Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Jaya walks into MM cartel’s trap

It appears that Jayalalitha had walked straight into the well laid trap of the MM cartel via Nakkeeran.    

"Maattu Kari Saapidum Maami Naan" (I am a Brahmin woman who eats beef) was the title of the write-up, featured as the cover story of the Nakkheeran that triggered unrest at all levels. The article written under the pseudonym ‘Omar Mukthar’ narrates Jayalalitha discussing with a group of people regarding the aftermath of expulsion of the MM cartel and the article goes on to narrate, in Jaya’s words how she was termed by MGR that ‘Jaya cannot be considered as a Brahmin and timid, since she had cooked special beef from Spencer’s’.

This article infuriated  the AIADMK cadres and the cadres were up in arms against Nakkeeran magazine and staged violent protests against the magazine on last week. The police who were present at the scene were helpless...however, they contained the agitators and arrested them.  But AIADMK cadres continued to come in batches and the agitations continued till the evening. Whispers doing rounds is that the cover story of Nakkeeran appears to be a well laid trap by MM cartel - reason to bait Jayalalitha who continues to hunt MM cartel loyalists in the government and the party.   

Ever since the expulsion of the Sasikala and Co from the party and Poes Garden, on 19 December. Jayalalitha's focus has only been on to identify MM cartel loyalists and weeding them out.    The last nail in MM cartel’s coffin was the transfer of 24 Personal Security Officers of Ministers who were the part of the intelligence network of the MM cartel.    With the speed in which Amma is going, the second-in-command of MM cartel, M.Natarajan feared that MM cartel would be decimated beyond recognition.    It was Natarajan who hatched a conspiracy along with Kamaraj to publish such a story, which would naturally invite violent reactions and Jaya's attention will be diverted from them.

Kamaraj and M.Natarajan had been very close since time immemorial. Whispers doing rounds in AIADMK party circles is that Natarajan, is Kamaraj’s source for inside information in AIADMK.   In fact, Natarajan had given Nakkeeran some rare photographs of Sasikala and Jayalalitha together in Kodanadu.   Nakkeeran which had covered elaborately on the expulsion of MM cartel did a volte face.  In its December 31-January 3 dated issue, Nakkeeran did a story that Panneerselvam, the former Officer on Special Duty in Program Implementation department was a victim of Brahminical conspiracy.   The story went on to say that Jayalalitha was surrounded by a group of Brahmin officers like Venkatramanan, Sarangi, etc. and they are influencing the decisions of Jayalalitha.   Panneerselvam, the retired bureaucrat on special duty was described by Nakkeeran as the non-brahmin Messiah, who was there to protect Tamil Nadu from the clutches of Brahmins !!!!.  The story went on to mention that the Brahmin lobby had carefully designed a plot and had eliminated Panneerselvam by attributing false allegations against him.  

Around a month back, Nakkeeran published another news item that Pon.Manickavel the then DIG Intelligence was conducting the intelligence wing in a proficient manner and the entire IPS officers are watching in awe the way Pon.Manickavel operates.  This news item in Nakkeeran surprised many as Nakkeeran had always published damaging items on Pon.Manickavel in the past.
The aim of the conspiracy between Nakkeeran and the MM cartel is to divert the attention of Jayalalitha who is on a witch-hunt against MM cartel.  The result – More than successful.  Jayalalitha, who became furious following the news item is closely watching the developments as she had given a go ahead to her partymen to file any sort of complaints against Nakkeeran magazine.
The conspiracy suggestion was more than welcomed by Nakkeeran as the magazine found this as an opportunity too boost the its sagging sales, which is reported to be between 40,000 to 50,000.    It is a win-win situation for Nakkeeran...  On the one hand it would get the desired publicity and on the other hand, they can prove a point that Jayalalitha is always vindictive on Nakkeeran.  

On the day the defamatory story was published, AIADMK workers throughout Tamil Nadu bought away all copies of Nakkeeran, available in the stands and burnt it.     

With the AIADMK cadres still up in arms against the Nakkeeran magazine and filing a slew of complaints against Kamaraj and Gopal the battle has now shifted to Courts.  The Nakkeeran management has filed a petition in the Madras High Court seeking restoration of water connection, which was severed following Saturday’s story. But the Chennai city police is having sleepless nights as pressure is mounting on them to arrest Nakkeeran Gopal and others. 

With mediamen and public continue to debate about the story of Nakkeeran and the government’s reaction, it is Kamaraj and Nakkeeran Gopal who had the last laugh.  
Masanamuthu IPS
However, the MM cartel’s ploy appear to have misfired.   The transfer and postings of IPS officers issued on Wednesday evening is a clear indication that Jayalalitha is determined to weed out MM cartel’s agents.   Masanamuthu, Sokkalingam who were known nominees of MM cartel were shifted out to insignificant posts.  Sokkalingam had secured the posting of IG Central Zone with the blessings of Diwakaran.   Sources tell whispers that Sokkalingam gave three choices for his postings to Diwakaran.  IG, Central Zone, Joint Director Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (!!!) and IG, Crime Branch CID.