Saturday, 29 October 2011

Is DMK falling apart?

DMK’s former Deputy General Secretary Parithi Ilamvaludhi has dropped yet another bombshell… by openly challenging the authority of DMK’s treasurer and Karunanidhi’s heir apparent M.K.Stalin.   

Earlier it was just the sibling rivalry and the battle for succession that was a cause of concern for the ageing DMK patriarch…but now it appears the voices of dissent are getting stronger by the day. The statements made by Paruthi Ilamvazuthi against MK.Stalin that he is influencing Karunanidhi and the DMK Chief is not allowed to take any independent decisions…has triggered severe speculation among party workers.

Those who have been victimized by M K Stalin are extremely happy with this development…and the unexpected move by Paruthi Ilamvazuthi…giving a call to the DMK rebels to join hands under his leadership… seems to have rattled M K Stalin’s camp.  

However, Karuanidhi has a history of sidelining leaders who are or would be a challenge to his son’s authority.   MDMK leader Vaiko who was very popular among DMK’s youngsters was expelled since he was growing as a challenge to the DMK’s heir apparent. In fact Karunanidhi went to the extent of accusing Vaiko of trying to murder him.

Political analysts who have a better understanding of Karunanidhi’s psyche know that Karunanidhi would never take any decision against his family members however high, talented or important the person may be.

Sources in the DMK say…Parathi Ilamvazhuthi open revolt is not an isolated incident…there are many other leaders in the DMK who have been fuming over some of the decisions taken by M K Stalin. Since there is not as much of inner party democracy within the DMK...senior members in the party are worried about the future of the DMK.

DMK insiders say seniors like Anbazhagan, Arcot Veerasamy and others have been completely sidelined in the party. Anbazhagan and Arcot Veerasamy are only called whenever necessary for photo ops...apart from that most of the decisions are taken by M K Stalin which seems to have not gone down too well among others. 
The recent humiliating defeat for the DMK followed by land grabbing charges slapped against prominent DMK leaders seems to have sent shivers down the spine. The buzz in the party is that the top leadership of the DMK is not coming to their rescue. So far the party has done nothing to put up a brave face against the ruling AIADMK.

Whispers doing rounds in the DMK is that Party leader M Karunanidhi is too busy in securing bail for his daughter Kanimozhi…so much so that he has gone to the extent of falling flat on Sonia’s feet. Anjanenjan M K Alagiri - the “brave heart” is missing in action and is actively seen running for cover…and M K Stalin…is only bothered about his loyalists like K N Nehru and Ponmudy and many other district secretaries. While other leaders in the party are busy in saving their skin by hook or crook…the ground level party worker is left in lurch.

Finally, now the cat is out of the bag…DMK insiders say a severe storm is brewing within the party…and with each passing day DMK’s heir apparent is increasingly becoming unpopular among party workers.

However, the State intelligence is also closely monitoring the developments within the DMK…and whispers doing rounds is that very soon the people of Tamil Nadu will be witnessing “Mutrugai Pooratam” by party workers in front of Karunanidhi’s residence demanding justice…as it happened in front of Jaya’s residence during the DMK regime which was then considered to be an intelligence operation by AIADMK leaders.

Whispers doing rounds in the DMK is that…Paruthi Ilamvazuthi has been offered support from various quarters within the DMK (can be read as M K Alagiri and KD brothers). With Paruthi Ilamvazuthi coming forward to lead the rebel DMK…the stage is set for yet another drama.  Now it remains to be seen, how long the DMK leadership is going to allow the rope for Parithi whose move may start similar rebellions inside the DMK against the family control of DMK.

Well, one can say now its time for MDMK leader Vaiko to take revenge and to fish in troubled waters.

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