Monday, 28 November 2011

Martin Luther Kings in Tamil Nadu Cabinet?

‘I have a dream’ thundered Martin Luther King from the steps of Lincoln Memorial advocating equality for blacks in the US in 1963.   It appears that many Ministers in Tamil Nadu are also having a dream perhaps of a different kind...of becoming the Chief Minister of the State. The buzz in the ministerial circles is that  many of them are almost convinced that Jayalalitha will be convicted in the assets case.  Based on this assessment TN Ministers are having high dreams to become Amma's successor. 

Though AIADMK is a party that claims to be an offspring of the atheist Dravidar Kazhagam and that follows the principles of Anna, at present the AIADMK is a party that is known for its superstitions and belief in astrology.  And the latest one in the AIADMK camp to openly come out with his superstitions appears to be the Power Minister Natham Viswanathan who is reportedly to be the top dreamer..  Whispers doing rounds in the Ministerial circles is that Natham Viswanathan has been told by an astrologer that his stars would take him to the post of ‘Chief Minister’. 

Natham Viswanathan who now seems to be completely carried away and consumed by his dreams of Chief Minister post is giving a red carpet welcome and VIP treatment to whoever says that he will become CM. 
Natham Viswanathan is praying all his gods and spending his time in temples and shrines to fulfill his dream, say sources in Fort St George. Corporate sharks have found the word ‘you will become Chief Minister’ as the only mantra with Natham Viswanathan who holds a crucial portfolio in Amma's cabinet to get their things done.  Natham Viswanahtan however is keen on filling his coffers ahead of the Chief Minister race, if any. Sources in Electricity Board say, Natham Viswanathan is all set to give a tough competition to his predecessor Arcot N.Veerasamy in making money.   While the state is witnessing severe power crisis Natham Viswanathan appears to be determined to take his share of the booty from TNEB. 

Though the AIADMK has made a huge fuss about corruption in the import of coal during DMK regime, now the AIADMK government too is following the same line drawn by the DMK as far as coal import is concerned, say TNEB insiders.   

Senthil Balaji.
Besides Natham Viswanathan Ministers like Kamaraj, Velumani, Senthil Balaji and Vaithiyalingam are also nurturing their dreams for the hot seat say AIADMK.  In the present cabinet people from a powerful community of the Kongu region are given prominence.   Based on this Ministers belonging to the Kongu belt also are dreaming to strike gold.  While Vaithiyalingam and Kamaraj depend on the support of Sasikala and Diwakaran, Velumani and Senthil Balaji pin their hope on the importance given to their community in the present cabinet.  Whispers also doing the rounds is Senthil Balaji fully enjoys the support of Sasikala’s aide Ilavarasi’s and her daughter... he strongly believes that he could be a leading contender for the hot seat. 

But Natham Viswanathan and other’s  dreams depends on the outcome of the assets case in Bengaluru which has reached its crucial stage. Till then Natham Viswanathan and others can only increase the decibel on their rhetoric… I have a dream…  to become the Chief Minister after a Coup d'├ętat.