Sunday, 4 December 2011

Kani’s home coming: A show of pomposity

Kanimozhi’s homecoming after 193 days of incarceration in Tihar was nothing but a show of pomposity by the DMK’s first family. The roads to CIT colony from the Chennai Airport wore a festive look, thanks to the big purse of Kani’s mother Rasathi Ammal.   

Sources tell whispers that R.N.Durai, a stooge of Rasathi Ammal was entrusted with the task of making all arrangements for Kani’s grand and gala home.   Hoardings and banners were erected all along the route from Airport to CIT Colony.   Posters depicting Kanimozhi as the victim of conspiracy, and a brave person who broke the conspiracy were visible...and this seems to have irritated her half brother M K all his loyalists maintained low key during the event to avoid public anger.
Hundreds of workers who were ‘arranged’ to come to the airport were seen eagerly waiting for their Briyani packets.  The airport was virtually taken over by the so called Kanimozhi supporters much to the discomfiture of passengers.  Apart from the Kerala’s Singari and Chendai Melam, Tamil Nadu’s own ‘Thappattam’ ‘Parai melam’ besides the regular band troupes were seen in action at the Airport.

Since the airport was put on high alert ahead of December 6... the CISF security forces had a tough time to ensure security and control the swelling crowds...Things seem to be out of control for almost 2 hours at the Airport...additional forces from the CISF were called in...However, Chennai city police officials consciously kept themselves away to avoid criticism.  DMK insiders say in the melee around 200 wallets and 150 mobile phones went missing!!!. It was a complete breach of security at the Chennai Airport and an angry  CISF has sent a report to the Home Ministry in this regard say Airport sources.

Initial speculation was that Kani on arrival from Delhi would go straight to her house at CIT colony and then meet the DMK patriarch and her father at Anna Arivalayam to make it significant that Kani is here to stay in the party. But the octogenarian leader was forced by Raasathi Ammal to receive her at the Airport as his visit to the airport would sent out a clear message to the party leaders and cadres.   Either you are with Kani or against Kani. 

Alas !!!   Everyone in the party thronged to mark their presence to welcome Kani.  The visitors include DMK’s ‘uncertain heir apparent’ MK.Stalin.   Many eyebrows were raised when a visibly disinterested Dhayalu Ammal too marked her presence in the airport.  Dhayalu Ammal’s presence assumes significance, in the wake of the condition imposed by the Delhi High Court while granting bail to her. The first condition of the bail order of Delhi HC reads “The appellants shall not directly or indirectly make any inducement, threat or promise to any person acquainted with the facts or the case so as to dissuade him to disclose such facts as may be necessary to the Court or to any other authority”.

Dhayalu Ammal is Witness No.143 in the CBI’s charge sheet, in her capacity as Director and Shareholder of Kalaignar TV.    It would not be surprising if any one approaches the court for cancellation of her bail plea citing this reason. But party sources also say Dayalu Ammal came to the airport to avoid visiting Raasathi Ammal's CIT colony residence. 

Karuna’s show of solidarity at airport had its effect.  Senior DMK leaders K.Anbalagan and Arcot.N.Veerasamy were the first ones to drop in at CIT colony followed by an ailing Ko.Si.Mani.  Others – KC.Palanichamy, Ponmudi, Jegatharatchagan, E.V.Velu followed suit and marked their presence.

R.N.Durai, who was the main orchestrator of the entire event was seen distributing money to the folk dancers and the crowd gathered there.  While it was Briyani at airport, it was variety meals of Saravana Bhavan with sweet at CIT colony. The mini sangamam that was organized to welcome Kani gave a new meaning for term "self respect." 

But an uneasy and nervous leaders were tightlipped to make any comment. 

But the writing on the wall was clear... DISGUST.  Many were seen openly commenting “Is Kani a freedom fighter ?” Or "a World Cup Champion?"

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  1. criminals are welcomed with garlands where as petty thief is beaten to death by police or people in this country.This is going to increase peoples anger against DMK more.The old brainless chanakya has lost his moral ground in TN.shameless Kanimozhi and her family.