Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cost of Kani’s bail. 4 CRORES

While on one hand KD Brothers are making desperate attempts to save their image and their vast business empire...on the other the delay in Kanimozhi’s release has made her mother Rajathi Ammal visit god men…sources in DMK say Rajathi Ammal is meeting all sorts of god men to secure a bail for her daughter.
After Karunanidhi issued a statement supporting KD Brothers after CBI raids...Rajathi Ammal picked up a huge fight with Karunanidhi for backing Maran’s...Now things are becoming even more difficult for Karunanidhi at home.

After CBI said that 409 charges will be slapped against all 2G accused Kanimozhi...Rajathi Ammal has lost all hope that her daughter will be out on bail...Whispers doing rounds is that so far Karunanidhi has spent more than 4 crore rupees to bail out Kani from Tihar. The expenses include advocate fees, travel from Chennai to Delhi and to Tihar and accommodation in star hotels.  

Initially Union Minister Jegathratchagan who was footing the bill now appear to be reluctant as he too is under the CBI scanner.  DMK insiders say that Jegathratchagan has reduced his interaction with Karuna, after Karunanidhi expressed anger that he is not doing much to secure Kani’s bail. Jegathratchagan has his own list of owes as his Balaji Medical College is under the CBI radar for irregularities.
Rajathi Ammal who till now was pinning her hopes on legal brains has shifted her faiths on godmen.  Whispers are doing the rounds that Rajathi Ammal has been complaining that advocates are taking their family for a ride and not taking adequate steps to bail out her only daughter.   Kani’s CIT colony residence which was buzzing with visitors all the time wears a gloomy look as many of the partymen are keeping away scared of the brickbats of Rajathi Ammal.  Besides the brickbats of Rajathi Ammal, the DMK bigwigs have their own owes in the form of the Damocles’ sword hanging over their head in the form of DVAC raids and disproportionate assets cases. 
Rajathi Ammal’s anger has also turned against loyalists like TR.Balu who had reaped huge harvests using Kanimozhi have now abandoned the ship.  
Whereas godmen cashing on this opportunity are suggesting special poojas for Kani’s bail and Rajathi Ammal is spending huge sums on the hope that there will be a divine intervention which would change Special Judge O.P.Saini’s heart.

Whispers doing the rounds is that Kanimozhi’s detention in jail for more than 150 days has not created any sympathy among the general public.  Sources add that now Rajathi Ammal with the help of some of her loyalists are approaching media houses to publish articles narrating the pitiful condition and woes of Kani inside Tihar Prison.   In fact one leading Tamil bi-weekly has come out with a cover story narrating the heart wrenching story of Kani inside Tihar.  Whether the series planned by the bi-weekly would have the desired impact and make people shed tears  remains to be seen.
It is ironic and unfortunate that godmen mint money using the dire situation of a family which is known for its atheistic traits.


  1. ‘4 crore’ is pea nuts for the MK family; they have shelved crores and crores worth of assets. It is rumored that, in their house there are hundreds of many other peoples house keys obtained with the muscle and money power.

  2. ha ha ha...atheistic traits! its all humbug... that image is long gone, from the moment the shawl on Mr. Karunanidhi's shoulders changed colour... from the dravidian black to the compromising yellow! lets not be deceived..that atheistic claim is like the "tamil" keep the market going!