Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sasikala's ouster : Many heads roll

Finally, the list is out, after Sasikala's expulsion from the party and she  kicked out of Amma's poes garden, it was expected that many heads in IAS and IPS circles may roll...the first list of transfers and postings of IPS officers was on expected lines, but had some surprises.   As reported in Whispers in Tamil Nadu, Thamraikannan, who is a nominee of the MM cartel is shunted out of the intelligence wing but has been accommodated as Additonal CoP a post he held earlier. 

Whispers doing rounds in Khakhi circles is that,   Thamaraikannan's’name for the post was fully backed by Chennai City Commissioner Tripathy.   

J.K.Tripathy who was also expected to face the axe also escaped unscathed due to the strong ‘north Indian lobby’ which is now in the good books of Amma.  Tripathy’s close nexus with another MM cartel nominee – T.Nagar MLA Kalairajan is wreaking havoc on many lives is the talk of the town in South Chennai's AIADMK Party circles.  As reported earlier by us cabaret dance clubs are being run in five places in the city.   Of the five one is situated in Mount Road near Shathi theater and the other in Pursawalkam near Abhirami theater.  The show timings are 3 pm and 6 pm.  Besides the cabaret dance bars, around 20 clubs in T.Nagar area have become active gambling dens which has hooked indomitable gamblers and sources say a rough estimate say the day’s turnover in the 20 clubs run in T.Nagar area alone is 100 crores.   Many are hooked to these clubs and they virtually live there.  Besides gambling this place has become a hub for finishing all kinds of ‘deals’.  It is pertinent to note that it is in one of the clubs Appu gave the money to Kadhiravan in the Shankararaman murder case in which Kanchi mutt seer Jayenderar was involved.

Ameresh Pujari IPS
Well, Amresh Poojari, the man picked up for the hot seat is reported to be suggested by DGP K.Ramanujam. Amresh Poojari known for his excellent PR skills is regarded to be a suave operator in the police department. 
T.Rajendran has been once again shunted off to yet another insignificant post than the present post of Technical Services. Thanks to his links with MM cartel's mastermind M Natarajan.  M.K.Jha has been posted in Technical Services and T.Rajendran has been packed of to Human Rights Wing which is considered to be a charmless post.

Though the shifting of K.P.Maghendran from DVAC has surprised many, insiders who are in the know of things say this is expected. Whispers doing rounds in the Khakhi department is that, It was M.Natarajan, the second-in-command of MM cartel who brought Maghendran as DVAC- a strong reason to be shifted out.  Jayalalitha, who smelt a rat in his posting in DVAC, so packed him off to a less than charming post – Chairman  Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board.

Sekar IPS 
R.Sekar Addl. DGP, CB.CID who was pursuing his dreams to become the ADGP Intelligence with the active backing of MM cartel has been transferred out and posted as Additional DGP, Railways. R Sekar, tried his level best to enter into the good books of Amma by quickly solving cases that caught her attention, critical cases like 13 year old boy Dilshan's shoot out case and Advani's pipe bomb case etc, but it took some time to impress amma. But an impatient or rather desperate Sekar wanted to become ADGP intelligence through MM cartel's blessings.  Though the newly created post of ADGP Railways sounds charming it is considered as a worthless postings in police circles due to the complete hold of the central government’s Railway Protection Force over the railways.   The turf war between RP and RPF is perennial.

T.P.Sundaramurthy who is posted as Commissioner, Coimbatore is another candidate backed by DGP Ramanujam due to his constant bickering. Narendra Pal Singh, who was languishing in insignificant posts for quite some time has been brought to limelight now with his posting as ADGP, CB.CID. The Crime Branch CID of the state police is now handling important cases which is being monitored closely by senior officials in the government.   Narendra Pal Singh’s nomination to CB.CID is reported to be due to the influence of the strong north Indian lobby, which is ruling the roost in Tamil Nadu in recent times.   

The transfers and postings appears to be the limitation of the administrator to keep shuffling from the same pack of cards.   Out of the 25 odd Additional DGPs available one third were close to DMK Chief  Karunanidhi and are considered as rotten apples.  Of the remaining two third, one third can only be sidelined due to their antecedents.  Of the remaining third, two are in deputation.  And a few more are already in sensitive postings. 

What else can amma do than keep shuffling the same pack of cards ?

Buzz is next transfers and postings will be for IG's, DIG's, SP's and its getting ready...fort st George sources say Amma is very serious in cleaning up the many Khakhi uniforms were bought by MM Cartel and were under their influence even now due to their love and affection towards their community, money, loyalty etc. So next in the line of fire will be these people and it its expected to come down till the transfer of Tenyampet AC as only nominees of Sasikala have occupied the post till now.