Saturday, 22 October 2011

Will Kani get bail ?

It was blow after blow for the DMK patriach. Karuna who was expecting some solace from the local body elections received a severe blow as the results showed the grand old party of Tamil Nadu being trounced by its arch rival ADMK yet again.

But when news about adding 409 section against Kanimozhi reached CIT colony, Rasathi Ammal nudged Karuna to leave for Delhi at any cost and do something to save her daughter…Karuna who left for Delhi, met everyone possible pleading for Kani’s bail…He met Law Minister Salman Khurshid, Home Minister P Chidambaram before meeting Sonia Gandhi…

High drama unfolded at the Hotel just hours before meeting Sonia Gandhi…the reason was the latest accused in the 2G loot…Dayanidhi Maran wanted to be a part of “Team Karuna” during Sonia’s meeting…when this was proposed…a furious Rasaathi Ammal immediately snubbed Dayanidhi Maran and asked him to stay away. But a desperate Dayanidhi Maran wanted to enter Sonia Gandhi’s residence along with Karunanidhi at any cost…but his attempts failed.

Inside Sonia’s residence after initial formalities, Rasaathi ammal opened the topic of Kanimozhi’s bail and spoke in tamil…which was translated by T R Baalu…Sources say Rasaathi ammal was literally in tears and pleaded with folded hands with Sonia. Sonia who was uncomfortable with the soap opera told Karuna that the entire trial and other proceedings are being monitored by the Supreme Court and she would not be in a position to do anything. Sources also says Sonia Gandhi was very unhappy with Karunanidhi’s decision to go it alone in the local body polls…for which Karunanidhi explained that the reason was because of the 2G scam as the issue has completely branded the DMK as corrupt.

“Save Kanimozhi” was the single point agenda during Karuna’s meet with Sonia, officially it was informed by DMK people that Karunanidhi had called on Sonia to enquire about her health and see the progress of her convalescing. Outside Sonia’s residence Karuna’s grand nephew Dayanidhi Maran was fuming and informed his brother Kalanidhi Maran and Selvi about the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Raasathi Ammal. Sources say Karunanidhi did not even utter a single word on Maran’s during his meeting with Sonia.

After meeting Sonia, a highly disturbed Karuna frustrated about not able to do anything came to the Patiala House court and encircled it for five minutes and retired to his room. In his room Karuna became glued to the television set mainly watching English channels.

An initial report in the national media was that Kanimozhi was charged with 409 IPC. A perturbed Karuna, immediately rang up the lawyers and TKS.Elangovan who were in the Patiala House court to check out who in turn informed Karuna that Kani was charged for criminal conspiracy to aide a public servant committing breach of trust.

This information was of little comfort to Karuna, as his wife no.3 was furious with him for not doing anything even after meeting Sonia Gandhi and unable to bear her nagging, Karuna lost his cool and shouted at her say sources.

Karuna in the evening met Kanimozhi at Tihar Jail and the meeting was brief say sources. Karuna was at loss of words to offer any hope to Kanimozhi who was highly emotional and depressed following the developments in the courts. T R Baalu and his secretary Shanmuganathan were asked to wait outside for some time and it was an emotional moment for Karunanidhi as he spent some time alone with his daughter Kanimozhi and Raasathi Ammal.

Karuna who met Sharad Kumar also met A Raja at Tihar Jail for a few minutes. Karuna who was hitherto defending A.Raja, calling him a Dalit icon is now furious over Raja’s game plan for the 2G trial. Karuna believes that A.Raja is using his daughter Kanimozhi as a shield to protect him in the 2G case. Kanimozhi is slapped with 409 IPC only because of Raja arguments of dragging PM and Chidambaram into the 2G mess, feels Karuna and Raasathi Ammal.

Later in the day Karuna met Manmohan Singh and was in tears about the fate of his daughter Kanimozhi, say sources. Even Manmohan Singh was non-committal about the bail…citing the matter is being monitored by the Supreme Court.

But, sources indicate whispers that Karuna was informed through intelligence sources that Kanimozhi is likely to get bail on Monday. A hopeful Karuna has decided to stay back in Delhi till tomorrow. In the meanwhile, a fresh round of family infighting has begun…after Karuna dumped Dayanidhi Maran.

Legal experts have boosted Karuna’s confidence citing Section 437 of Cr.P.C. which shows concessions for a woman accused to be let off on bail.  But the DMK chief and the first family are scarred about A.Raja, suspecting whether he would play spoilsport and are waiting with tense moments for dawn.

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  1. Even if Congress is willing to concede, there are so many other forces and factors, working in opposites.

    If one carefully follow the case, Kanimozhi camp just tried literally everything, just to get bail; they accepted whatever be the conditions, like house arrest, wearing tracking anklets or whatever..just get her out of Tihar.

    Even today,CBI counsel carefully chose the words while not opposing the bail, bail may be granted if the court deem to see it fit.

    sec.409 of IPC, is non-bailable, buit they are pinning hope on sec.437.

    It all depends on the petition pending at Supreme Court.