Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What’s the mystery behind Velmurugan’s expulsion from PMK?

The Pattali Makkal Katchi founder Dr.Ramadoss, expelled T.Velmurugan, Joint General Secretary and a two time MLA from primary membership from PMK for ‘anti-party activities’.  Dr. Ramadoss took this decision as a result of Velmurugan’s harsh remarks against party founder Ramadoss was the whispers doing rounds in PMK circles. 

Velmurugan began his career in politics as a member of Tamil Nationalist organization and subsequently switched over to Vanniyar Sangam floated by Ramadoss.  Vanniyar Sangam in due course transformed into a political party and since then, Velmurugan was one of the very few trusted lieutenants of the PMK chief.

The 2006 DMK rule saw Velmurugan’s fortune turn for better.  Velmurugan was reported to be very close to senior ministers of DMK and through their acquaintance was able to ‘facilitate’ deals for a lump sum commission. Even the former DMK ministers were flabbergasted by the way Velmurugan was making money.

S R Jangid IPS
Sources say Velmurugan’s friendship with two top cops in the State was very helpful for him in indulging in real estate related Katta Panchayats.   In fact, sources in intelligence say the land trio became land sharks in due course – the then suburban commissioner S.R.Jangid, the then intelligence S.P. Chandrasekar and Velmurugan were literally ruling the roost in real estate related disputes in northern parts of Tamil Nadu.   No land dispute would escape their grasp. 

Velmurugan’s clout in the ruling party rose to such an extent where the party founder Ramadoss was entirely reliant on Velmurugan as he was the only contact between the DMK.  Velmurugan was the prime negotiator in the PMK chief’s efforts for a Rajya Sabha seat for Dr.Ayya’s son Anbumani.

But relationships turned sour between Velmurugan and PMK chief during 2009-10 as there was strong theory in political circles that Velmurugan would quit PMK and join the DMK.  But Velmurugan held his ground in PMK and dispelled rumours.

Pennagaram by-polls came in handy for Velmurugam to prove his loyalty for the party. Sources close to Velmurugan say he spent nearly 3 crore rupees and was actively involved in buying votes in Vanniyar stronghold constituency. But sources say during the assembly elections, Velmurugan did not spend as much as expected of him by the party, which created a rift between him and Dr.Ramadoss. 

Also Velmurugan is seen as Dr. Anbumani’s loyalist in the party…he even wanted to capture the place of party president G K Mani. Velmurugan enjoyed full confidence of Anbumani and was used as a trump card by Anbumani against Guru…another trusted lieutenant of Dr. Ramadoss.

The change of regime saw Velmurugan’s fortunes tumble. Ramadoss, who was pushed into a corner and forced to contest alone by both the Dravidian parties was desperate to prove his strength in the local body elections, particularly in the Vanniyar dominated areas…and he was expecting a lot from Velmurugan…But the local body elections completely exposed Velmurugan due to the dismal performance of the party. 

This was because Velmurugan had instructed his party aspirants in Panruti Municipality not to contest and spend money, as it is a losing battle.  Allowing all the wards in a Municipality uncontested resulted in Ramadoss’s confidence in Velmurugan hit a bottom.

As the rift between Velmurugan and Dr.Ramadoss was out in open…he was constantly under the watch of the state intelligence wing.  The intelligence wing was working overtime to poach the lonely three MLAs of PMK to please Amma.   Velmurugan who acted as an intermediary between the DMK and the PMK during the previous regime was chosen for the task.

Complaints against him were used as a tool against Velmurugan by intelligence and fearing arrests Velmurugan was dancing to their tune… As Velmurugan was in touch with several leaders and important party functionaries of the PMK to fulfill his task…Ramadoss sensed the moves and expelled him.

With this move by Dr.Ramadoss, Velmurugan taks has become easier…now he has intensified his operation to poach PMK MLA’s...Whispers doing rounds in PMK circles is that Velmurugan is now sending feelers to the dissatisfied party functionaries...while Anbumani Ramadoss is trying hard to retain his loyalist in the party . Also another Whisper doing rounds is that Velmurugan, who knows many secrets of Ramadoss is all set to reveal them as well.