Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Karunanidhi’s nightmare & Congress Game plan

With Kanimozhi’s bail being rejected by the CBI court…the DMK is working overtime to bring her out on bail as soon as possible.

Whispers doing rounds in Delhi political circles is that...the Congress has already decided its strategy to dump the 2G blame on the DMK and to escape unscathed before the next general elections.  While the DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi is not prepared to antagonize the Congress even in dire straits, the Congress is taking this as an opportunity to execute its ulterior designs.

Sources close to Karunanidhi say that he is worried and his worst fear is that the 2G case should not go in the direction which saw the big bull Harshad Mehta, Fake stamp paper king Abdul Karim Telgi and Satyam’s Ramalinga Raju’s case.  In all these scams that rocked the country, though the role of congress leaders could not be ruled out only those who arrested were nailed in the end.

Whispers doing rounds in the DMK circles  is that Karunanidhi even cited the knack with which the congress systematically wriggled out of democratic India’s biggest scam ‘Bofors’. Even now there is a similarity between the Bofors and the 2G scam where the Gandhi family is directly involved.  But meticulously the Bofors case was blown into smithereens by the Gandhi family and all those involved were allowed to go scot free.  In fact the Gandhi family saw to it that the money of their family friend Quottorochi was returned to him in spite of CBI’s objection.

Given the developments,  now the congress party appears to be adopting the same strategy in the 2G case. Karuna, a shrewd and experienced politician now fears that any success of congress’s plan would result in his daughter’s continuous incarceration and a quick conviction.   The reason for Karunanidhi’s desperation to secure the bail of his daughter is attributed to this night mare.

However if whispers are to be believed, Congress is in no mood to save either Kanimozhi or A.Raja and instead want to crucify the DMK ahead of the General elections in 2014.  Congress leadership feels that this will yield results for the Congress’s ‘prince in waiting’ Rahul Gandhi. 

Meanwhile, the DMK is also bracing itself for fire fighting...sensing Congress party’s game plan...their first priority is to secure bail for Kanimozhi at any cost and then target CBI special court Judge O P Saini...the latest discussion at Karunanidhi’s CIT colony residence along with the DMK top leaders and legal experts was in the lines of attributing motives to CBI Special Court Judge’s order in rejecting Kanimozhi’s bail.
This was quite evident in the appeal petition filed in the Delhi High court...Kanimozhi has stated that “The Special Court has “erred in its judgment differentiating classes of woman.”  DMK sources say this is just the beginning and when they approach Supreme Court...this will be the key argument and for this they have planned to engage the old horse Ram Jethmalani. Will the DMK be able to succeed in this latest strategy ???

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