Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Karunanidhi wants Kani out before December

As the winter season has begun in Delhi…Karunanidhi seems to be a worried lot. Even during his recent visit to Delhi he was not able to stay for more than 2 days because of bad weather…and the 87 year old DMK Chief caught cold and was not able to speak. After first hand experience of Delhi weather…Karunanidhi has instructed lawyers to get Kani out on bail ahead of the actual winter season…as Delhi’s winter is cruel and its chill reaches the bones.

Karuna regrets meeting Sonia

Whispers doing the rounds in the DMK circles is that Karunanidhi is extremely upset about his meeting with Sonia Gandhi during his recent visit to Delhi. This meeting happened just 2 days ago when Kanimozhi’s bail plea was coming up for hearing in the CBI court and there was speculation that whether the CBI will oppose her bail plea or not. But after his meeting with Sonia and Prime Minister…the CBI did not oppose Kani’s bail …triggering fresh speculation in Delhi’s political and judicial circles. As Karunanidhi got the timing completely wrong…a visibly upset Karuna has told some of his senior party leaders that his meeting with Sonia Gandhi could have been avoided.  

Karuna not ready to take on congress.

It appears that Karuna has developed a cold feet in taking on the congress.  The DMK which was vociferous in its opposition to the fuel price hike is speaking in a muted tone now.  Speaking on the fuel hike issue TR.Balu on Friday said that the DMK would demand a roll back on prices in the parliament session and the DMK agrees with Mamta.    But speaking to reporters on Monday, the reaction of Karunanidhi was subdued. Karuna said ‘We would not quit UPA and he would always uphold alliance dharma.”   He also refused to comment on Mamta’s reaction. The subdued response is more to do with Kanimozhi’s bail than alliance dharma.

Probe into Anna Centenary Library

Sources say government is contemplating a probe into the purchase of books and construction of the Anna Centenary Library by the previous DMK government.  With the move of Jayalalitha who at any cost want to close down the library being shot down by the judiciary it appears that the government is contemplating probe into the affairs of the library.   DVAC sleuths are directed to collect documents regarding the purchase of books from the library department for making a preliminary verification before going in on full throttle. 

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