Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rift in Tamil Nadu’s Intelligence Wing?

October 30.   It’s a time bomb that is ticking as far as the Tamil Nadu police is concerned.   October 30 is the birth anniversary of Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar.  Muthuramalinga Thevar, who is seen as a community leader of the powerful Mukkulathor community particularly in Southern Tamil Nadu…

October 30, is celebrated by the Mukkulathor community people   as ‘Thevar Guru Poojai’… this grand pooja attracts political leaders cutting across party lines and people belonging to that community use to pay their tributes to Muthuramalinga Thevar.  But, this year’s Thevar Jayanthi is eye-catching because of the police firing in Paramakudi which claimed the lives of 6 people belonging to the Dalit community…this was during a similar gala event organized by the Dalit Community to pay tribute to their icon Immanuvel sekaran

Retd Justice Sampath Commission
Jayalalitha  was made to believe by the former ADGP intelligence T Rajenderan that the Paramakudi firing incident would fizzle out after announcement of a judicial commission…but this seems to have crestfallen… till now there is visible anger among the people in the area the issue is pretty much alive…with simmering tension ahead of “Guru Pooja” the state police is having nightmares.   In fact, the ADMK which was able to sweep the local body elections ate humble pie in all the three Town Panchayats. In Abhiramam Town Panchayat DMK’s candidate Mohammed Abubakker won, Mudhukulathur Town Panchayat romped home DMK’s Sasivarnam to victory.   In Sayalgudi an independent Rajalakshmi won.  
DGP Ramanujam
Sources in intelligence informed Whispers in Tamil Nadu that State’s intelligence chief and DGP K.Ramanujam has made it categorical that Chief Minister should not attend Thevar Guru Pooja as it could trigger more animosity between both the communities.  A detailed report in this regard has already been sent by Ramanujam, say insiders.

However, the No: 2 in the intelligence department DIG Pon. Manickavel…is seen adopting a different strategy…Apart from regular security deployment of 5000 security personnel and adequate intelligence officers …. DIG Pon. Manickavel has ordered to intensify intelligence operations further... to ensure that everything is under control. 

Sources say DIG Pon.Manickavel has issued instructions to shift a part of the intelligence team in Chennai to Ramanathapuram district to gauge the mood of the people ahead of the grand event. Whispers doing rounds in the Khakhi department is that this could be an attempt to convince Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha that law and order situation is under control and she can visit Ramanathapuram on Guru Pooja.   The officers in the cadre of DSP, Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors who had been planning for a fantastic Diwali this year are fuming over DIG Pon.Manickavel’s decision. 

DIG Pon.Manickavel
Ironically sources say DGP Ramanujam has made it clear that if Jayalalitha visits Ramanathapuram on October 30, it would be a political suicide and also would completely alienate Dalits. Ramanujam also personally feels that it would also trigger yet another round of a law and order situation in the state and could make Jaya unpopular among the people… due to this constant unrest in Southern parts of the State.

Whispers doing rounds in the Khaki department is that whether DGP intelligence is aware of this PLAN B?? Is this move approved by the DGP? Obviously, K.Ramanujam, being an officer thorough in intelligence would naturally come to know such moves…but many say this difference of opinion would ultimately lead to a rift.

Meanwhile, the DMK is waiting to capitalize in a big way… if Jayalalitha decides to participate in Thevar Guru Pooja.   DMK had instructed its ground cadres to be in touch with Dalit organizations…so that they can as the Dalit organization to effectively campaign against Jayalalitha’s and label her as Anti-dalit. Sources say VCK Chief Thirumavalavan, Pudhiya Tamilagam Chief Dr. Krishnaswamy and others are also closely monitoring the developments and are expected to be vociferous in their opposition if Jaya plans to participate in the Guru Pooja…as the situation is explosive at the ground level. 

Participating in the Guru Pooja or not is a close call for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha given the wobbly situation both politically and communally.    If she chooses to participate, she would alienate the Dalit vote which forms the core vote bank of AIADMK.  If she chooses to ignore the Guru Pooja, this would hurt her close friend Sasikala and the powerful Mukkulathor community. Insiders say with intelligence chief K.Ramanujam taking a different stand and his second in command taking another view, would result in a rift within the intelligence wing…and this could only mean catastrophe in the State.

Paramakudi riots
But Jayalalitha, being a shrewd politician she would spring a surprise say AIADMK sources…for the moment… will she or won’t she? Is something that is being hotly debated in political and bureaucratic circles!!!