Monday, 31 October 2011

Tamil Nadu to get a new Public Prosecutor?

Whispers doing the rounds is that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha is all set to appoint a new Public Prosecutor for the State in the place of I.Subramaniam, who is the Public Prosecutor now.   Insiders in Poes Garden say that Amma has received numerous complaints not only against P.P.I.Subramaiam, but also against the present Advocate General Navaneetha Krishnan.    

A state’s public prosecutor is the head of a government’s legal wing as far as criminal matter’s are concerned.   So changing the public prosecutor means that Amma is not satisfied with the performance of the present incumbent.    But who is the lucky winner ?   Whispers doing rounds in the legal circle is that N.Chandrasekaran, who is representing the CBI in the Madras High Court.

Well it’s a lesser known secret…but people close to Chandrasekaran say that he is powerful than the CBI Director…he claims Home Minister P.Chidambaram to be his God  Father  and he is one among the few people who knows all the secrets of Home Minsiter P.Chidambaram.   Sources close to Chandrasekaran say that Chidambaram would talk to Chandrasekaran through the mobile phones of his juniors.

But now his appointment as PP is not mere luck, but is a reward for his loyalty. As Amma is very annoyed about the performance of her legal team and this has naturally resulted as a jackpot for Chandrasekaran…this is the latest buzz in the legal circles.

But how do CBI circles view this appointment ?   Sources in the CBI circles are delighted by the news that is doing rounds  that Chadrasekaran is likely to be appointed as Public Prosecutor.  Their delight is due to the fact that the CBI would get a new face (can be read as lesser manipulative) to represent them in High Court. 

The reason for the delight of CBI is that Chandrasekaran had actually let down the  premire investigative agency on many occassions.    The failure of the CBI to nab the accused and grill them in the ‘Lakshmi Narayana Medical College’ owned by DMK MP and Union Minister Jegatharatchagan has got a lot to with Chandrasekaran legal skills.   Investigations into the TIMES NOW sting operation… which resulted in two touts of the Sri Ramacandra Medical College and Balaji Dental College getting caught on camera for receiving bribe for admission…is yet to see the light of the day. While Ramachandra’s representative was interrogated by CBI, the representative of Balaji Dental College belonging to Union Minister Jegathratchagan managed to wriggle out of the CBI’s case, thanks to Chandrasekaran’s links with the then Suburban commissioner S.R.Jangid.

CBI Director A P Singh
Sources in the CBI say Chandrasrekaran is also accused of playing a crucial role in misleading the CBI and  passing on crucial information to R.Dhanapal Raj, the former Vice-Chairman of Bar Council of Tamil Nadu, who was caught along with the BCI member R.S.Rana in a graft case.

However, legal sources say the administration in the CBI is taking serious steps to get rid of Chandrasekaran as its counsel following the serious setback the CBI received in a murder case of the son of a popular advocate.  The investigation of the case, which is being monitored by the Madras High Court went to the extent of summoning the CBI, Director,  for which Chandrasekaran never made any objection and the timely intervention of  Additional Advocate General seems to have saved the CBI.

Railway IG Sunil Kumar IPS under scanner

Railways IG Sunil Kumar is now under the scanner of State intelligence...this is because of his alleged links with DMK bigwigs and people close to top DMK leaders. Whispers doing rounds is that IG Sunil Kumar is suspected of facilitating phone calls between M K Stalin’s close aide Raja Shankar and others. Raja Shankar a close aide of M K Stalin is now a prime target in the AIADMK government…he is the only person who has the knowledge of M K Stalin’s investments and business transactions. After the AIADMK came to power he was brought under the scanner and his activities were closely watched by the State Intelligence…this was an attempt to collect concrete evidence against M K Stalin. Whispers already reported on how the State Police is gearing up for “Operation Suriyan”…since this process was underway… police officials found that Railway IG Sunil Kumar was acting as a go-between. Whispers doing rounds is that the State intelligence department officials have found that he was facilitating conference calls between M K Stalin’s close aide Raja Shankar and his contacts. Now intelligence officials are in the process of collecting call records of IG Sunil Kumar…looks like IG Sunil Kumar is in deep trouble. 

Is Shakeel Akthar helping Marans?

If IG Sunil Kumar is brought under scanner…his friend IG Shakeel Akthar is also in the middle of yet another controversy. 

A whisper in the Khakhi department is his movements are also closely being watched by the State intelligence. there are reports that he is helping KD brothers to escape the clutches of law.

CMDA and Corporation gears up for yet another “EYEWASH” 

After the Madras High Court came down heavily on the issue of illegal constructions in T Nagar. Officials of the CMDA and Chennai Corporation are gearing up for yet another drama. The first bench of Madras High court on October 13th pulled up CMDA authorities on the steps taken to demolish unauthorized constructions and ridiculed the status report filed by the CMDA. The Court had also asked authorities to file separate affidavits stating whether they had complied with its earlier directions and also asked them to explain as to why contempt proceedings should not be initiated against them. In this back drop now the CMDA has finally decided to take action against illegal constructions in T Nagar to escape court action. Unauthorized constructions are likely to be razed in a few days...what happened today in T Nagar is just an attempt to pacify the Court. So that its widely reported in news papers and TV channels…as the case is coming up for hearing on November 1. So when Chief Justice M Y Eqbal and Justice T S Sivagananam will be having their bed coffee along with news papers on the first of November...the action taken against illegal constructions will be widely reported and Judges will be pacified. Whispers doing rounds in T Nagar area is that…As the officials have decided take action against illegal constructions to save their skin…the owners and traders are also gearing up to expose the politicians and authorities who received lump sum amount as bribe and allowed these illegal buildings to operate in T Nagar.  As of now, this morning at around 6.30 am, sealing of buildings has commenced. This will also be another headache for Chennai’s newly elected Mayor Saidai Duraisamy as this first major demolition drive is taking place under his leadership in an area where he resides…