Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rebellion quelled in DMK

Whispers doing rounds is that the age old ‘Chanakya of Tamil Nadu politics’ has once again proved his mettle.  Very soon the misguided sheperds of the DMK Parithi Ilamvazuthi and Malai Raja, who resigned his post as Tirunelveli DMK secretary will be re-affirming their faith in the DMK by giving shawls to both Karunanidhi and one among the rising son MK.Stalin.  DMK insiders say that M K.Alagiri who was not so active in politics had negotiated the truce.

This after Veerapandi Armugam met Karunanidhi personally and expressed his dissatisfaction on the way senior members are treated in the party. DMK insiders say Veerapandi Armugam had warned Karunanidhi that if this trend continues in the party then it will be very difficult, because already the party is on a weak wicket and is being targeted from all sides. M K Stalin who took several attempts to unseat Veerapandi Arumugam in the party but seems to have failed yet again. Now Veerapandi Armugam is on M K Alagiri’s side and enjoys his full backing.

Also sources say yet another reason for this damage control exercise is that …M K Alagiri’s refusal to go to Delhi on November 3 to receive Kanimozhi as the 87 year old father was expecting her release. People close to M K Alagiri say that he was miffed because Karunanidhi is only bothered about Kanimozhi and M K Stalin is encroaching his domain and targeting his supporters.

Even as Karunanidhi attempts a truce…the rising son seems to be disappointed and has strongly registered his opposition…Stalin’s argument is if they are back in the party then it will send across a wrong signal…But the real reason is they had quit their party posts by openly challenging M K Stalin’s authority. So the rising son is afraid that if a compromise is reached then his image in the party will take a severe beating.

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