention of the accused observed that “As per PW 127 Sh. G. Rajendran and PW 132 P.Amritham, she was Director from 06.06.2007 to 20.06.2007 and was holding 20% of the equity. PW 127 Sh. G. Rajendran has stated that shares subscription and share holder’s agreement dated 19.12.2008 was executed between M/s Cineyug Films (P) Limited and Kalaignar TV (P) Limited, and its three promoters namely, M. K. Dayalu, Kanimozhi Karunanithi and Sharad Kumar and was signed by Sharad Kumar on behalf of all three promoters. He further states that agreement to pledge, executed between Kalaignar TV and Cineyug Films (P) Limited was also signed by Sharad Kumar on behalf of Ms. Dayalu Amal and Kanimozhi Karunanithi. He further states that the meeting of board of directors of M/s Kalaignar TV (P) Limited held on 13.02.2009, in which Sharad Kumar was authorized to raise funds from Cineyug (P) Limited up to Rs. 200 crore was attended by Sharad Kumar and Kanimozhi Karunanithi.”

Aseervatham Achari, a telecom employee and A Raja’s secretary…he was closely associated with A.Raja and had also played a vital role in nailing Kanimozhi.   Achari had deposed to the CBI that “Ms.Kanimozhi was also an active brain behind M/s Kalaignar TV who was also widely covered by the Kalaignar Seithigal channel (news channel). She had frequent visits to the camp office of A. Raja and once visited his Electronics Niketan office also. Some of the visits/ discussions were in connection with the pending works of Kalaignar TV also. A.Raja also used to visit her residence at South Avenue in New Delhi frequently. She is very close to A. Raja regarding the political work relating to DMK.”

O.P.Saini is also under the impression that even if this amount is taken as a loan / inter-corporate deposit, that too would amount to an offence of a public servant obtaining a valuable thing for a consideration, which is an offence under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

From a bare reading of the charge sheet it becomes clear that CBI had built its entire case on the 200 crore loan obtained by Kalaignar TV for which Kanimozhi is held squarely responsible. The first charge sheet and the additional charge sheet have been clubbed together and the “so called” loan to Kalaignar TV forms the fulcrum of the CBI’s  case.

Kanimozhi obviously would not have joined the Board of Kalaignar TV or taken any decision involving crores of rupees without the knowledge and consent of her half-brothers MK.Alagiri or Stalin or the DMK patriarch Karunanidhi.   Well, It appears to be a lose-lose situation for Kanimozhi.  If she says she acted on the advice of any of her family members she would be doomed and if she keeps quiet also she will be the one who has to face the music.  In simple terms it’s a catch 22 situation for Kanimozhi. 

But except the DMK patriarch, Kani’s siblings are not only keeping quiet but also distancing themselves from the entire 2G mess. Both DMK’s rising SON M K Stalin and the Southern Strongman M K Alagiri are just tight lipped on the issue of 2G scam…it has been ages since they made any comments on Kanimozhi’s detention...Both M K Stalin and M K Alagiri blatantly avoid any comments on Kanimozhi or the 2G scam…this even if they are surrounded and questioned by the media. In fact, in the entire DMK’s first family….Maran brothers are gleeful of Kani’s discomfiture.  The initial impression created by the DMK leaders that the CBI’s case against Kanimozhi is WEAK appears to be far from truth.

The DMK’s rhetoric that they would fight the case against Kanimozhi legally, appear to be nothing but wishful thinking given the fact that the entire 2G scam case built by the CBI’s revolves only around Karunanidhi’s favorite daughter “Kanimozhi”.

TNPSC SCAM: Needle of suspicion points Mayor’s institute?

Whispers doing rounds in Khakhi and Bureaucratic circles is that...the Probe into the TNPSC scam which was unearthed by the DVAC recently seems to have hit a roadblock following finger of suspicion pointing towards the new elected Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraiswamy ‘Manidha Naeyam IAS Academy’.  

Saidai Duraisamy, a known MGR loyalist... contested in the May 2011 assembly elections that rattled DMK's rising "SON" M.K.Stalin.  In fact Duraisamy’s poll plank was vote for me and I will make your sons or daughters an IAS officer. Duraisamy lost the election to Stalin in a marginal 5000 votes.  The goodwill generated by Duraisamy and his reputation made him the Mayor candidate and he won the Mayor elections on a record margin.

Duraisamy’s institute Manidha Neyam IAS Academy has a very good reputation of producing successful candidates both for the UPSC and TNPSC competitive examinations for free. The academy besides conducting coaching classes for UPSC and TNPSC exams also conduct coaching classes for banking exams…Saidai Duraisamy feels it’s for a noble cause.

What is TNPSC scam all about??? Click this link - DVAC's raid damakka

TNPSC Chairman Sellamuthu raided 
For the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption on 14th October conducted simultaneous raids at the residences of all the members and Chairman of TNPSC. The surprise raids resulted in the seizure of several incriminating documents pointing to a larger scam in the recruitment of various services for the Tamil Nadu state government. Lets not forget all these Members and Chairman were appointed by none other than DMK Chief M Karunanidhi.  

The documents elicited information about how the candidates managed to approach the TNPSC members and chairman to secure more marks in the personal interview in the Group.I service examinations. Whispers doing rounds among people who run coaching institutes across TN is that before the DVAC raids on TNPSC, Manidha Nayem academy was the gateway to approach TNPSC members for easy appointments by paying huge sums of money.  

Throughout Tamil Nadu, talk among the study circle and job aspirants is that Manidha Naeyam academy has good connection with the TNPSC members and they can put you in touch with the right people. Such unconfirmed talks had so much effect that many institutes chose to send their students for personal interview coaching ‘only’ to Saidai Duraisamy’s academy. 

One of the students who attended coaching classes for personal interview at Manidhaneyam academy told that the faculty members while taking classes will drop a hint saying that people with money can approach the members for appointments.  Following this cue, willing students with money approach the right persons and get what they want. Sources say Manidha Naeyam academy is constantly under the scanner of brokers who connect Job aspirants to TNPSC members. 

Since the successful candidate who secured a job and the members and touts who get their share benefit mutually…no one is ready to blow the lid off. Insiders say it all happens so systematically that even Saidai Duraisamy who runs the institute will not be able to trace.

Sources also say Saidai Duraisamy may not be aware about the scam brewing in his own backyard and the faculty members and touts have been taking him for a ride. 

Now, Whispers doing rounds is that, Saidai Duraisamy himself becoming the Mayor of Chennai city, any probe by DVAC slightly concerning his academy would never take off…Will the Mayor of Chennai clean first clean this muck!! Will he be able to nail the culprits who are exploiting his prestigious institute to make quick bucks? Will the touts be brought to book? and the TNPSC members who were using Mayor's free coaching academy as a platform to execute their operations be identified and punished? or will it be "free for all"...remains to be seen.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cabinet reshuffle on cards!!

Well it’s once again time to see some new faces in Amma’s cabinet…this time Chief Minister J Jayalilathaa has decided to drop at least 6 of her ministers due to lack of performance and on various charges. This will be done based on the Intelligence inputs submitted by the State Police…Immediately after assuming charge as Chief Minister Jayalilathaa had asked intelligence officials to form a team to track the activities of each minister. Last time Esakki  Subbaiah was axed based on complaints and a state intelligence report about his links with some DMK functionaries and charges that he had helped them bag some contracts. Besides, there were also allegations about his involvement in land grabbing. Also some of AIADMK district secretaries have also come under scanner due to the infighting within the party during the local body elections…that resulted in rebel candidates filing individual nominations…sources say several complaints have also been received on that front as well.

“Babus” to be shunted out!!

After cracking the whip on party men…Sources say Jaya’s focus will be on the government machinery…even though the AIADMK has witnessed a thumping victory in the just concluded local body elections…it was the anger against the DMK that had played a major role in these elections too…From power cuts to law and order situation in the State still remains a matter of concern for the people…and some of the populist schemes that were launched by Chief Minister J Jayalilathaa are yet to see the light of the day...Whispers doing rounds in Fort St George is that Chief Minister Jayalilathaa will be reviewing the performances of Babus too and is all set to crack the whip.  Sources say Amma is contemplating large scale transfers in the IAS and IPS cadre in the state.

Its movie time folks.....

Well, it’s that time of the year…when local Assistant Commissioners, Inspectors, Sub- Inspectors and Constables are bracing themselves for a ticket collection spree…its Diwali…and time for some new releases. This time there is a huge demand for tickets as movies like SRK’s Ra.One, Surya’s Ezham Arivu and Vijay’s Velayadum is all set to hit the silver screens. IAS and IPS officials have been directly contacting theater owners for tickets…and perhaps it has become as an unwritten rule for the Assistant Commissioners and Inspectors to arrange tickets for their senior officers. Now local police officers are visibly seen entering theaters in their jurisdiction for advance bookings…in one of the multiplex in the city a police inspector has demanded at least 10 tickets for each show (Compulsory) for him so that it can be given to senior officials or their family members. As usual theaters owners are completely annoyed by such demands and are avoiding phone calls from unknown numbers, fearing that it could be an IAS or an IPS officer.

Jaya’s complaint rattles Assembly speaker

Chief Minister J Jayalilathaa who preferred Fort St George as her office…has complained about the maintenance of the building…in a note that was sent to the Assembly speaker D Jayakumar…Chief Minister has complained that the corridors of power bears an ugly look…with electricity wires hanging overhead posing danger. This complaint by the Chief Minister seems to have rattled the Assembly speaker who is seen inspecting the corridors of Fort St George…and right now the Speakers focus is on getting things done for Amma.

Udhayanidhi Stalin makes a windfall

Red Giant pictures’ 7am Arivu has made a whopping profit of 15 crores even before it has hit the screen says industry sources.   With AR.Murugadoss being the director his bankable credibility has boosted the movies sales.  With Vijay’s ‘Velayutham’ hitting the silver screens the political tug of war has entered the silver screen too say sources. Vijay appearing to be Amma’s supporter sand Udhayanidhi Stalin being the producer of ‘7am Arivu’ political war has entered the silver screen too.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rift in Tamil Nadu’s Intelligence Wing?

October 30.   It’s a time bomb that is ticking as far as the Tamil Nadu police is concerned.   October 30 is the birth anniversary of Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar.  Muthuramalinga Thevar, who is seen as a community leader of the powerful Mukkulathor community particularly in Southern Tamil Nadu…

October 30, is celebrated by the Mukkulathor community people   as ‘Thevar Guru Poojai’… this grand pooja attracts political leaders cutting across party lines and people belonging to that community use to pay their tributes to Muthuramalinga Thevar.  But, this year’s Thevar Jayanthi is eye-catching because of the police firing in Paramakudi which claimed the lives of 6 people belonging to the Dalit community…this was during a similar gala event organized by the Dalit Community to pay tribute to their icon Immanuvel sekaran

Retd Justice Sampath Commission
Jayalalitha  was made to believe by the former ADGP intelligence T Rajenderan that the Paramakudi firing incident would fizzle out after announcement of a judicial commission…but this seems to have crestfallen… till now there is visible anger among the people in the area the issue is pretty much alive…with simmering tension ahead of “Guru Pooja” the state police is having nightmares.   In fact, the ADMK which was able to sweep the local body elections ate humble pie in all the three Town Panchayats. In Abhiramam Town Panchayat DMK’s candidate Mohammed Abubakker won, Mudhukulathur Town Panchayat romped home DMK’s Sasivarnam to victory.   In Sayalgudi an independent Rajalakshmi won.  
DGP Ramanujam
Sources in intelligence informed Whispers in Tamil Nadu that State’s intelligence chief and DGP K.Ramanujam has made it categorical that Chief Minister should not attend Thevar Guru Pooja as it could trigger more animosity between both the communities.  A detailed report in this regard has already been sent by Ramanujam, say insiders.

However, the No: 2 in the intelligence department DIG Pon. Manickavel…is seen adopting a different strategy…Apart from regular security deployment of 5000 security personnel and adequate intelligence officers …. DIG Pon. Manickavel has ordered to intensify intelligence operations further... to ensure that everything is under control. 

Sources say DIG Pon.Manickavel has issued instructions to shift a part of the intelligence team in Chennai to Ramanathapuram district to gauge the mood of the people ahead of the grand event. Whispers doing rounds in the Khakhi department is that this could be an attempt to convince Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha that law and order situation is under control and she can visit Ramanathapuram on Guru Pooja.   The officers in the cadre of DSP, Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors who had been planning for a fantastic Diwali this year are fuming over DIG Pon.Manickavel’s decision. 

DIG Pon.Manickavel
Ironically sources say DGP Ramanujam has made it clear that if Jayalalitha visits Ramanathapuram on October 30, it would be a political suicide and also would completely alienate Dalits. Ramanujam also personally feels that it would also trigger yet another round of a law and order situation in the state and could make Jaya unpopular among the people… due to this constant unrest in Southern parts of the State.

Whispers doing rounds in the Khaki department is that whether DGP intelligence is aware of this PLAN B?? Is this move approved by the DGP? Obviously, K.Ramanujam, being an officer thorough in intelligence would naturally come to know such moves…but many say this difference of opinion would ultimately lead to a rift.

Meanwhile, the DMK is waiting to capitalize in a big way… if Jayalalitha decides to participate in Thevar Guru Pooja.   DMK had instructed its ground cadres to be in touch with Dalit organizations…so that they can as the Dalit organization to effectively campaign against Jayalalitha’s and label her as Anti-dalit. Sources say VCK Chief Thirumavalavan, Pudhiya Tamilagam Chief Dr. Krishnaswamy and others are also closely monitoring the developments and are expected to be vociferous in their opposition if Jaya plans to participate in the Guru Pooja…as the situation is explosive at the ground level. 

Participating in the Guru Pooja or not is a close call for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha given the wobbly situation both politically and communally.    If she chooses to participate, she would alienate the Dalit vote which forms the core vote bank of AIADMK.  If she chooses to ignore the Guru Pooja, this would hurt her close friend Sasikala and the powerful Mukkulathor community. Insiders say with intelligence chief K.Ramanujam taking a different stand and his second in command taking another view, would result in a rift within the intelligence wing…and this could only mean catastrophe in the State.

Paramakudi riots
But Jayalalitha, being a shrewd politician she would spring a surprise say AIADMK sources…for the moment… will she or won’t she? Is something that is being hotly debated in political and bureaucratic circles!!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Will Kani get bail ?

It was blow after blow for the DMK patriach. Karuna who was expecting some solace from the local body elections received a severe blow as the results showed the grand old party of Tamil Nadu being trounced by its arch rival ADMK yet again.

But when news about adding 409 section against Kanimozhi reached CIT colony, Rasathi Ammal nudged Karuna to leave for Delhi at any cost and do something to save her daughter…Karuna who left for Delhi, met everyone possible pleading for Kani’s bail…He met Law Minister Salman Khurshid, Home Minister P Chidambaram before meeting Sonia Gandhi…

High drama unfolded at the Hotel just hours before meeting Sonia Gandhi…the reason was the latest accused in the 2G loot…Dayanidhi Maran wanted to be a part of “Team Karuna” during Sonia’s meeting…when this was proposed…a furious Rasaathi Ammal immediately snubbed Dayanidhi Maran and asked him to stay away. But a desperate Dayanidhi Maran wanted to enter Sonia Gandhi’s residence along with Karunanidhi at any cost…but his attempts failed.

Inside Sonia’s residence after initial formalities, Rasaathi ammal opened the topic of Kanimozhi’s bail and spoke in tamil…which was translated by T R Baalu…Sources say Rasaathi ammal was literally in tears and pleaded with folded hands with Sonia. Sonia who was uncomfortable with the soap opera told Karuna that the entire trial and other proceedings are being monitored by the Supreme Court and she would not be in a position to do anything. Sources also says Sonia Gandhi was very unhappy with Karunanidhi’s decision to go it alone in the local body polls…for which Karunanidhi explained that the reason was because of the 2G scam as the issue has completely branded the DMK as corrupt.

“Save Kanimozhi” was the single point agenda during Karuna’s meet with Sonia, officially it was informed by DMK people that Karunanidhi had called on Sonia to enquire about her health and see the progress of her convalescing. Outside Sonia’s residence Karuna’s grand nephew Dayanidhi Maran was fuming and informed his brother Kalanidhi Maran and Selvi about the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Raasathi Ammal. Sources say Karunanidhi did not even utter a single word on Maran’s during his meeting with Sonia.

After meeting Sonia, a highly disturbed Karuna frustrated about not able to do anything came to the Patiala House court and encircled it for five minutes and retired to his room. In his room Karuna became glued to the television set mainly watching English channels.

An initial report in the national media was that Kanimozhi was charged with 409 IPC. A perturbed Karuna, immediately rang up the lawyers and TKS.Elangovan who were in the Patiala House court to check out who in turn informed Karuna that Kani was charged for criminal conspiracy to aide a public servant committing breach of trust.

This information was of little comfort to Karuna, as his wife no.3 was furious with him for not doing anything even after meeting Sonia Gandhi and unable to bear her nagging, Karuna lost his cool and shouted at her say sources.

Karuna in the evening met Kanimozhi at Tihar Jail and the meeting was brief say sources. Karuna was at loss of words to offer any hope to Kanimozhi who was highly emotional and depressed following the developments in the courts. T R Baalu and his secretary Shanmuganathan were asked to wait outside for some time and it was an emotional moment for Karunanidhi as he spent some time alone with his daughter Kanimozhi and Raasathi Ammal.

Karuna who met Sharad Kumar also met A Raja at Tihar Jail for a few minutes. Karuna who was hitherto defending A.Raja, calling him a Dalit icon is now furious over Raja’s game plan for the 2G trial. Karuna believes that A.Raja is using his daughter Kanimozhi as a shield to protect him in the 2G case. Kanimozhi is slapped with 409 IPC only because of Raja arguments of dragging PM and Chidambaram into the 2G mess, feels Karuna and Raasathi Ammal.

Later in the day Karuna met Manmohan Singh and was in tears about the fate of his daughter Kanimozhi, say sources. Even Manmohan Singh was non-committal about the bail…citing the matter is being monitored by the Supreme Court.

But, sources indicate whispers that Karuna was informed through intelligence sources that Kanimozhi is likely to get bail on Monday. A hopeful Karuna has decided to stay back in Delhi till tomorrow. In the meanwhile, a fresh round of family infighting has begun…after Karuna dumped Dayanidhi Maran.

Legal experts have boosted Karuna’s confidence citing Section 437 of Cr.P.C. which shows concessions for a woman accused to be let off on bail.  But the DMK chief and the first family are scarred about A.Raja, suspecting whether he would play spoilsport and are waiting with tense moments for dawn.