Thursday, 20 October 2011

All eyes on Bengaluru!

The entire DVAC top echelons are camping at Bengaluru to please Jayalilathaa…as she appears before a Special Court trying the disproportionate assets case against her.   Barring the DVAC Chief K.P.Maghendran, the entire DVAC top brass Inspector General of Police - AMS.Gunaseelan, Deputy Inspector of Police - G.Venkatraman, Superintendent of Police - TN.Venkateswaran and Deputy Superintendent of Police and Investigating Officer - G.Sambandham will be at Bengaluru biting their nails for Amma’s reaction, as she appears before the Special Court in Bengaluru for the first time since the case was transferred out of Tamil Nadu in 2003.

Sources say elaborate arrangements have been made to receive Amma and keep her in good humor. Sources inside Poes garden say that Jayalalitha is at the height of her perennial temper and had even went to the extent of refusing to appear before the Bengaluru Court.   But, people close to Jaya convinced her and made it a point that any failure to appear before the Bengaluru court would mean violation of undertaking before the Supreme Court and would result in severe backlash from the courts.

Whispers doing rounds in the “Khaki circles” is that the assets case is not only a nightmare for Jaya but for the entire team of officers working in DVAC.  Officers in DVAC wait with crossed fingers fearing sever backlash it things go against Jayalilathaa.   The nervousness is not only unique to officers in DVAC but to the entire top brass in the police and bureaucracy.   Sources say an element of uncertainty hangs above all officers…anyway it depends on Jaya’s mood for the moment.

DMK sources say it was Jayalilathaa who kept on dragging this case for the past 14 years citing various reasons…and now the case is at the point of no return. However, the DVAC officials have nothing much to do… as Jayalilathaa’s fate is now in jury’s hands. If at all her anger turns against the DVAC officials… the worst can happen is issue of transfer orders and officers will be posted in places considered to be worst in police or bureaucracy.   But, as she appears in the court the mood within the Khakhi department seems to be gloomy…and the jitters’ setting in Jaya’s top echelons of power is palpable.   As the great philosopher Heraclictus said, his words, ‘There is nothing permanent except change’ is fully applicable to Amma’s rule, given her track record. 

Sources also add that most of the senior officials in the intelligence agency, including the DIG Intelligence Pon.Manickavel are camping in Bengaluru to ensure Jaya is in good humor…this is done under the guise of supervising the much hyped security arrangements.  

Well…for the day the focus will now be on Jayalilathaa’s appearance in the court as the trial against her enters its crucial phase…and from now on the Countdown for Jayalilathaa begins… 

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