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WITN IMPACT : Velumani OUT, Krishnamurthys DUMPED & Ramadoss IN

PMK Founder Ramadoss IN

We said it first.  In our articles Dr. Ramadoss to be arrested in a murder case & Doctor’s Kolaveri... Whispers in Tamil Nadu had reported  in detail on how luck is running out for Doctor Ramadoss, founder and Chief of Pattali Makkal Katchi, and how the premier investigative agency CBI is decoding Doctor's Kolaveri plan. On Wednesday the CBI sleuths arrested Ramadoss’s brother Seeni Gounder @ Srinivasan, who is now an active Congress member and former PMK Headquarters Secretary N.M.Karunanidhi.

Doctor who is always kept at an arm’s length by both the Dravidian parties is now pushed to a corner and waiting for the cops to show up his doorsteps anytime.  While the 2009 Parliamentary elections saw the PMK’s vote bank tumbling, the 2011 assembly elections broke the myth that PMK is inevitable in Tamil Nadu politics.  Without any bargaining power and strong voter base the balloon is now punctured for Dr. Ramadoss, and now they are considered to be a political orphan in Tamil Nadu's political landscape.  But Dr. Ramadoss and his son Anbumani Ramadoss is still hoping for a miracle and desperate attempts are still underway to wriggle out of the Murder case by hook or crook.

As had been reported by us earlier, the CBI has gathered clinching evidence of the involvement of Doctor Ayya and his family members in the murder of Muruganandam and an attempt to murder C.Ve.Shanmugam during the election campaign of 2006. So far loads of documents relating to this case were lying at the Tindivanam sessions court - what Dr.Ayya considered as a cold storage. But just hours before the arrest of Srinivasan and Karunanidhi these documents which were kept in 3 iron trunks were shifted to Chengelpet sessions court amid tight security. As soon as this information reached Dr. Ayya he developed cold feet and was visibly tense. Perhaps this was a clear indication for the PMK camp that things were moving to its next stage. After, hours of interrogation both Srinivasan and Karunanidhi were arrested and remanded. Very soon, the CBI would call doctor Ayya for interrogation and is likely to take him into custody...and Dr Ramadoss is all set land behind bars. 

After the cat is out of the bag, it will be very unfair on the part of CBI, if they do not probe the sabotage tampering with evidence is also another charge that should be slapped against Dr. Ramadoss and his group of contract killers.

Whispers doing rounds in IPS circles is that the CBI is also probing how the murder case probe was systematically sabotaged by the PMK founder with the help of senior cops in Tamil Nadu police.  S.R.Jangid, who was Inspector General of Police North Zone and Sanjay Arora, who was the then DIG, Villupuram are likely to be interrogated by CBI as to why the names of Dr. Ramadoss, Anbumani Ramadoss, Parasuram, doctor’s son-in-law were removed in the first Case Diary within a week of registration of the FIR.  The first case diary is the crucial document which records the initial progress made in the investigation. 

And guess what, if the CBI needs any help in getting crucial documents...there is one man who is more than willing to help. Its none other than the present DIG of Villipuram district - Pon. Manickvel. The entire Khakhi department is aware of the ongoing rivalry between S R Jangid and Pon.Manickvel. Meanwhile, the state intelligence is also closely monitoring all the developments regarding the case and it is almost certain that Dr. Ramadoss is in neck deep trouble.

On one hand Doctor’s hectic parleys with the DMK chief to come out in support of him has proved to be futile. Despite several attempts by PMK to garner support, the grand old man is tight lipped, as the DMK is afraid that if anything is said against the CBI, then it will indirectly reflect in the 2G case and the CBI has become albatross around Kanimozhi's neck. To add insult to doctor's injury, the state government is also gearing up to arrest Ramadoss. Maya krishnan, a resident of Olliyampalayam village who works in the college of Vanniyar Trust has filed a complaint, that on the instigation of Doctor Ramadoss he was attacked by the Vanniyar  Trust’s Director Hari Narayanan.  

PMK leader G.K.Mani and advocate K.Balu, met the DGP on Thursday evening and gave a complaint that the case registered against Dr. Ramadoss is a politically motivated one. Whispers doing rounds in PMK circles is that both Ramadoss and Anbumani Ramadoss are keen on addressing public meetings so that they can whip up emotions among the Vanniyar community. Ramadoss hopes that it will help him in putting up a stiff fight against the CBI during his arrest. Will Ramadoss be able to cock and snook at the CBI ? Remains to be seen.     

Velu 'Money' OUT

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha on Thursday dropped S.P. Velumani from the cabinet.  Whispers in Tamil Nadu had earlier reported about the nefarious activities of S.P.Velumani in the article
Minister Velu 'Money's' golden touch which gave you the inside information about his newly owned jewellery shop AVR Swarna Mahal.  Velumani, who was shifted from the Industries portfolio and accommodated in the cabinet with Revenue portfolio only last week...was happy and thought that he was the cat's whiskers. But he was unaware of the fact that his sins were probed by the state intelligence which has already submitted a detailed report to the Chief Minister. And as he was all set for yet another 'Revenue' ride, his calculations went miserably wrong as he was shown the door. 

Krishnamurthy - I 'DUMPED'

Whispers in Tamil Nadu was the first one to report on the collection spree by Commercial Taxes Minister Agri SS Krishnamoorthy as early as 15 October 2011 in the article Is Amma aware of the Collection Spree ?

This was published even before the MM cartel were expelled by Jayalalitha. We had reported that this collection spree was underway upon the orders of the Queen of deceit Sasikala. Sasikala was quite powerful at that time and both her loyalists S.P.Velumani and Agri SS Krishnamoorthy were spared the axe.  In the cabinet rejig last week, Commercial Taxes portfolio was withdrawn from Krishnamoorthy and he was given School Education portfolio. Now, Jayalalitha has dropped Agri SS.Krishnamoorthy from the cabinet and his portfolio of School Education is given to N.R.Sivapathy. Whispers doing rounds in the corridors of Fort St George is that Agri Krishnamurthy was living high off the hog and now his fortunes could crumble as his art of collecting 'commercial tax' is all set to land him in deep trouble.

Krishnamurthy - II 'DUMPED'

After one Krishnamurthy, it was time for the other Krishnamurthy, who is fondly called as Horticulture Krishnamurthy. He was booted out of the AIADMK along with Sundaravadanam, Santhanalakshmi, and Natarajan's sister Vaijayanthi MLA.

In fact, it was Whispers in Tamil Nadu  that was first one to expose the murky land deal that took place upon Sasikala's orders Horticulture Krishnamurthy in the article The Agri (ugly) war.

DMK moles in the dock

Whispers in Tamil Nadu exposed  about the intelligence network built by the DMK in the AIADMK regime and named their spies in the article DMK’s moles in the Government.  

This article seems to have rattled the various power centers at Fort St George, as crucial information about the day-to-day functioning of the government is reaching its arch rival. Following Whispers in Tamil Nadu expose, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister  Jayalalitha, had given curt instruction that all the 27 drivers and PAs who were appointed by the three Under Secretaries in Public Department – Vasanthy, Periyanayaki and Ambalavanan should be shunted out immediately. Also Whispers doing rounds in Fort St George circles is that the trio is also likely to face probe by intelligence officials in the coming days.

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