Saturday, 4 February 2012

DMK: Battle of the bloods !!!

The DMK which has weathered many storms in the past is battling the worst cyclone ever.    “A son can bear with equanimity the loss of his father, but the loss of his inheritance may drive him to despair” said Machiavelli.   The desperation of Karunanidhi’s siblings appears to be the eye of the storm.  Karunanidhi looks like a cornered cat...  A man without options....  And an old man in despair ....   Karuna’s extreme anxiety and frustration echoed in his speech. "There is no need for me to beg for votes to remain the party president. We will conduct an election for the post at the next general council meeting. Let the outcome decide who will lead the party" spoke Karunanidhi  in the DMK’s general council meeting. 

The serious infighting within the family was out in the open and reached a crescendo, even before the much hyped DMK high level committee meeting followed by General Council. While M.K.Stalin was determined to end his long wait for ascendancy  MK Azhagiri, threw his hat in the ring and threatened to boycott the general council if there was change in leadership.  For her part,  Kanimozhi's mother Raasathi Ammal pressurized Karunanidhi to elevate her - A proposal that was opposed by all the stakeholders - Stalin, Azhagiri, Karunanidhi's daughter Selvi and the Marans.

Till Kanimozhi was in prison, Karunanidhi entire focus was getting her daughter out of prison.    To save his daughter he went to the extent of shifting the entire blame on A.Raja, his erstwhile blue-eyed boy.   While Karuna was glued to Delhi, the DMK’s much hyped strongman MK.Alagiri was running for cover from the onslaught of Amma and her police. Alagiri was seen shunting between Delhi and Madurai with his family and had even packed off his son Durai Dayanidhi abroad.    Stalin utilized this opportunity to strengthen his ground.    Stalin who has become a crafty politician had slowly and carefully started building his armory for a final onslaught. As a first measure, Stalin ensured that Kalaignar TV comes under his control completely which was reported to be Kanimozhi’s dream project.   Stalin made his confidant P.V.Kalyanasundaram as its Director, even without informing major stakeholders Kanimozhi and Sharad Kumar.   

After taking over Kalignar TV indirectly, M K Stalin's focus was to capture the party and the best way is to bring about some organizational changes and place his loyalists at all levels, which is seen as a plot against Karunanidhi.

The chanakya of Tamil Nadu seems to have sensed M K Stalin's ulterior motives and DMK insiders say that Karunanidhi decided to throw spokes in Stalin’s roller coaster ride.    Sources say it was Karunanidhi who instigated DMK strongman Veerapandi Arumugam to speak against Stalin’s elevation.

While addressing the meeting, Mr Arumugam,  said it would not augur well for the party if one section in the South was led by one son and another section in the North by another son.  Immediately after hearing this, Stalin’s supporters who were in large numbers were up on their feet and started shouting slogans against Arumugam, which forced him to cut short his speech.

Karunanidhi who is used to browbeat any opposition found it surprising that such slogan shouting and throwing of chairs happened in front of him.   Karuna referred to the violent incidents in his speech and said that  some goondas had entered the meeting in the guise of supporting Mr Stalin and had tried to drive a wedge in the party though Mr Arumugam had not said anything objectionable.   Karuna also made it categorical that the decision of leadership would be taken after a year.The fact that he had to wait for one more year to don the mantle drove Stalin wild. He was furious and left Anna Ariyaliyam in a huff. Sources close to M K Stalin say that he so dejected by the way Karunanidhi candidly opposed his plans and is being a hurdle. A furious Stalin almost decided to put in his papers is the whispers doing rounds in DMK circles.

Immediately after the General Council meeting the entire top brass of the DMK went into a huddle, Karunanidhi held another rounds of serious talks with the party seniors, then a team of top level leaders of the DMK TR Baalu, Dayanidhi Maran and others including Selvi landed at M K Stalin's cenatoph road residence to pacify him.

But Stalin is on a war mode say sources.  He understands that it is now or never.   Stalin who used to be a docile person now wants to ascertain himself due to the new player in the fray – Kanimozhi.   It remains to be seen, who emerges as the winner in the Battle of Bloods - the father or the Son.