Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last nail in Mannargudi Mafia coffin

"There are a certain class of politicians who if expelled out of the party for wrong doings would retire from public life.  Or some people would join another party.  But there are another class of politicians, who keep on contacting persons of the party from which they were expelled and convey them that they will come in and gain the old glory and would wreak vengeance if you dare us now.’ - This was Jayalilatha's speech in AIADMK General Council Meeting...perhaps a last nail in Mannargudi Mafia's coffin... 

As the state was battered by rains and cyclone, Jayalalitha was only keen on putting a full stop to all kind of rumours of a patch up with Mannargudi Mafia. This after Jayalalitha’s dramatic decision expelling the MM cartel from being the ‘omnipotent power center’. Top rung dons of the MM cartel were found creating under currents that they would bounce back and again rule the roost.  In fact key members belonging to the MM cartel were sending out messages that those who are gleeful of their present discomfiture would be taught a lesson at an appropriate time. 

But Jayalalitha dropped another bombshell for the Mafia in her General Council speech by sending out a clear message not only to party leaders and cadres, but also to bureaucrats and officers in Tamil Nadu.  

The direct message to bureaucrats and police officers Jayalalitha narrated a story of an officer.  An officer who is upright and known for his honesty was tempted by some people to do an illegal action. He was assured that no one will ever know  about the mischief but he will be rewarded with money for his life.   The officer who took time for a day had a sleepless night. After wracking his brain throughout the night, in the morning he decided to check with his mother.  He sought her suggestion whether to go ahead and do the illegal act and receive the bribe.   His mother replied, just for contemplating whether to do the illegal act or not you have lost your sleep.   If you go ahead and commit the act, it will prick your conscience for your entire life and you will lose your sleep.  Quoting this story in her usual style, Jayalalitha said such mistakes and treacheries a person commits would prick one’s conscience and take away their sleep. This is read as a direct message to the administration and some officials in particular who were serving as power brokers for Mannargudi Mafia. Referring to such a class of politicians Jayalalitha made it categorical that any such party personalities who are found hobnobbing with those who belong to such class would never be spared.

Then came this indirect message..."There are a certain class of politicians who if expelled out of the party for wrong doings would retire from public life.  Or some people would join another party.  But there are another class of politicians, who keep on contacting persons of the party from which they were expelled and convey them that they will come in and gain the old glory and would wreak vengeance if you dare us now. The moment Amma made this statement ministers, partymen who are Sasikala loyalists were visibly upset. 

Jayalalitha’s statement to this effect is seen as an obvious reference to the back door efforts of the MM cartel, which we had reported in whispers in Tamil Nadu. As we reported, a separate report on the activities of MM cartel is being sent to Jaya by the state intelligence. In this backdrop MM cartel's move to approach Gujarat CM Modi, TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu and Liquor baron Vijay Mallaya seems to have angered Amma. 

Whispers doing rounds in Poes garden is that Amma is well informed about the IAS and IPS officials who were in touch with the Mafia, who were helping them to fulfill M Mafia's evil designs.

The editorial team of wishes its readers a wonderful and prosperous new year 2012.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Operation : Mannargudi Mafia

After Queen of deceit Sasikala & her clan were expelled from the party and booted out of poes garden...a massive cleaning up operation is underway inside the party and the State machinery ...Unconfirmed reports say unofficial raids were conducted at the residences of Mannargudi Mafia's core committee members, followed by lashes and threats to everyone associated with the MM cartel. Whispers doing rounds in poes garden and Khakhi circles is that the raids were carried out by a select team of police personnel from the state and a team of private security men from various states.  The private security persons who were not privy to the intricacies of Tamil Nadu politics kept a tightened lip which ensured secrecy over the operations to finish MM cartel. While Diwakaran is still staying put in Mannargudi, sources say his associate named Vinoth and several others close to Diwakaran, were picked up by a team of policemen in Thanjavur and was interrogated for several hours.   Besides Diwakaran, all the people associated with the MM cartel are kept in round the clock surveillance, special teams have been formed to keep an eye on them .  Diwakaran, who initially planned to runaway to Singapore or Malasiya was instructed not to move anywhere. 

Though the fear among the male folks of the MM cartel is palpable, they are seething in anger inside and are raging to teach a fitting lesson to Amma. Sources say they are now trying to gain sympathy from their Thevar community which forms the strong AIADMK vote bank. M Natarajan, the mastermind of this cartel is in touch with people to garner support and retaliate. But the female folks, who are shrewd have advised their male counterparts to keep cool, maintain a low profile and take all necessary steps to safe-keep the remaining part of their booty acquired over two decades and wait for the outcome in the Disproportionate assets case.   The sudden change of scenario which has pushed the entire MM cartel to the other side of the fence has not only made them nervous but has also made them paranoid.  Anxious members of the MM cartel are in the process of acquiring new SIM cards and mobile phones to evade the watchful eyes of the intelligence wing. Whispers doing rounds in AIADMK circles is that huge MM cartel which is in smithereens has taken refuge in Pondicherry, Tirupathy and some in Hyderabad and special teams are maintaining a constant vigil on their movements. Also Whispers doing rounds in DGP office is that a separate intelligence report is being prepared every day with all the latest update on MM cartel to keep Chief Minister Jayalilatha aware about their activities.   Sources say, all airports and check posts bordering Tamil Nadu are put on high alert to prevent MM cartel members from escaping.   A list of vehicles registered in the names of MM cartel members and their close associates were taken from RTO’s office and given to check posts. A Hyundai car that belongs to Sasikala & Co was so far used by people in Jaya TV for news coverage and other transportation but now its lying abandoned. 

Another big fish that is in the net of the investigators is Appasamy Real Estate Ravi, who owns Residency Towers.   Appasamy Ravi, who was close with MK.Alagiri in the previous regime use to shower his gratitude on all the siblings of the DMK’s first family during the previous regime.   As a person who excels in sailing with the wind he quickly changed colours and fell at the feet of one notorious member of the Team Mannargudi Mafia – Mahadevan.   Mahadevan was given a permanent presidential suite in the Residency Towers which consists all facilities including Mahadevan’s carnal desires and Appasamy Ravi himself personally took care of the Don Juan.  

As reported in whispers in Tamil Nadu earlier, Amma has shaken up the Jaya TV administration and Anuradha has been sent out packing.    Bala Swaminathan is being interrogated and was instructed to cancel his US trip that he had planned to celebrate Christmas and New year.  A sulking Bala Swaminathan is perplexed and praying all his gods to come out of it unscathed.   An auditor sent by the RSS think-tank Gurumurthy has been sent to conduct a thorough audit of the accounts of Jaya TV following which the systematic loot of Anuradha, Bala Swaminathan and Ranganathan coterie is expected to come to light. Whispers doing rounds in Jaya TV is that Amma has made up her mind to file a complaint of misappropriation and put the looters behind bars. 

Following the exit of Anuradha, the Jaya TV administration is now like a headless chicken. Insiders say the much touted Ilayaraja’s live in concert is the most disorganized program.    Though Jaya TV had erected hoardings throughout the city and announced that tickets can be booked online, Ilayaraja fans who tried to book tickets online found to their dismay that ticket booking is closed.    The Nehru Indoor Stadium has a capacity of around 40 thousand. But the Jaya TV administration was found fumbling in the distribution of tickets and two days ahead of the program, even Jaya TV staff were unable to place their hands on tickets. So where did the tickets go? 

Following the crack down on the MM cartel, Jayalilatha's poes garden residence and party office is flooded with letters and petitions written by the victims of Mannargudi Mafia...Garden sources say Ministers close nominated by Mannargudi Mafia are summoned and being asked to confess their crimes or go to jail.  Not surprisingly everyone spilled the beans and signed in white papers and pleaded mercy to Amma.  But the mood Amma is in, it is quite unlikely that she would spare anyone related to Mannargudi Mafia. In the meanwhile a letter purported to be sent in the name of Salem south AIADMK MLA M.K.Selvaraj has created a huge controversy.  The letter sent in his letter head say sources, contained a plea urging Amma to reconsider her decision to expel Sasikala. Garden insiders say the letter was purportedly signed by the MLA himself.   Selvaraj, who came to know about the letter through media was quick to file a complaint with the police to save his skin. 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sasikala's ouster : Many heads roll

Finally, the list is out, after Sasikala's expulsion from the party and she  kicked out of Amma's poes garden, it was expected that many heads in IAS and IPS circles may roll...the first list of transfers and postings of IPS officers was on expected lines, but had some surprises.   As reported in Whispers in Tamil Nadu, Thamraikannan, who is a nominee of the MM cartel is shunted out of the intelligence wing but has been accommodated as Additonal CoP a post he held earlier. 

Whispers doing rounds in Khakhi circles is that,   Thamaraikannan's’name for the post was fully backed by Chennai City Commissioner Tripathy.   

J.K.Tripathy who was also expected to face the axe also escaped unscathed due to the strong ‘north Indian lobby’ which is now in the good books of Amma.  Tripathy’s close nexus with another MM cartel nominee – T.Nagar MLA Kalairajan is wreaking havoc on many lives is the talk of the town in South Chennai's AIADMK Party circles.  As reported earlier by us cabaret dance clubs are being run in five places in the city.   Of the five one is situated in Mount Road near Shathi theater and the other in Pursawalkam near Abhirami theater.  The show timings are 3 pm and 6 pm.  Besides the cabaret dance bars, around 20 clubs in T.Nagar area have become active gambling dens which has hooked indomitable gamblers and sources say a rough estimate say the day’s turnover in the 20 clubs run in T.Nagar area alone is 100 crores.   Many are hooked to these clubs and they virtually live there.  Besides gambling this place has become a hub for finishing all kinds of ‘deals’.  It is pertinent to note that it is in one of the clubs Appu gave the money to Kadhiravan in the Shankararaman murder case in which Kanchi mutt seer Jayenderar was involved.

Ameresh Pujari IPS
Well, Amresh Poojari, the man picked up for the hot seat is reported to be suggested by DGP K.Ramanujam. Amresh Poojari known for his excellent PR skills is regarded to be a suave operator in the police department. 
T.Rajendran has been once again shunted off to yet another insignificant post than the present post of Technical Services. Thanks to his links with MM cartel's mastermind M Natarajan.  M.K.Jha has been posted in Technical Services and T.Rajendran has been packed of to Human Rights Wing which is considered to be a charmless post.

Though the shifting of K.P.Maghendran from DVAC has surprised many, insiders who are in the know of things say this is expected. Whispers doing rounds in the Khakhi department is that, It was M.Natarajan, the second-in-command of MM cartel who brought Maghendran as DVAC- a strong reason to be shifted out.  Jayalalitha, who smelt a rat in his posting in DVAC, so packed him off to a less than charming post – Chairman  Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board.

Sekar IPS 
R.Sekar Addl. DGP, CB.CID who was pursuing his dreams to become the ADGP Intelligence with the active backing of MM cartel has been transferred out and posted as Additional DGP, Railways. R Sekar, tried his level best to enter into the good books of Amma by quickly solving cases that caught her attention, critical cases like 13 year old boy Dilshan's shoot out case and Advani's pipe bomb case etc, but it took some time to impress amma. But an impatient or rather desperate Sekar wanted to become ADGP intelligence through MM cartel's blessings.  Though the newly created post of ADGP Railways sounds charming it is considered as a worthless postings in police circles due to the complete hold of the central government’s Railway Protection Force over the railways.   The turf war between RP and RPF is perennial.

T.P.Sundaramurthy who is posted as Commissioner, Coimbatore is another candidate backed by DGP Ramanujam due to his constant bickering. Narendra Pal Singh, who was languishing in insignificant posts for quite some time has been brought to limelight now with his posting as ADGP, CB.CID. The Crime Branch CID of the state police is now handling important cases which is being monitored closely by senior officials in the government.   Narendra Pal Singh’s nomination to CB.CID is reported to be due to the influence of the strong north Indian lobby, which is ruling the roost in Tamil Nadu in recent times.   

The transfers and postings appears to be the limitation of the administrator to keep shuffling from the same pack of cards.   Out of the 25 odd Additional DGPs available one third were close to DMK Chief  Karunanidhi and are considered as rotten apples.  Of the remaining two third, one third can only be sidelined due to their antecedents.  Of the remaining third, two are in deputation.  And a few more are already in sensitive postings. 

What else can amma do than keep shuffling the same pack of cards ?

Buzz is next transfers and postings will be for IG's, DIG's, SP's and its getting ready...fort st George sources say Amma is very serious in cleaning up the many Khakhi uniforms were bought by MM Cartel and were under their influence even now due to their love and affection towards their community, money, loyalty etc. So next in the line of fire will be these people and it its expected to come down till the transfer of Tenyampet AC as only nominees of Sasikala have occupied the post till now.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sasikala's ouster : M Natarajan's Game plan

M.Natarajan a.k.a. MN...the second in command of Mannargudi Mafia has now become the rallying point of the powerful community, which now stands without any influence following the ‘unplugging’ by Amma.

MN is known for his pro-Tamil chants and secret funding to pro-Tamil groups in the state.   During the agitations in 2008 and 2009 against the Srilankan army - LTTE war, MN was found hobnobbing with pro Eelam groups so much so that he even participated in hall meetings and public rallies organised by the Pro-Tamil groups.  MN has also made his foray into media with his magazines "Puthiya Parvai" and “Thamizhalarasi”.   Though the MM cartel is adept in extorting money by hook or crook, MN has been the calling the shots in the entire cartel.

MN who use to travel abroad under the guise of addressing various Tamil organizations had always undertook trips for making investments on behalf of the MM cartel, which is now being probed by the State intelligence.  One ‘Kuwait Raja’ who is a money launderer is known for laundering black money belonging to VIPs in Tamil Nadu has been a hawala operator for quite some time.   MN’s association with Kuwait Raja began in 2002 and since then they have been maintaining a close network. Sources close to MN say, through Kuwait Raja, M Natarajan had shipped hundreds of crores for investing abroad.   

MN who was over confident on his wife’s hold over Jayalalitha had made elaborate plans to capture power and even MN has gone to the extent of indulging in black magic with the help of some Tantri's to see that Jayalalitha gets convicted in the Bengaluru assets case.  

Though initially rattled by Amma’s onslaught...MN mustered courage and started executing plan B, say sources.   Though MN tried to contact the only remaining loyalist in intelligence – Thamaraikannan, he was unable to establish contact since the latter developed cold feet after Amma's Kolaveri against Sasikala & CO.   But an undeterred MN is now making desperate efforts to revive his fortunes and his lost clout. Whispers doing rounds in Khakhi circles is that as a last ditch effort, MN was making efforts through his sources to make Tamilselvan,IPS as Additional DGP of the state’s intelligence wing.

MN who was the cash cow of many Tamil chauvinistic parties is trying to establish contacts with them to forge an umbrella alliance.  MN’s efforts to make contact with the supremo of Nam Tamilar party Seeman proved futile.  Seeman on whose head a Damocles sword is hanging in the form of sexual harassment allegation was disinclined to join hands with MN in troubled his further association with MN may anger AMMA. 

All along MN was in touch with various so called leaders in the State...his desperate attempts yielded some results.  Sources say MN contacted Velmurugan, who was recently expelled from PMK for anti-party activities and made suggestions about forming a pro-Tamil outlet and promised full financial support.  

Velmurugan who had announced that he would be starting a new party by January was interested in the idea and sent positive signals.    MN has also decided to garner support from his community people and got in touch with people in the DMK.   MN has also made enquiries for hiring journalists and promised a big pay packet with an intention of making his magazine Puthiya Parvai a powerful media and use it as a propaganda tool to counter the allegations of the government...this is nothing but an attempt to project Sasikala as a victim and resurrect the MM cartel.

But MN’s luck ran out on Wednesday, when a team of city police officials surrounded and confronted him about his ‘wheelings and dealings’. Police sources say MN was in for some rough treatment and for the first time got the bitter taste of being on the other side of power. Not only MN, his brother M.Ramacandran was also in for a rough treatment by the city police officials who landed at their residences to find out the magnitude of the MM cartel loot. Police officers were particularly advised to look for sensitive government documents and particularly intelligence information...because now its an open secret that MN was also running a parallel government.

Information from Poes garden says that the city’s top cop Tripathy is also likely to face the axe.  T.Nagar MLA Kalairajan, a known Sasikala loyalist has been running gambling dens in and around the T.Nagar area.  

Velmurugan holding Kalairajan - inside the Assembly

Kalairajan is also running cabaret dance bars in 5 places in Chennai city. Recently, all gambling centers in T Nagar were raided by Chennai city police and were sealed...this after Saint Kalairajan raised this same issue inside the assembly. Now whispers doing rounds is that both the gambling dens and cabaret dance bars are being run with the blessings of Tripathy who has turned a Nelson’s eye with a view to cement his position.

Not surprisingly, certain senior police officers who were sidelined in the present regime are fishing in troubled waters to settle old scores. Sources say stories were planted in a popular Tamil daily, which gave extensive coverage to the breakup between Jayalalitha and Sasikala.   The daily carried stories that the operation ‘kick out Sasikala’ was planned and executed by the State’s intelligence wing and the Pon.Manickavel, former DIG intelligence was the brain behind the conspiracy. Whispers doing rounds is that these stories were planted by Jangid who has been crossing swords with Pon.Manickavel for quite some time.  Journalists who were pushed to a corner without any information on the reasons behind the breakup lapped up any bits and pieces of information planted by police officers without verification and started carrying them.

The dramatic move by Jayalalitha to expel Sasikala and her coterie continues to provide new insights into the shady dealings of many can only say Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sasikala : the Queen of deceit

Even as the after shocks of Mannargudi Mafia's expulsion is yet to recede, further information pouring out of Poes Garden portrays an alarming picture into the reasons behind Jayalalitha’s three decade old friend Sasikala’s sudden ouster.


Poes Garden insiders tell whispers in Tamil Nadu that Sasikala had all along been pursuing her ambitions to capture power.   Sasikala viewed Jayalalitha as an  instrument to capture power and had meticulously planned over the times... Sasikala had one by one eliminated all the well wishers of Jayalalitha.    Jayalalitha who fairly had a good career in the film industry had many well wishers in the likes of producers,  Directors from yesteryears. But Sasikala carefully eliminated these well wishers one by one so that Jayalalitha is emotionally dependent only on her.

Sources in the garden say, in 1996, following AIADMK’s rout in the elections, Jayalalitha was arrested and the DMK’s Sun TV had a field day in showing off Jayalitha and Sasikala’s lavish lifestyle which included 660 pair of footwear, 1600 crystal glasses, jewels, etc.    Following Jayalalitha’s release from Prison after 27 days, a well wisher met Jayalalitha and apprised her about the situation that branded Jayalilathaa as one of the most corrupt politician in the country. The well wisher told Jayalilathaa that all properties and articles were acquired only by Sasikala and her coterie and this bad publicity was a result of  Sasikala's wrongdoings in the past.  It was also pointed out how Sasikala cleverly manipulated Jayalalitha to adopt one of her close relative as her foster son and the negative impact following the lavish marriage, which is even now considered to be one of the worst blunders committed by Jayalilatha for which she is paying the price still now.

A shrewd Jayalalitha, was convinced at one point of time and issued a statement to the press, that ‘taking into consideration the sentiments of the general public and partymen she is distancing herself from Sasikala’.    When Jayalalitha released this statement, Sasikala was in prison for her involvement in a battery of corruption cases.  But she was quick to play the emotional card... Sasikala feigned to be terribly sick and got herself admitted in Apollo Hospitals.  From the hospital, Sasikala wrote 4 heart wrenching letters – courtesy her husband Natarajan – to Jayalalitha.    Jayalalitha, who is emotional in nature fell for the ‘deceit queen’s drama’ and took back Sasikala under her wings.


In 2001, after AIADMK came back to power, a vengeful Sasikala, instructed Jayalalitha’s then security officer a Deputy Superintendent of Police named Rajendran to arrest that well wisher.   The well wisher who had rendered immense help to Jayalalitha during her difficult times was booked in an infamous ‘Ganja’ case and spent 90 days in prison.   He was also humiliated and tortured at the instance of Sasikala inside the prison say Poes Garden sources.  When he was released from Jail the Poes Garden address was erased from his memory and he never thought of visiting Poes Garden once again.


Time and again, Jayalalitha’s well wishers had tried to caution her about the web of treachery  built around Poes Garden, but failed to go beyond the iron clutches of MM cartel.   Though Jayalalitha had been getting bits and pieces of information about the nefarious activities of the MM cartel, she was not inclined to disassociate herself from the MM cartel and she strongly believed that her three decade old friend Sasikala would never go against her interests at any cost.

But Jayalilatha's assumptions about her close friend proved to be wrong...Sasikala met her waterloo, when Jayalalitha became aware of the irregularities in the contract of her pet project Mono rail.  When Jayalalitha came to know about the irregularities, she questioned her Chief Secretary Sarangi, who showed a note or rather a slip bearing the signature of Chief Minister. Fort St George sources say this signature was forged and such instances have happened earlier as well.    When Jayalalitha confronted Sasikala, she had reportedly told Jayalalitha that " it was your decision and you changed it last night".   In a couple of other instances too, Sasikala always claimed that it was Jayalalitha who had told to change decisions the previous night.  

Jayalalitha, a very shrewd and intelligent person developed suspicion whether she could have been drugged by Sasikala was the only person who is taking care of her in terms of her medical treatment, etc.  On the other hand Jayalilatha's suspicion grew stronger by the day as whenever she questioned Sasikala over an issue...the blame is squarely shifted on her saying she changed the decision last night. Jayalilatha then approached her well wishers and help came in the form of a female doctor sent by Narendra Modi to take care of Jayalalitha.   The doctor has reportedly conducted thorough checks and following several tests it was found that Jayalalitha was administered sedatives through fruits which she takes daily.   The doctor also found out that the same sedatives have been administered to maids who were brought in from Mannargudi to help in the house hold chores of Poes Garden.  

When Jayalalitha was told about the results, her anger hit the roof.   Immediately the entire staff in Poes Garden including the kitchen staff were replaced. A cautious Jayalilatha only had food that was offered by the doctor and she carefully avoided taking food that was offered by the maid.  A furious Jayalalitha confronted Sasikala not only about the sedatives aspect, but also about the conspiracy of MM cartel to oust her out of power about which she has been continuously receiving reports.   Sources say that Sasikala, Ilavarasi and Sudhakaran, had hatched a conspiracy to fix Jayalalitha in the Bengaluru asset case by ditching her.    Sources say that the treacherous trio had planned to make a plea in the Special Court that they had only lent their names on the request of Jayalalitha to purchase properties and that all the investments for the properties have been made by Jayalalitha through her illegal earnings.  

With evidences mounting about the MM cartel’s evil designs,  Jayalalitha suddenly found that all the pieces in the jig saw puzzle fall in place.

Jayalalitha who was initially shaken about the backstabbing of Sasikala regained her composure and started taking all measures to root out the MM cartel the rest of which is history.
The repercussions of Jayalalitha’s drastic actions were not only welcomed by partymen who rejoiced and expressed their joy by bursting crackers.  The usually silent Hindu newspaper lauded Jayalalitha’s bold move in its editorial “ To cut all links with a friend and associate of nearly 30 years could not have been easy but this severance, it appears, has been in the making for quite a while. This is by no means the first time the problem of the Gang of Fourteen acting in a self-appointed extra-constitutional role and interfering in party affairs and in the administration has been faced but this time they evidently went too far. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa realised that while she could take responsibility for her own decisions and actions, she could not do this for what was being done without her approval or even her knowledge. The situation became intolerable as Ministers and officials hand-picked by Ms Sasikala began acting at her behest, behind the back of the Chief Minister. Allegations of spreading corruption also began doing the rounds. No less than the reputation of the current AIADMK government, which is backed by an overwhelming legislative majority and faces little external opposition, was at stake. The cleansing had to be total, and in full public view — half-measures would just not work.”

Whispers doing the rounds is that Amma has decided to revamp the entire party and get closer to partymen.   A huge cabinet re-shuffle is imminent say sources, as the entire cabinet appears to be filled with agents of the MM cartel.   The heads which are likely to roll are O.Pannerselvam, Natham R.Viswanathan, Agri.SS.Krishnamoorthy, Sellur K.Raju, T.Pachamal, R.Kamaraj, V.Moorthy, MC.Sampath, KV.Ramalingam, SP.Velumani, Senthil balaji, Dr.Vijay and R.Thangamani.

In the official circles too, many heads are set to roll.   The first likely casualty would be in Jayalalitha’s close circles, the clean up is expected to begin from her office and many officers who were receiving orders from MM cartel are likely to go. 

Gnanadesikan IAS

Gnanadesikan,IAS, who was the Finance Secretary in the DMK regime is considered as the person responsible for the present drain in the government coffers.  Gnanadesikan, who later became the Home Secretary in the DMK tenure was brought back to Revenue Department in the present government – Thanks to his connections in the MM cartel. 

In the DVAC too, Jayalalitha feels that certain officers are acting closely with the MM cartel and its Director K.P.Maghendran and the SP T.N.Venkateswaran are likely to shunted out, say DVAC sources.    Besides the DVAC, in the Tamil Nadu police, not only officers of the dominant community,  but officers who secured plum postings through the MM cartel are likely to face the axe, say sources.   E.Ma.Masanamuthu, Chockalingam, K.Radhakrishnan, Vanitha, Pon.Manickavel, Rajesh Das, Nallasivam, Thamaraikannan, Sridhar are the likely names to be booted out, is the whispers in DGP office circles.  

As a part of the complete overhaul, Amma is likely to shakeup the legal wing of the government upside down.   As reported by us earlier in Jaya’s Legal Damagers the legal wing of the present government were filled up with yesmen of Sasikala.   

Advocate General Navaneethakrishnan

Their incompetence in handling legal matters has made the AIADMK government a laughing stock in court corridors.   From the top legal man – Advocate General Navaneethakrishnan and Public Prosecutor I.Subramaniam to Inbadurai, Maharajan, Thambidurai, Balasubramani and Govindaraj, who are considered to be staunch Sasikala loyalists are likely to be weeded out in the coming days. 

TTV Dinakaran & Anuradha
As reported by us already, in Cleanup Jaya TV: Jaya’s next operation the shakeup in Jaya TV is imminent.   Our expose on Jaya TV has sent shivers in the top echelons in Jaya TV administration.    As a sign of packing her bags, Anuradha had reportedly asked her confidant Jana to remove some crucial documents which he complied on Tuesday.   A new administrative head and a complete sprucing up of Jaya TV’s administration is also on the cards.    Further, Jayalalitha had issued instructions to change the name of Sasikala in the party mouthpiece Namathu MGR, in which Sasikala is the printer and publisher.

Jayalalitha has also decided to revamp the Intelligence machinery, which has been filled up with coteries of the MM cartel.   Officers who have sound knowledge and experience in intelligence gathering are likely to be inducted.

The December 30 general council of the AIADMK, scheduled to convene at Vanagaram would witness Jayalalitha making an emotional speech with a strong message to reach out to the cadres.    Sources close to amma say, that Jayalalitha desires to strike an emotional chord with the cadres following the treachery of the MM cartel.

Meanwhile the Mannargudi Mafia met at the residence of Sivarajamanickam, an AIADMK candidate in the 2011 election and discussed the future course of action. Discussions also continued in the house of Kamaraj, Thiruvarur AIADMK Secretary and Minister.  While Sasikala has gone into shell at her relative’s guest house at Neelankarai, the remaining bigwigs of the Cartel are maintaining  Omertà – Italian Mafia’s code of silence.   

Monday, 19 December 2011

Sasikala : A failed Coup d'état ?

No. 2 to No.1 ? A friend turned foe ?

TN Chief Minister J Jayalilathaa’s decision to expel Sasikala and her clan in the party has hit headlines…its now an international headline and a trending topic on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook.


This is what the BBC has reported

“The chief minister of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has expelled her close aide VK Sasikala, her husband M Natarajan and 10 others from her AIADMK party. J Jayalalitha announced the expulsions in a brief statement and told her party not to conduct any relations with the expelled members. Correspondents say the action against Ms Sasikala is drastic. She has enjoyed the absolute confidence of Ms Jayalalitha for many decades.”

The ongoing fued between J Jayalilathaa and Sasikala has been continuously reported in Whispers in Tamil Nadu…

Even before any other media could report on this ongoing feud between Jayalalitha and Sasikala whispers in tamilnadu was the first one to predict the endgame for the Mannargudi Mafia.

Now, with Jayalilathaa formally announcing her decision to sack Sasikala who heads the Mannargudi Mafia from Poes Garden…whispers doing rounds in inside Poes Garden is that, it’s the result of Amma’s anger to nip a Coup d'état in the bud.   Sources tell whispers that M.Natarajan, husband of Sasikala was engineering this Coup d'état ever since the disproportionate assets case against Jayalilathaa entered its crucial stage.


Sasikala who got acquainted with Jayalalitha in the early eighties remained a trusted confidante of Jayalalitha, even in difficult times. For their friendship, Sasikala even ditched her husband Natarajan and moved in to Poes Garden.    In spite of numerous complaints against Sasikala and her coterie, Jayalalitha chose to keep mum and defend her aide.


Even before Jaya took charge as the Chief Minister, Sasikala & CO was calling the shots…be it party affairs from Candidate selection to officer’s appointment.  Sasikala was identified as CM : 2 in bureaucratic circles…as that was the best way to get plum posts and money was the only language that is better understood.   This virtual usurping of power by Sasikala gave the guts to her husband and relatives – M.Natarjan, M.Ramachandran, MIDAS Mohan, Ravanan, etc.   These coterie started calling the shots and planted their officers of their choice like T.Rajendran,IPS,  Paneerselvam, a retired IAS officer, Pon.Manickavel,IPS and recently Thamaraikannan in key positions like intelligence and planning and coordination so that to keep a tab on the functioning of the government. 


This cartel started running a parallel administration even before the swearing in ceremony.  Officers and businessmen who want to curry favours crawled before this cartel.   As soon as the government was sworn in, Natarajan’s Besant Nagar residence was buzzing with activity with a steady flow of visitors from IAS and IPS circles.    This cartel also went on a collection spree and started threatening businessmen and contractors no matter how big or small they are.   Sand quarrying was a golden goose with which this cartel was minting money.    Though information about these corrupt activities were doing the rounds, Jayalalitha’s concentration was diverted to the assets case against her in Bengaluru.  MM cartel’s activities continued so much so that during the recent DVAC raids conducted at the residences of TNPSC members…along with many recommendation letters in the letterheads of DMK leaders,  some letterheads of the MM cartel was also seized and that was used as a defence by the Chairman and Members of the TNPSC that they were also loyal to Sasikala, whom they term as CM.2.


Meanwhile the MM cartel was hatching plans expecting a conviction for Jayalalitiha in the assets case. M.Natarajan, who was the mastermind behind this operation, was in touch with Ministers, Police Officers and bureaucrats to ensure everything goes on well according to plan.


Jayalalitha first came to know about the web of conspiracy around her when she learnt about a secret meeting conducted by Sasikala’s husband M.Natarajan in which the then ADGP Intelligence T.Rajendran was asked to identify people loyal to MM cartel.  It is reported that Natarajan had discussed in the meeting about his Chief Ministerial ambitions in the event of Jayalalitha getting convicted in assets case. When this news reached Jayalalitha, she booted out T.Rajendran, but Sasikala managed to bring in another loyalist in the place of T.Rajendran – Pon.Manickavel.   Pon.Manickavel for his part remained loyal to M.Natarajan than to Chief Minister, say DGP office sources.  Pon.Manickavel started controlling the police force and on the instigation of M.Natarajan, ensured that people belonging to the powerful and influential community alone are given key tasks in the intelligence wing.   Simultaneously another police officer of the same community – Sivanandi, IPS also started pulling his strings with both Sasikala and Natarajan to become I.G., Intelligence.  What angered Amma was the MM cartel's extended meeting that happened in Banglore recently when Sasikala was there to depose before the special court. Whispers doing rounds is that the meeting was attended by all the key members of MM cartel including M Natarajan...that is when the MM cartel gave final touches to their conspiracy against Jayalilathaa and to capture power in the State. However, the state intelligence got a tip off and the MM cartels attempts for a Coup d'état was successfully defeated. Sasikala and her team of bandits were booted out of Poes Garden after a session of through paper work. 


Though the media has lapped up the news of Sasikala’s expulsion, political leaders are very sceptical about the move by Jayalalitha as they feel that it is a well crafted drama enacted to distance herself from Sasikala as there are possibilities of a certain conviction in the assets case.  


On the other hand businessmen and industrialists who were pushed to a corner by the MM cartel were left to fend for themselves.  Schemes and basic works could not be carried out due to the interference of the MM cartel as at least 20 percent commission was high on the agenda.


Political analysts and well wishers of Jayalalitha and a couple of senior Editors and industrialists chose who were stunned by this parallel government decided to put an end to this ongoing menace….but who will bell the cat? Well finally Cho Ramaswamy was approached by this powerful lobby…Whispers doing rounds in Poes Garden Circles is that Cho Ramasamy met Amma last week and narrated the tale of woes.   Sources tell whispers that Cho Ramaswamy gave Jayalalitha a complete picture of what is happening in the state and advised her to stay away from Sasikala if she wants to enter the national canvass.    Citing that parliamentary elections are just 2 years away, her continuous association with Sasikala and the MM cartel would spell doom for her.  Cho Ramaswamy, who is seen on television screens as the authority on Tamil Nadu politics has curiously denied to make any comment on this important political development in the corridors of power.


However, the state intelligence on its part has filed a detailed report to Jayalalitha listing out the names of Police Officers, Bureaucrats, Ministers, and other lobbyists who were acting as agents of the MM cartel.  Whispers doing the rounds in the corridors of Fort.St.George and DGP office is that a major shake up is expected based on the intelligence inputs. 


Meanwhile a rattled MM cartel is now running for cover and trying to cover their tracks.   Ever since the news broke about Sasikala’s expulsion from the party, Sasikala’s loyalists including her husband M.Natarajan have switched of their mobile phones and remain incommunicado.  Sources close to M.Natarajan say that he might go abroad to avoid any legal actions by Amma.  M.Natarajan is also in a deep trouble as he is in huge debt to various industrialists and officers from who m he had collected crores of rupees by promising to deliver plum posts and projects from the state government.


In the meantime, fearing reprisals from Amma, the MM cartel is in a huddle and trying to cover their tracks by erasing crucial evidences. People who had gained through the MM cartel are also in jitters fearing reprisal from Amma.


In a swift move, Jayalalitha appears to have achieved what she wanted by sending a strong message that - She means business and she is the BOSS.

Political analysts who take these developments with a pinch of salt say Amma’s drastic actions will have any meaning only if the MM cartel is brought to book for their nefarious activities. 

Good riddance : Jayalalitha expels Sasikala and her band of bandits.

The feud between Jayalalitha and her long time aide Sasikala has reached a flash point.   Jayalalitha had announced expulsion of Sasikala, her husband M.Natarajan, his brother M.Ramachandran, Diwakaran, Sudakaran, S.Venkatesh, MIDAS Mohan, Ravanan, Kulothungan and Rajarajan have been expelled from primary membership of AIADMK.  

Jayalalitha has also announced that party people should not have any contacts with those who have been expelled and those who have contacts would face severe action.

Ahead of any other media, it was in these columns we broke the end game of the Mannargudi mafia.,  

also some of Chinnamma operations that we reported...

Poes Garden insiders say that the entire Mannargudi Mafia in the party, bureaucracy and police circles is rattled after Amma took this extreme step of chucking out her close confidant...

Whispers doing rounds in the corridors of Fort St George and DGP office is that...a comprehensive list has been prepared on Sasikala & Co loyalists in TN Cabinet, IAS and IPS circles...and very soon many will be shown the door. This is expected to happen before the party's General Council which is scheduled at the end of this month...  

Keep watching these columns for a comprehensive report on the reason behind Sasikala & Co's expulsion from AIADMK.