Tuesday, 22 November 2011

IAS, IPS: Many heads to roll

Many heads in the IPS and IAS are expected to roll after Amma’s return from Bengaluru.  Amma has left for Bengaluru to answer the questions in the assets case’ today.   The buzz in the Khakhi circles is that much whispered transfer orders were only a disappointment as only 5 transfers were issued.   The orders saw luck favouring Nallasivam again as he has again been made as the Joint Commissioner Intelligence for Chennai City.    Nallasivam was transferred out of JC, Intelligence post only recently.   Tirunelveli Commissioner of Police Varadarajulu who was aspiring to become JC.IS failed to please the right power centers.    But, following these transfer orders many more are to come is the whispers in the power corridors.  

Fort St George sources also say many IAS officers are also likely to be transferred and a massive search has been launched in the corridors of power. On the other hand hectic lobbying is going on at all levels for plum posts in the AIADMK regime. Many officers in Madurai have spent at least 10 lakh ruppes to get posts where they can earn double the amount. Sources say it’s a powerful lobby that is working for paid transfers and postings of lower level officers. In one such case M K Alagiri’s close confidant who was Madurai PRO has managed to pull the right strings…and has landed in Fort St George right under the nose of Chief Minister. 

Jaya TV official asked to go on leave

Sources tell whispers that K.P.Sunil, Vice President (news) in Jaya TV has been asked to go on leave.  Sunil's leave was a result of Jayalalitha's ire.   Jayalalitha who is a strong believer in astrology had fixed 3.15 pm as the exact time for the relay of her televised address regarding price hike.   But the Jaya TV people fumbled the telecast and the relay got stuck within minutes of its commencement.    The whole address had to be telecast again which started a little after 3.30 pm.    Missing the auspicious time, Jayalalitha believes that the resentment of the public is due to missing the auspicious time (!!!!).   Sources say that she vented her anger on Sunil and had asked him to go on leave, following which Sunil has proceeded on a month's leave.

DVAC team gears up for the climax

The DVAC team headed by its IG AMS Gunaseelan had left Chennai early yesterday for Bengaluru to receive Amma ahead of her visit.   The investigating officer Sambandham left by road yesterday afternoon.  Jayalalitha had answered 560 out of the 1400 questions prepared for her by the Special Judge Mallikurjaniah.    The Supreme Court had recently directed the Special Judge to finish the questioning sessions preferably within two days.   The questioning session is likely to continue tomorrow too which is making the DVAC officials nervous…as it will spoil Amma’s mood. However, Jaya is aware that today the media focus will be on Chidambaram as the BJP is up in arms against him demanding his resignation in the parliament. 

Desperate search for counsel

Kanimozhi is desperately searching for a counsel to defend her in the 2G trial say sources.   Rasathi Ammal and Kanimozhi who are not satisfied with the present counsel want some one who could effectively rescue Kanimozhi out of the mess.  But, legal brains are running for cover and are not willing to take up the case say Delhi sources.  The advocates who are well aware of the mood of the Judiciary particularly in the 2G case…is reluctant.  A senior correspondent from an English Daily who is very close to Karunanidhi and known to many TN politicians is also in the search for finding out the right advocate to bail out Kani.

Kani catches cold,Trial heats up

The winter is slowly beginning in Delhi…and for  Kanimozhi who grew up in Chennai and who is not accustomed to Delhi climate, has caught fever, severe cold and is suffering in Tihar.   Hearing about their half sister’s discomfiture MK.Alagiri and MK.Stalin rushed to Delhi to meet Kani and consoled her and conveyed their father’s message that he is making all efforts to bring her out.   The brother’s reportedly conveyed to Kani that they both have absolutely no objection to her given any prominence in the party.  (Keeping in mind that her difficulties are not going to end anytime soon) But whether the brother’s word of solace has given any comfort to Kanimozhi is doubtful given the brothers’ track record in the past. DMK sources say this visit by both the brothers is nothing but just to show that "All is well" in the family and the party.