Friday, 4 November 2011

TN Cabinet re-shuffle!

Tension seems to have gripped the AIADMK camp ahead of the much awaited Cabinet re-shuffle… even as there is palpable tension among the present Ministers… each and every minister is running from pillar to post to save his position. The secretariat PRO seems to be the man who is widely being contacted by all the Ministers…so that he may help them in arranging for some positive media coverage. While on one hand many of the present Ministers are maintaining low profile…just because of the reason that if they get too noticed then that will be the last nail in their coffin. …On the other hectic lobbying is underway inside “Veda Nilayam”…Thousand lights MLA Valarmathi is leaving no stone unturned to get into Amma’s cabinet and also T Nagar MLA V P Kalirajan has gone an extra mile to impress order to catch Amma’s attention Kalairajan has erected huge hoardings and banners praising Amma along the R K Salai stretch.

Whispers doing rounds in the AIADMK is that V P Kalairajan is taking the “MM” route which is fondly know as the “Mannargudi Mafia” in political circles… to reach the corridors of power. It’s a desperate attempt by VP Kalairajan as he is losing the turf battle against his arch rival Senthamizhan.  Sources in the party say many others have also approached MN & Co to step into the Cabinet. 

Deliberately sidelined seniors like Pollachi Jayaraman and Nainar Nagentheran are now once again trying their luck.  Sources in Fort St George say Jaya is not happy with the current performance of her Ministers…even though after completing 6 months in office she is yet to make an impact among the people of the State. Her populist welfare schemes are not being talked about…and the only thing that is working in her favour is the people’s anger against the DMK.  

Whispers doing rounds is that this time Ministers like Dr.Vijay, Velusamy, Agri Krishnamurthy, Natham Vishwanathan are the ones who are likely to face the axe. Sources in Khakhi department say the State intelligence has already submitted a detailed report on the performance of the Ministers and also Jaya has received complaints against many of her ministers… both department wise and politically…So that will by and large determine the fate of the present ministers…also whispers doing rounds is that Jaya is all set to follow the “one-man-one-post” formula to ensure smooth functioning of the party at all levels…and also to keep the “Mannargudi  Mafia” at check. 
Further the tightening noose around her in the Bengaluru court is also making Jayalalitha to fill up the cabinet completely with her loyalists instead of someone loyal to MM.  And the MM is also making strenuous efforts to push in their candidates to fill in their coffers.

J K Tripathy to be shunted out?

Following the huge re-shuffle in the IAS cadre in Tamil Nadu, which saw many bigwigs change turf, there is more expected in IAS circles. but for the moment its yet again ‘musical chair’ for IPS say sources.  Amma is dissatisfied with the performance of many cops say sources. Chennai city’s top cop J.K.Tripathy appears not to be in good terms with the power centers in the Fort St George.   In the evening hours Tripathy is not accessible say sources.  Tripathy being the top copy in the city, particularly after the merging of suburban areas with Chennai city,  being inaccessible at important times, has irritated the top brass. Whispers doing rounds is that S.George, who is the present ADGP L&O is eying the city’s top post and is into hectic lobbying in bureaucratic circles.   The shuffle, which is expected anytime soon will shake up the police set up in the state.

Fear Grips Maran Brothers 
With Kani’s bail being rejected by the Special Court…fear seems to have gripped Maran brothers who are on their way to Tihar jail. Sources close to Maran brothers say that they are leaving no stone unturned to evade arrest in the spectrum allocation case. While their family members in Chennai are busy seeking divine intervention….Whispers doing rounds in Delhi is that both Kalanidhi and Dayanidhi Maran’s have been trying to pull all strings possible to delay the CBI's action against them…and to some extent it appears they have been successful.

The recent meeting between Karunanidhi and Sonia Gandhi…followed by India's premier investigative agency the CBI not opposing Kanimozhi bail…seems to have raised hopes for Maran brothers… as they were also attempting to take the same route…Now things seems to be very difficult for the Marans... As Kani’s bail has been rejected yet again on grounds that are very much applicable to Marans as well…Tension seems to have gripped the boat club brothers’ empire. Sources close to Marans say given the present circumstances both brothers are in fear as they will have to stay longer in jail.

Angry Karunanidhi slams DMK lawyers

87 year old DMK Chief…who is now under painful moments as his favourite daughter Kanimozhi is left with no other option but to remain in jail for some more time… Karuna is extremely angry against the lawyers as he feels that he is being misguided time and again. This time the DMK camp was extremely confident that Kani will be out on bail…so given the circumstances, the positive vibes from the SC and the assurances from all quarters especially lawyers…Karunanidhi executed his plan of giving a warm and a royal welcome for his daughter…as per his instructions top leaders of the DMK including his sons M K Stalin and M K Alagiri were asked to be in Delhi on November 3 to receive Kanimozhi…much to everyone's surprise in the DMK it was a complete anti-climax…

Whispers doing rounds is that Karunanidhi is Karunanidhi is angry against the Advocates who have been advising him in the 2G case…as their leader is extremely upset and angry over the legal setbacks...many DMK advocates are now running for cover just to avoid Karunanidhi's wrath. Karunanidhi's Gopalapuram residence which is always filled with legal bigwigs like RS Bharathi, Jothi and others...on November 3 they were missing in action.  

It’s free for all in DMK

With Karunanidhi showing less interest in party affairs and more interest in getting Kanimozhi out on bail…it’s free for all in the DMK. The party that is already battered by the succession battle between M K Stalin and Alagiri…and now losing its image in the wake of the 2G scam…is witnessing an all out battle between senior leaders and M K Stalin. With M K Stalin currently ruling the roost in the party…it has left seniors like Veerapandi Armugam and many others extremely upset…
Whispers doing rounds in the party is that Veerapandi Armugam who met Karunanidhi two days ago has openly expressed his dissatisfaction over the way they are being treated in the party…Sources in Gopalapuram say Veerapandi Arumugam who met Karunanidhi for more than an hour raised the issue of how party seniors are being subjected to discrimination…Arumugam has also questioned the DMK patriarch on why he did not find time to visit him when he was in Jail and instead made 3 trips to Delhi to meet his daughter Kanimozhi. Sources say Karunanidhi was not able to answer any question raised by Veerapandi Armugam.

Battle of the ‘rising sons’.

With MK.Stalin asserting his position inside the party and strengthening his clout in the wake of a disinterested Karuna, Stalin’s moves has left MK.Alagiri fuming say insiders.

Whispers doing rounds in the DMK is that Veerapandi Armugam is in touch with M K Alagiri, Paruthi Ilamvazuthi and various other frustrated by M K Stalin to launch their offensive against the DMK’s rising son.    Dissidents who are against the rising clout of Stalin in the party are rallying towards Madurai and are narrating their tale of woes to the erstwhile ‘Anjanenjan’ who is all set to spoil any attempt made by Stalin to take control of the party.