Saturday, 5 November 2011

TN Cabinet reshuffle : Jaya's SIXER!!!

As reported in Whispers, the much awaited cabinet reshuffle has finally taken place and while 6 ministers have been dropped and 6 new faces have been inducted in Amma’s cabinet. 

The dropped names are C.Shanmugavelu, Rural Industries, Udhayakumar, Information Tecnology, SP.Shanmuganathan, HR & CE, NR.Sivapathy, Animal Husbandry, G.Senthamilan, Law and Buddhichandran, Food.

C Shanmugavelu who was handling Rural Industries including cottage and Small industries has been dropped because of lack of performance and because of the poor show in the local body elections.

S P Shanmuganathan who was handling Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments has been dropped due to lack of performance.

N R Sivapathy who was handling the Animal Husbandry, Milk and Dairy Development has been dropped because of AIADMK’s dismal show in the recently concluded local body elections…

Buddhichandaran who was handling civil Supplies, Consumer Protection and Price Control has been dropped because of lack of performance and also after allegations that he was favoring a group of people belonging to “Badaga” community in Nilgiris district and is being completely biased. Since Nilgiris district is DMK’s bastion…Jayalilathaa expects that a Minster from that region will strengthen her party’s base…But AIADMK insiders say that Buddhichandaran, had his own agenda to make hay while the sun shines. Whispers in the corridors of Fort St George is intelligence team that was monitoring the activities of this former AIADMK Minister had sent a detailed report to the Chief Minister in this regard…following which Buddhichandaran was shown the door. 

Udhaykumar who was heading the Information Technology portfolio…seems to have annoyed Amma with is over dose of “Bakti” (Devotion) and almost incurable foot-in-mouth disease. His “Bakti” towards Amma made him attend without any footwear to the Secretariat. Infact, being an IT Minister RB Udhayakumar has been walking around barefoot…even when meeting officials and top industrialists in this condition. His argument was “Amma  is God to me. She is God to all AIADMK men. Wherever Amma is present, the place is a temple for me…So I do not put on footwear at the secretariat.” Chief Minister Jayalilathaa who was completely annoyed with this drama ordered him to put on his footwear. Despite a warning the Minister was roaming around the corridors of power bare foot. Also Whispers doing rounds is that he was in talking terms with former DMK Minister K K S S R… K K S S Ramachandaran, was an MGR loyalist defected to the DMK. Sources say an intelligence report was sent in this regard and also it was difficult for the officials working along with him… as R B U was weak in his subject. Well being a “tube light” or putting up “tube lights” for Amma seems to have annoyed her further.

G Senthamizhan who was handling some of the key portfolios like Information and Publicity, Law department, Courts and Prisons has been shown the door by Amma. The speculation doing rounds is that he has been dropped because recently he made phone calls to police officers to release AIADMK party men who were arrested…Infact, after the phone call he himself landed in a police station to mount pressure on the police to release them. But Whispers doing rounds in the AIADMK circles is that he was dropped because of his bitter rivalry with T Nagar MLA V P Kalairajan. 

The turf war between V P Kalairajan and Senthamizhan is out in the open and all time high...and Kalairajan constantly kept lodging complaints against Senthamizhan with Poes Garden. V P Kalairajan has the dubious distinction of being bossy. Earlier, he ensured that Jaya’s class mate Bader Syeed and Actor S V Shekar were sidelined in the party by Amma as they did not adjust with him. Also AIADMK insiders say Amma is applying “one-man-one-post” formula as Senthamizhan, is also the South Chennai District Secretary. Whispers doing rounds in the intelligence circles is that Senthamizhan was in talking terms with Former City Mayor Ma Suburamaniam…despite a warning from Poes Garden he continued his relationship… so that has cost him dearly. Sources close to Senthamizhan say that he was hopeful that Amma will be re-designating him with better portfolio.   

The new faces inducted are S.Damodaran, R.Kamaraj, Dr.S.Sundararaj, M.Paranjothy, V.Moorthy and KT.Rajendhra Balaji. Whispers doing rounds is that… By and large all these new faces have been given cabinet berths after hectic lobbying with different power centers in the AIADMK. Whispers doing rounds is that M Ramachandran,Midas Mohan,Ravanan relatives and aides of Sasikala were approached by many AIADMK MLA's and some of these newly appointed Minister's were seen tagging along with  these power centers and also Looks like Caste and Regional balance was priority for Amma.

Sources also say based on the intelligence inputs Jayalalitha wanted to drop or atleast shif the port folios of Dr.Vijay, Velusamy, Agri Krishnamurthy and Natham Vishwanathan.  But Sasikala was firm that none of the four should be dropped…

There were also disappointments in the latest Cabinet re-shuffle…

Agriculture Minister K.A. Sengottaiyan, 3rd in command, seems to be very disappointed…as  Information Technology has been allocated for him. A portfolio that was handled Kanimozhi’s loyalist Poongothai Aladi Aruna during the DMK regime. Usually these Portfolios are handled by Junior Ministers. Since K A Sengottaiyan ranked third in the order of Ministers he was expecting that PWD portfolio will be allotted to him... but to the surprise of many it’s was a huge climb down.
Valarmathi, she has been trying very hard to get into the Cabinet…Sources in the AIADMK say Valarmathi was very confident until the final list was out. Whispers in Poes Garden is that Jaya is not willing to take any chances by inducting her.
V P Kalairajan, as we reported he went an extra mile to impress Amma…and Kalairajan was sure that he is into the Cabinet…But looks like Amma was not impressed by his gimmicks… as there has been equal number of complaints against him lodged by Senthamizhan’s camp. 
The others who were trying hard are now bracing themselves for the next round of lobbying…and those who have been dropped have just one thing to say “There is nothing permanent except change.” But the Tamil Nadu Government's website is yet to reflect these "changes".

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