Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Is Jaya misguided???

Whispers in Tamil Nadu has been repeatedly saying that how Jayalalitha is misguided by her lawyers in handling the assets case at Bengaluru in our columns... Who is responsible for Jaya’s fiasco and Amma’s dilemma.  We had also discussed about Jayalalitha’s sudden change of heart to postpone the personal appearance after giving an undertaking before the Supreme Court that she would appear on October 20 in Amma's double whammy.  We have been proved right once again by the dismissal of Jayalalitha’s petition today in Supreme Court seeking deferment of appearance before the Special Court.
By filing this petition and getting a dismissal order Jayalalitha has once again given fodder to the opposition guns.   Even during DMK’s previous rule, the DMK took to the streets  condemning Jayalalitha's attempts to get repeated adjournments in her assets case.
When Jayalalitha wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh seeking publication of the Cauvery Water Tribunal’s order in the Gazette, Karunanidhi was quick to react that this is yet another ploy by Jayalalitha to get adjournment.  
That came true as well...the next day Jaya filed a petition, seeking exemption for her personal appearance on the ground that the Karnataka government had failed to provide adequate security arrangements.
When the petition came up for hearing before a Supreme Court Division Bench comprising Justice Dalvir was dismissed with sharp remarks.  When Jayalalitha had sought exemption from appearance the court had observed that “it was a tactic by the accused to delay proceedings.”  Following these observations, Jayalalitha, on her own chose October 20 as the date for appearance.
Any lawyer with basic sense of law and mood of the court would know any further application before either the High Court or the Supreme Court seeking exemption from appearance or deferment of appearance would not only yield results but may also attract serious strictures.    It should also be known to a lawyer that given the mood of the Supreme Court regarding corruption and how the apex court is giving nightmares to corrupt politicians a petition to further delay a corruption case which is pending for more than 15 years under one pretext or other would definitely attract the wrath of the courts.

Sources tell whispers that senior cops in DVAC, in the intelligence wing and the higher bureaucracy in Fort.St.George are so scared about Amma’s actions after she appears in Court.   Sources in ADMK says, Jayalalitha is very irritated and not comfortable to appear in Bengaluru.    Amma is frustrated that in spite of ruling the State with an overwhelming majority, she is not able to wriggle out of an old corruption case, add sources.
The DMK says many senior cops and bureaucrats  with the help of legal brains... fearing backlash are continuing to misguide Jayalalitha into disaster from damage.
What next!!! Given Amma’s mood, the official machinery should gear up to face the wrath of Amma after she appear in Bengaluru say sources.    Huge shuffle in the bureaucracy and in the police is definitely on the cards, say sources.
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Cost of Kani’s bail. 4 CRORES

While on one hand KD Brothers are making desperate attempts to save their image and their vast business empire...on the other the delay in Kanimozhi’s release has made her mother Rajathi Ammal visit god men…sources in DMK say Rajathi Ammal is meeting all sorts of god men to secure a bail for her daughter.
After Karunanidhi issued a statement supporting KD Brothers after CBI raids...Rajathi Ammal picked up a huge fight with Karunanidhi for backing Maran’s...Now things are becoming even more difficult for Karunanidhi at home.

After CBI said that 409 charges will be slapped against all 2G accused Kanimozhi...Rajathi Ammal has lost all hope that her daughter will be out on bail...Whispers doing rounds is that so far Karunanidhi has spent more than 4 crore rupees to bail out Kani from Tihar. The expenses include advocate fees, travel from Chennai to Delhi and to Tihar and accommodation in star hotels.  

Initially Union Minister Jegathratchagan who was footing the bill now appear to be reluctant as he too is under the CBI scanner.  DMK insiders say that Jegathratchagan has reduced his interaction with Karuna, after Karunanidhi expressed anger that he is not doing much to secure Kani’s bail. Jegathratchagan has his own list of owes as his Balaji Medical College is under the CBI radar for irregularities.
Rajathi Ammal who till now was pinning her hopes on legal brains has shifted her faiths on godmen.  Whispers are doing the rounds that Rajathi Ammal has been complaining that advocates are taking their family for a ride and not taking adequate steps to bail out her only daughter.   Kani’s CIT colony residence which was buzzing with visitors all the time wears a gloomy look as many of the partymen are keeping away scared of the brickbats of Rajathi Ammal.  Besides the brickbats of Rajathi Ammal, the DMK bigwigs have their own owes in the form of the Damocles’ sword hanging over their head in the form of DVAC raids and disproportionate assets cases. 
Rajathi Ammal’s anger has also turned against loyalists like TR.Balu who had reaped huge harvests using Kanimozhi have now abandoned the ship.  
Whereas godmen cashing on this opportunity are suggesting special poojas for Kani’s bail and Rajathi Ammal is spending huge sums on the hope that there will be a divine intervention which would change Special Judge O.P.Saini’s heart.

Whispers doing the rounds is that Kanimozhi’s detention in jail for more than 150 days has not created any sympathy among the general public.  Sources add that now Rajathi Ammal with the help of some of her loyalists are approaching media houses to publish articles narrating the pitiful condition and woes of Kani inside Tihar Prison.   In fact one leading Tamil bi-weekly has come out with a cover story narrating the heart wrenching story of Kani inside Tihar.  Whether the series planned by the bi-weekly would have the desired impact and make people shed tears  remains to be seen.
It is ironic and unfortunate that godmen mint money using the dire situation of a family which is known for its atheistic traits.

Maran's Mangatha : Selvi to head Sun Network

Even as the clock is ticking for Maran Brothers…the recent raids conducted by the CBI seems to have rattled their entire family…except Karunanidhi, Rajathi Ammal…Whispers in Tamil Nadu earlier reported on what happened within the DMK’s first family after the raids…

With law catching up with Maran brother left…right and center…the family that proclaims and follows atheism is now seeking divine intervention…On one hand Maran’s family members are busy in conducting Yagam at several temples across the State. Last week Maran’s family conducted special poojas for half a day in Saibaba Temple at Mylapore.   The temple which used to be thronged by devotees was made inaccessible to the general public while Maran’s family occupied the temple.

With Kalanidhi and Dayanidhi Marans  are expecting their arrest anytime soon in connection with the spectrum loot…whispers doing rounds is that…KD Brothers are extremely worried about their business establishment...nowadays Marans are busy in making post-arrest plans…since Kaveri Kalanidhi Maran’s name is also being dragged into this issue because of her stakes in Sun Network.  Though subsequently recovered, Sun TV’s stocks tanked following the CBI’s assertion in Supreme Court about the FIR against Marans.     Shares of Sun TV which saw a 52 week high of Rs.556 is now trading at Rs.274. 
Whispers doing the rounds is that Maran brothers have asked Selvi to take care of their business empire. Selvi is already managing the affairs of Sun Group’s Kannada Channel Udaya TV. This decision has been taken by KD brothers after seeing how Corporates honchos and politicians are struggling to secure bail in the 2G case. Whereas Maran’s are concerned they belong to both communities... corporates and politicians. So they fear that things will be very difficult for them and Marans sense that this will take a serious toll on their business empire and will hamper their operations.

As many in the DMK are celebrating the fall of the Marans…and all the power centers in the family like M K Azhagiri, M K Stalin and Kanimozhi clearly distancing themselves…Maran brothers are left with no other option except to depend on Karunanidhi’s elder daughter Selvi…as she is the only person who acts as a bridge between Karunanidhi and the Marans.  The dilemma of Marans is in not finding a capable person to don the mantle but a trusted persos who won’t become a Judas.

In this tough time, his close friends who held crucial posts in Sun Group are also reluctant to stand by Kalanidhi and Dayanidhi Maran fearing witch hunt by both the CBI and the state police.  The reluctance of Marans friends to take up responsibility is after witnessing the harrowing experiences of  Kalanithi’s second-in-command Hansraj Saxena. In fact, relationship between Saxena and Kalanithi has gone so sour that Kalanithi has gone to the extent of calling Saxena a traitor.

Key Sun Network official RMR Ramesh, who is seen defending Kalanidhi and Dayanidhi Maran…has also come under the State government’s scanner as he will be the next person stepping into Hansraj Saxena’s shoes…

Maran brothers are not afraid of outside enemies or business rivals…but enemies are within the DMK’s first family…and now their biggest worry is not about getting arrested…but saving their business from their rivals who are within the DMK family.

Whether Selvi, can don the Sun empire with the same savoir-faire of the Maran brothers remains to be seen.

Amma’s double whammy…..!!!

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has given a double whammy to her detractors by making a last ditch effort to avoid personal appearance in the 66 crore wealth case against her in the Bengaluru Special Court Earlier in September, Jayalalitha had made an application before the Apex court in which she cited security concerns for exempting her from appearing in the special court.  The court had directed the Karnataka government to make adequate security arrangements and sought Jayalalitha’s convenient date for appearance for which she chose October 20…a day after the local body elections. Sources say the election date was decided by the State Election Commission keeping Jaya’s wealth case in mind.

Jayalalitha’s volte face to postpone her appearance has raised many eyebrows in legal circles.  The trial against her has reached a crucial stage and repeatedly filing petition after petition in the courts may hamper her case and would leave her out of options.   However Amma was persistent and filed yet another petition in the Supreme Court for postponement of her appearance as the Karnataka government has failed to provide the details of security arranged for her appearance.  She has also adopted a ground in her petition that since she is under NSG cover, the NSG guards have to be informed well in advance about the arrangements made and they have to visit the location beforehand.

Whispers doing rounds is that…Jayalalitha’s sudden change of heart to refrain from appearing may have something to do with the arrest of former Karnataka Chief Minister B.S.Yedyurappa.  An arrest warrant was issued against him based on charges of corruption and to evade arrest, Yeddy surrendered before the court amidst high drama… Former Chief MInister B.S.Yedyurappa and his former minister's Reddy Brothers are in the Parappana Agrahara (Central Prison) in Bengaluru.

Ironically Justice Mallikarjunaiah has also chosen the same Parappana Agrahara as the venue for Jayalalitha to appear on the 20th of October.  When the Supreme Court directed the Bengaluru Special Court to make adequate arrangements for Amma’s security, the Judge directed the Karnataka police to come up with suggestions. The Bengaluru Commissioner of Police suggested the Judicial Academy, Balabrooie Guest House, Jakkkur Flying School and the Special Court inside the Parappana Agrahara (Central Prison).

Though Jayalalitha’s counsel opted for the Flying school as a favorable venue, the Judge chose Parappana Agrahara.  If Jayalalitha makes her appearance on October 20 in Bengaluru, technically she will be entering the same prison where former Karnataka Chief Minister landed last week.  Yeddy and Reddy as an accused in judicial custody and Jaya as an accused facing trial, but both on corruption charges…this will be the perfect timing for the DMK to dent Jaya’s image.

Parappana Agrahara (Central Prison)
As the DMK is ready with its game plan as Jayalilathaa was expected to make personal appearance…a desperate Jayalilathaa is making a final attempt to evade yet another embarrassment at a time when the issue of corruption is rocking the country…However the Cavuery issue which was in the back burner came handy for the Queen Bee…

Jayalilathaa immediately shot off a letter to Prime Minister demanding the final Tribunal order should be published in the gazette as required under section 6(1) of the Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956. The timing of the letter has raised many eyebrows as the Cauvery issue was in the back burner for quite some time owing to the adequate monsoon rains and political reasons.

Why Jayalilathaa wanted to rake up this issue? The reason is quite simple …Cauvery issue has always been a volcanic issue between the two neighboring states…  Any order favoring Tamil Nadu would quickly trigger law and order situation in Karnataka as linguistic chauvinists in Karnataka will oppose it for political mileage. After putting things into place…a desperate Jaya once again approached the Supreme Court seeking expemtion from personal appearance due to security reasons.
Well there is every possibility that the Apex court may defer the date of appearance from October 20th to some other date till adequate security arrangements are made.
Sources say Jayalilathaa has decided to take up the Cavuery issue seriously with the Center…so that Kannada chauvinistic forces may vehemently oppose her entry into the State. Since it’s a matter of State’s interest including the DMK all other political parties will left with no other option except to back Jayalilathaa…While all this is happening whispers doing rounds is that Jayalilathaa’s plan is to again approach the Supreme Court to shift the Bengaluru Court to Tamil Nadu for making her personal appearance citing the volatile situation in Karnataka.
Sensing Jayalilathaa’s larger game plan the DMK Chief Karunanidhi was quick to react to Jayalalitha’s move on Cauvery stating that Jayalalitha’s only wish is to get adjournment and that is why she is raking up the Cauvery issue.
Sources in the Central Government say it is for the NSG to object to paucity of time to inspect the place of Jaya’s visit. But the DMK is also likely to take up this issue with the Home Minister who controls NSG to expose Jayalilathaa’s desperate “drama”. An interesting point to be noted is that Home Minister P Chidambarm is Jaya’s yet another arch rival.  During her first visit to Delhi after assuming charge as the Chief Minister…Jayalilathaa demanded P Chidambaram’s resignation saying he fudged 2009 election results. Also when the issue of internal bickering between two senior ministers of the UPA was out in open…Jayalilathaa once again demanded his resignation…Chidambaram's loyalists in the State are accusing Jaya of indirectly targeting their leader once again.
With DMK making serious efforts to raise from the rubble and making full fledged preparations to gain maximum political mileage out of Jaya’s appearance in court on charges of corruption, as the issue of corruption is hotly debated all over the country, Amma is desperate for a temporary reprieve.
Whether Amma’s double whammy would yield results and get her a reprieve from Supreme Court would be known today. While on one hand Jaya is trying her luck...on the other elaborate arrangements have been made in Chennai for Jayalilathaa's visit to Bengaluru...