Monday, 7 November 2011

Dr.Ramadoss to be arrested in murder case

C V Shanmugam and Dr.Ramadoss 
PMK founder and chief Dr.K.Ramadoss, in all likelihood will be arrested by the CBI in connection with murder of Muruganandam, brother-in-law of present AIADMK Minister, C.V.Shanmugam. Following the transfer of the case to the CBI, the premier investigative agency is all set to conduct its investigations in a feverish pace which could result in the arrest of Dr.Ramadoss and his son Anbumani Ramadoss on, charges of Murder.

Last week the Madras High Court had ordered transfer of the, investigation from Tamil Nadu police to the CBI. Muruganandam is a close relative of the present AIADMK Minister C V.Shanmugam and in 2006 he quit PMK and joined, AIADMK. The friction between Dr.Ramadoss and CV.Shanmugam had empty rhetoric by both. CV.Shanmugam, used to personally attack Dr.Ramadoss and his son in public meetings on how they had cheated and betrayed the Vanniyar community.

PMK insiders say Dr.Ramadoss, who is known for his ego, was furious after personal remarks made by CV.Shanmugam in all public meetings, so he had instructed his party men to, teach a lesson to CV.Shanmugam. Based on Dr.Ayya's orders counter meetings were organised by PMK and an open threat was issued to CV.Shanmugam. 

On 08.05.2006, there was a clash between AIADMK and PMK cadres in which a few, AIADMK cadres were attacked by PMK men. CV.Shanmugam who visited the spot had, challenged the PMK men to directly fight with him and not to attack his party workers. 

On the very next day, an attempt to murder C V.Shanmugam took place in full public which his relative Muruganandam was brutally killed. An FIR, was registered in this connection  against 15 accused including Dr.Ramadoss, his son Anbumani, Prathiban  and his brother Srinivasan.

However, the investigations never saw the light of the it happens in every high profile case. Police sources say the investigation was deliberately delayed and crucial evidences were tampered. At that time Ramadoss was a crucial ally of the DMK led Democratic Progressive Alliance and Anbumani Ramadoss was the Central Minister. Dr. Ramadoss and his son used all their political connections to sabotage the case, which resulted in  some of the names of accused mentioned in the FIR being deleted in the charge sheet. 

PMK insiders say, S R.Jangid, who was the, then IG, Central Zone played a crucial role in erasing crucial evidence in the murder case on the instruction of the then PMK MLA Velmrugan. When one of the prime accused N.R.Raghu in the case filed anticipatory bail the Madras High Court while dismissing  the bail plea passed caustic remarks on the police, for their slipshod investigation. 

In 2007, the Court while dismissing the, anticipatory bail petition of N R.Raghu observed “Even after a year and four months the police had cared not to investigate and take appropriate action in, the matter.  If this is the state of affairs in a matter of investigation, then, the public at large will definitely lose faith in the criminal justice system. The case diary speaks volumes about the inaction on the part of the police…The police slept over the matter in spite of the fact that sufficient clue is found in the First Information Report about the role of the accused. The police had not done a proper job for reasons best known to them.”

Despite these stringent remarks, the police never bothered to conduct a proper investigation.   The police continued to sabotage the investigation and tried to,protect NR.Raghu the prime accused.   After dismissal of his anticipatory bail, plea, NR.Raghu was not arrested till he was found dead under mysterious, circumstances. During the investigation Kumaran who was apprehended from the scene of crime had confessed to the involvement of Dr.Ramadoss his son Anbumani in the conspiracy to kill C V.Shanmugam. He confessed that prior to reaching the scene of occurrence the accused went to the house of Dr.Ramadoss and afterwards to the Nelmandi to meet Srinivasan brother of Dr.Ramadoss.

SR.Jangid who as IG, Central Zone had deliberately failed to secure crucial evidence and the vehicles used by the accused were seized only after a lapse of one year. And Jangid ensured that call records of the accused were never collected to establish the conspiracy angle between Dr.Ramadoss and Anbumani and the accused.

After Dr.Ramadoss fell apart with the DMK due to various reasons...being a fence sitter in the Tamil Nadu politics he was lobbying to switch to the AIADMK camp. But the main agenda for negotiation with the AIADMK was to pressurize C V Shanmugam to withdraw the case. But unfortunately it was bad luck for Ramadoss...his plea was rejected by Amma. 

With the case now being transferred to the CBI... nemesis appear to be catching up for both Dr.Ramadoss and SR.Jangid who were hitherto enjoying immunity due to their close contacts with power centers. 

Now CBI is gearing up to re-investigate the murder case in all possible angles...and its going to be a major trouble for politicians and police officers involved. In this backdrop Ramadoss’s untimely decision to expel Velmurugan from the party would also spell doom as Velmurugan was the main liaison with the police to protect Doctor Ayya. Grapevine has it that Velmurugan is now under the control of State intelligence and is more than willing to spill the beans.

Whispers doing rounds is that the CBI is serious in re-investigating the the Madras High Court has made these observations..."It was unfortunate that the inertia on the part of the investigating agencies continued whenever high dignitaries were the alleged offenders. “Thus, when allegations are made against high ranking politicians, police officials, jail authorities, etc., the matter shall be entrusted to the CBI."

As of now, the clock is ticking for Dr.Ramadoss & CO.