Friday, 11 November 2011

J.K.Tripathy behind Minister’s exit ?

Whispers doing rounds in political circles is that Chennai City Commissioner JK Tripathy, was instrumental in the exit of Senthamazhian from Amma’s cabinet.   Tripathy’s name was doing the rounds for the post of Chennai Commissioner even before the election results were declared. Tripaty had all along been amma’s loyalist and blue eyed boy.  

On June 13th night following the declaration of elections results Nungai Maran an ADMK functionary along with party workers were erecting banners in Sterling Road junction. Later the AIADMK workers were having dinner at Hotel Ceylon.   The hotel workers suddenly switched of the lights when the workers were having food.   There was a wordy duel between the hotel workers and the ADMK party workers.

Thirunavukkarasu who was the Deputy Commissioner of Police T Nagar was returning home in his vehicle had reportedly stopped at the hotel and started to indiscriminately beat up the AIADMK workers after downing the shutters.    In the incident Sabapathy and Maran suffered fractures.  Thirunavukkarasu arrested the nearly 6 AIADMK functionaries and took them to the nearby Nungambakkam police station.

With the swearing in ceremony to take place in the morning, Senthamizhan, who was a Minister in the waiting immediately went to the Nungambakkam police station and rescued the party workers.  Thirunavukkarasu is known for his high handedness in beating up people.  He was earlier mired in controversy for beating up the son of a owner of a 3 star hotel.

Following the swearing in ceremony Thirunavukkarasu was shunted out to TSP battalion and within a short period he was given a crucial post in Madurai…

Sources tell whispers that J.K.Tripathy who want to rule the city unchallenged had started a campaign against Senthamizhan and ultimately ensured that he was shown the door. However, Senthamizhan’s exit from the Cabinet has created a flutter in AIADMK circles…and party workers are disappointed because officers are having an upper hand in the present government than the elected representatives. 

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