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2011: A year of turbulence.

2011 for TN Police

It has been a year of topsy-turvy for the Tamil Nadu police.   The police administration saw drastic changes following the results of the elections. Many officers of the top brass who wielded enormous clout during the DMK tenure and flying high were thrown off to insignificant posts.   Many who were sidelined by the DMK regime were brought back to limelight.
Though the Tamil Nadu police force was formally headed by K.P.Jain followed by Letikha Saran in the DMK regime, it was M.S.Jaffer Sait, who unofficially called the shots, till the election results... Jaffer Sait acted as a King and behaved like an emperor is the buzz in Police department. Jaffer remained as the eyes and years of the former chief minister Karunanidhi, perhaps many in the DMK say that was Karunanidhi's biggest mistake.

Jaffer Sait
Those who chose to rub Jaffer Sait on the wrong side were not only cut down to size, but also decimated. A mere mention of the name of Jaffer alone sent shivers down the spine of many officers within the department.   Only a few chose to take on Jaffer and those who chose to take him headon were shown the true meaning of hell, and even their friends were not spared.   A.K.Viswanathan, a one time friend and close ally of Jaffer chose to cross swords with him during his stint as DIG Intelligence.   

He was not only shifted out of Intelligence but was forced to face a vigilance enquiry for disproportionate assets. To decimate Viswanathan and to show who is the King, Jaffer went to the extent of planning the arrest of Viswanathan by using his clout at all levels in the administration, which was scuttled at the final moment.

Jaffer Sait IPS, kept the former Chief Minister as a string puppet who would dance to his tunes. This was because he delivered everything that Karunanidhi wanted. But very soon this became the waterloo of Karunanidhi who believed a cop instead of his political instincts on the assessment of elections.  

The post election scenario witnessed the downfall of Jaffer Sait. The year 2011 was a year which would be etched in Jaffer’s memory as the worst year in his career.  The year 2011 saw him transferred to a post of Sub-Inspector at Special Camp for Refugees at Mandapam, Ramanathapuram.  To add insult to the injury, he was placed under suspension on a complaint of a rogue suspended employee of DVAC for illegally obtaining a house site.

When it was elections, the demand of all political parties was to transfer the deadly trio Letikha Saran, Jaffer Sait and Jangid. The EC gave them options based on which Letikha Saran and Jaffer Sait proceeded on leave. Jangid who was posted to an unheard post – Police Recruitment School meekly joined and commenced his back-door manoeuvrings with unfruitful results.    The new AIADMK government was also not kindly to the dirty trio.  

While Jaffer Sait was placed under suspension, Saran was packed off to insignificant post.   But Jangid being known for his patronage of violence against AIADMK men in 2006 local body elections, was posted to Nagercoil, the southern end of India.  However, sources tell whispers that Jangid is sending feelers to Cho Ramaswamy who is considered as close to Jangid for bringing him back to Chennai to a powerful post.

Bhola Nath
The Election Commission’s drastic actions also made Bhola Nath as the top cop of the state.   

But Bhola Nath’s efforts to continue as the top cop in the present government too, did not yield the desired results and he was pushed of to Fire Service and his desire to become the DGP is still raging inside him like  a wild fire. 

Sivanandi another cop whose fortunes rose in the previous DMK regime following a patch-up with Alagiri was nursing his dreams of making a come back  with the powerful lobby of the MM cartel.  But Amma shattered his dreams and placed him under suspension.

S.George,IPS who was languishing in the present place of Jangid was brought to the helm of affairs next to the top cop as Addl. DGP L&O and entrusted with the all important ‘land grab wing’.  Similarly Tripathy, who too was kept away in the DMK regime was rewarded with the most coveted post – Chennai City Commissioner – not only due to his good impression with Amma but also due to his liaison with MM cartel. Despite, that the north indian lobby is protecting JKT.

Another person who had butter on both sides of the bread was T.Rajendran.  He was the Addl. DGP L&O and then the Chennai City Commissioner and a trusted lieutenant of Jaffer Sait. Due to his strong connection with the MM cartel his fortune graph which hit a bottom following the swearing in of the new government rose vertically.  He was brought back from the insignificant prison department to the all important intelligence wing.  But Amma’s operation ‘Mannargudi Mafia’ commenced with an axe on his head.

The year 2011 saw fortunes tumbling for senior cops, Archana Ramasundaram, Gandhirajan, Thukkiandi, Sunil Kumar, Shakeel Akthar, Pramod Kumar, Shankar Jiwal, M.Ravi, S.S.Krishnamoorthy, and Ravikumar.  But even after the change of regime a few cops who managed to be on cloud nine are K.Radhakrishnan, Thamaraikannan and Sanjay Arora.
2011 also saw the elevation of the top cop K.Ramanujam as an all important person in the state administration.  Ramanujam gained the number two spot in Amma’s trusted list next to the Chief Secretary Debendranath Sarangi.    Ramanujam was entrusted with both law and order and the all important intelligence wing and by the year end was tipped to be played a crucial role in the elimination of the MM cartel.

According to whispers in khaki circles, the beginning of the year 2012 will see some more big shuffles in the police brass after which some stability is expected.  

2011 for AIADMK

2011 has been a year of Ups and Downs for Amma...when the year began the future of AIADMK was gloomy, the party was in the midst of severe crisis with continuous electoral debacles...Jayalilatha's lackadaisical attitude in taking on the then DMK government despite numerous opportunities to attack them and the party being a voiceless opposition in the State raised several questions in the minds of people.

But Jayalilatha bounced back with a bang, her massive public rallies and huge turnout of people in various districts of Tamil Nadu sent shivers down the spine for the DMK patriarch.. As usual the then intelligence officials loyal to Gopalapuram were trying to manipulate the numbers, but an old fox in TN politics Karunanidhi, was quick to dismiss their reports. At that time the buzz in the Khakhi circles was that of a senior IPS official getting snubbed by Karunanidhi. 

The reason for such huge turn out was nothing but the anti-incumbency factor against the DMK and the rampant corruption at all levels including the great 2G robbery. Jayalilatha was keen of building the momentum as elections were approaching faster. Armed with the issue of "Corruption" a confident Jayalilata went to the polls.

Though Jaya enjoyed huge support from all quarters...her last minute goof up of releasing candidates list while talks were underway with alliance partners once again raised the many eyebrows...many came to a conclusion that she will never change...despite that she swept the polls..thanks to the 2G sins committed by the DMK's blue eyed boy A Raja and Co. After sweeping the polls it was quite visible that Amma wanted to deliver a good governance...but her close aide Sasikala and her coterie were keen on digging her grave, that too sitting inside Jaya's Poes Garden residence. The first 7 months of Jayalilatha government was marred with allegations of rampant corruption. All branches of Sasikala's family were on a collection spree and unlike the DMK, corruption was centralized and the magic word was "Chinnamma" or CM 2. 

Also Jayalilathaa's infamous disproportionate assets case was once again back to haunt her... In spite of strenuous efforts by Jayalalitha to avoid making personal appearance in the Bengaluru Special Court – by filing a string of petitions in the Supreme Court – the courts forced her to eat humble pie and face the barrage of questions posed by Special Court Judge Mallikarjunaiah. 

With keeping the result of the assets case in mind, a serious conspiracy was hatched against Jayalilathaa to finish her politically... to takeover the reins of power. But Jaya was tipped off at the right time and then the fortunes of Mannargudi Mafia came to an end. The year 2011 came to an end on a stormy note for the AIADMK, as Jaya hit the last nail in Mannargudi Mafia's coffin. The year has ended for her on a successful note... 

Whether Jayalalitha would keep up the good momentum remains to be seen in 2012.

DMK : Blow after blow.

It was blow after blow for the DMK in the year 2011.   The year has been a disastrous year for the grand old political party of Tamil Nadu.   The DMK which has been defending its Propaganda Secretary A.Raja in the 2G scam, witnessed in horror when Raja was arrested in February 2011.   Karunanidhi who was defending A.Raja as a Dalit icon and a voice of the downtrodden was fumbling for words when Raja was taken into custody.   A silent DMK obtained a letter of resignation from Raja from the party post and announced it in the General Council.    In the same month the offices of Kalaignar TV and the residence of Sharath Kumar were raided by the CBI much to the embarrassment of Karunanidhi.

Praveen Kumar
DMK’s game plan to bribe and win the election was spoiled by an alert Election Commission – Thanks to the proactive actions of Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Kumar and his team.   Even during the early part of the year news started trickling out about the involvement of Kanimozhi in the 2G scam which worried the DMK patriarch.    The alliance negotiations between the Congress and the DMK hit bottom when the national party demanded a lion’s share – 63 seats for the Assembly elections.    Sources said only the 2G case against Kanimozhi and the promise of Congress to save her from the clutches of law ensured an uncomfortable alliance between the two parties which forced Karunanidhi to settle for the same 63 seats.   However Kanimozhi was arrested in the month of May and the Congress washed off its hands citing Supreme Court monitoring of the 2G case.

The election results shattered the DMK which was relegated to third position next to Captain’s DMDK.   The umbrella alliance formed by AIADMK supremo Jayalalitha romped home to victory with an overwhelming majority thrashing its arch rival DMK. People voted with a vehemence to oust out the DMK government which was marred by scandal after scandal.  

People’s palpable anger on the family rule had its impact on the polls.  In fact many DMK heavy weights lost the polls and the DMK’s heir apparent M.K.Stalin swam through with a wafer thin margin.

The swearing in of the new government saw many of the DMK bigwigs cool their heels in various prisons across the State.  
While some were raided for possession of disproportionate assets, many were picked up in land grab cases.  Many of the DMK heavyweights were seen running for cover due to the onslaught of Amma.   The same police which was hitherto serving the DMK leaders at their beck and call, came calling in the early hours to send them to prison.

The DMK strong man M.K.Alagiri saw his fort crumbling in the wake of crack down by Amma.   Alagiri’s henchmen Pottu Suresh, Thalapathi and various others were booked and taken to custody in various charges ranging from land grab to murder.   Alagiri who flexed his muscles during the entire DMK’s rule was found hiding into a shell not even coming out to campaign in the local body elections.  The news about Alagiri’s wife too being booked for land grab exposed the true caliber of DMK’s Anja Nenjan.  Alagiri was found making a whirlwind tour of prisons across the state to meet his supporters.

The other power Center apart from the first family of the DMK, the KD brothers’ empire also was shaken up following the continuous expose by the media of their involvement in the 2G scam.  Dayanithi Maran who made desperate last ditch efforts to save his skin was also shown the door and forced to resign his Minister post.  In October the mighty Marans’ empire was raided by the CBI following a delayed registration of FIR in the 2G scam.   In regard to the Marans, the CBI finally woke up from its ‘Rip Wan Winkle’ sleep and was forced to act only due to the active monitoring of the Supreme Court.    Following Dayanithi Maran’s resignation from the cabinet, he was sidelined in the party too.   Party seniors and Karuna’s family members who were resenting the Marans’ clout in the party watched in glee when their house were raided.

The sibling rivalry too haunted the DMK with now Kanimozhi now jumping in the fray along with her brothers Stalin and Alagiri.

In the year end, the DMK was similar to Pondicherry which is in shambles following the storm ‘Thane’. 

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